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  1. Just found out my optometrist was on the plane. She was an ophthalmologist surgeon in Iran. Very friendly and extremely knowledgeable 😔🖤

  2. I'm an Iraninan student , truly sad and tired of all these accidents that happens here in Iran. Every day we wake up and hear bad news, wear our forced hijab, breathe in the polluted air and go to work to make some money just for living. We are really tired, you can't imagine how much sadness is just in our heart…

  3. No country, no people would deserve this heartache but Canada ( and its beautiful citizens a lot originally from the Middle East coming to Canada to start a new life new opportunities. 🥺). does not deserve such a tragedy in any way. I just found out this afternoon. My dentist in my hometown of Aurora Ont North of Toronto, lost her life along with her young daughter on this flight. She was a woman I looked up too. My heart breaks and now another victim in the town I’m now living in Guelph,Ont for the past 4 years 😢😢😢
    To the families,friends and loved ones of these beautiful people. We pray for you, pray for healing. Your loved ones will never be forgotten 🥺🇨🇦💕💕

  4. Thanks to CBC, the Canadian government and communities for acting immediately on this tragedy and sharing condolences.

  5. 63 Canadians, but 138 destined for Canada. Horrific. R.I.P. Very sad and tough for our country. If it has anything to do with Trump's moves lately, we all need to step up to the States regarding their election coming up. He cannot take another 4 years from us.

  6. Such a difficult time for Iranian Canadian community. Such bright souls with their lives a head of them. Our thoughts and prayers are for the families

  7. RIP of those who are victims,,, we hope you find justice of this tragedy, because i think the plane is hit by a rocket that i think cause the crush… we hope your country will find justice for this loss

  8. Such a tragic loss. It was a three year old plane, just serviced. Highly suspicious timing, I expect Iran to be indirect and use proxies when extracting revenge. I’m sure they’re not done.

  9. Canada would not care if these Iranians didin't have Canadian passports LOL They would just saction the Iranians

  10. Premature deaths are difficult and scar a dark sense of right and wrong. May those who have gone on, rest forever.

    May those who mourn have comfort by this tragedy?

    Prayer is to those who grieve, today.


  11. Okay report, I guess, but there're too many annoying breaks, and at around 1:34:00, the person interviewed says we need the truth from Iran. It's somewhat hilarious, for when will we begin to get real truth, instead of lies, hegemony, hypocrisy, from western powers, esp. beginning with Washington? Unpredictable timeline! Hopefully, Iran didn't accidently, or intentionally, shoot down this civilian passenger plane, and if Iran accidentally did this, then will hopefully admit to this in all honesty. After all, it'd do no good for Iran to intentionally be responsible for this accident, and it'd be far better to just admit to have done this unintentionally, IF Iranian govt was responsible.

  12. The Canadian Prime Minister is a very good man,💞💞
    This accident is very difficult and painful

    I'm From Bangladesh 👉🇧🇩

  13. I should really thanks CBS that was a great memorial😭😭… in iran Tv didn't have any program for these genious people. It was a diasaster but our government did not pay attention to it. It's horrible

  14. "black box" = 1. flight data recorder, and 2. cockpit voice recorder. changing the narrative of what actually happened is not easy but doable. also, an explosion can be determined whether it came from inside or outside the plane.

  15. My prayers with all the families who lost their loved ones on FL 752 . May God give strength hope and Courage to all in Iran and Canada during this difficult time of the loss of all lives.

  16. How long before CBC is beating the drum for war with Iran by implying Iran shot this plane down? If the plane was shot down I’d be looking at the USA, since they’ve done it the past.

  17. Words or tears not enough. Wish God or someone can keep that thing SHUT in WH cage. Enough pains and anxiety inflicted onto Canadian we don't deserve, for too long.

  18. Canadian Persians are highly educated, smart people that play great role in Canadian society. Rest in peace all those poor people who lost on that flight.

  19. Islamic Regime in Iran is nor only responsible for all the Lost in this incidence. also for killing over tens of thousand of political Prisoners in Iran.

  20. So sad, I'm a Canadian who had a coworker taken. She was a young university student working part-time with us and so thoughtful and kind, and very gifted and smart. On the flight, she was with her younger sister who was coming over to start pre-med studies. Words can't describe such a loss and my heart goes out to her family.

  21. It’s my understanding that some if not most of the victims are Iranian-Canadians. My condolences don’t change. These are innocent people fallen victim YET AGAIN to Terrorism!!! It all must END! Iran will pay the price of the sun.

  22. Canada has lost so many intelligent hardworking dedicated families and students. They seemed to be fun beautiful people.
    Words can not express the great sadness. GOD BLESS EACH FAMILY and Canada.

  23. TRUMP SAID THIS: " It wasn't OUR SYSTEM, it had nothing to do with us'.

    I believe BOEING had a gremlin built into the system to cause the electrical system to malfunction on the 737.

    When an unresponsive aircraft was heading towards the airport and city, Iranian Forces used the last resort and shot the plane down.

    The fact a video exists of this event.

    That fact leads us to wonder why someone would be videoing, just as in Sept 11, 2001 as the planes hit.

    Why was their filming at the ready?

    I say all newer BOEING aircraft have gremlins built in.

    I AM AN AMERICAN PERSON, btw…..my ancestors are USA AMERICANS.

  24. Boycott BOEING
    This is part of the F-35 fiasco as well IMO.

    Ditch BOEING, and ditch US Manufacturing for anything we need.

  25. donald trump is a goof. always was always will be . period. usa is in the same boat as there leaders parlay corrupt plots like the world trades center and many many other criminal acts all goofs. keep it up united states the world is watching with wide eyes. human life is as valued as a cockroach among these people . very sad moment condolences to the family s much love

  26. God bless Canada 🇨🇦sending love from your neighbors 🇺🇸 . God bless the people who passed in this horrific tragedy god bless their families….

  27. Выражаю соболезнования от всего украинского народа. Украина с вами, канадцы
    Выражаю соболезнования родным и близким каждого погибшего на Рейсе-752
    Ни одна война не оправдана. Жизнь каждого человека важна и бесценна. Ни один человек не должен становится заложником политических и экономических противостояний
    I express condolences from all Ukrainian people. Ukraine is with you, Canadians
    I express my condolences to the families and friends of each victim on Flight 752
    No war is justified. The life of every person is important and priceless. No one should become hostage to political and economic confrontations

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