Frederick Community College Community (Long Version)

– I think my favorite
thing about working at FFC is meeting students
when they’re brand new high school graduates,
and then when we get to see them at graduation. – I really enjoy working
with the students. – I loved my experience
with the instructors. – My favorite part about working at FCC is the student
success stories. – My favorite thing
about working here at FCC is other faculty. – The staff here are so
supportive of everything that I need. – When I came to FCC and
just felt that connection. – The students, the people. It is a wonderful family here. – Teachers, and staff, and
everyone here really made my experience great. – If I’m doing my job
properly, then the students that are here are more likely
to achieve their goals, move on to the next
phase of their life, and I can’t think of a
more satisfying job to have than one that accomplishes that. (upbeat music)

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