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  1. Mandatory in eight states, hahaha. More like, mandatory in eight states but limit to only handicap and bus drivers. all others passengers are expendable. That being said those mandatory 8 States should be held accountable for ticket payments because of the click it or ticket law.

  2. wow the driver reached back with one arm to protect somebodys child from crashing through the glass door. heroes dont wear badges or capes.


  4. I've been told that part of the reason school buses aren't equipped with 3 point belts is the same reason booster seats in passenger vehicles are required by law in many places now. Namely, the shoulder strap can be more danger than help due to the belt not being designed for someone of that size and weight. Has this changed in some way with newer seatbelts designs, or was the information not accurate to begin with?

  5. students aren’t going to use the seat belts. i don’t think these people realize that wasting money on these things that aren’t going to be used is dumb

  6. You know I have always wondered why buses never had seatbelts. Years ago I was on a bus when I was still in school that had seatbelts, some do some don't.

    Honestly I remember one time I was rodong the bus home amd dropping off some kids when I think the bus hot a curb lr something and I flew onto the floor along with other kids being rattled around…I really hate riding buses, I hate being next to them as much as I hate being next to 18 wheelers and their giant loads

  7. Why would the driver have a seatbelt but not the rest, that don’t even make sense, either give everyone a seat bel or not give them at all.

  8. Seat belts in busses who going to pay for that ain't comin out mi check, Jesus is mi seatbelt, America only has money for the military to spread the word of God and good old capitalism, if ye kid gets hurt from a bus crash well buddy you did not pray hard enough yeeeeehaawww where my banjo

  9. In kindergarten I almost got iss because I refused to wear my seat belt because it was one strap across my waist and was convinced it wouldn’t help. I finally gave up arguing and put it on. (I went to school in Texas)

  10. Bus accidents are the worst. I once saw a public trans bus a fender bender, but left a lot of passengers seriously injured

  11. For adults, it's easy to say just put on seat belts but it's almost impossible having 3 people to a seat and no leg room…

  12. I’m not surprised about Florida having the seatbelts because I remember stories about countless accidents so I’m not surprised they have seatbelts on a lot of those buses.But when it comes to Ohio they should’ve maybe follow suit because during the winter we have sleeky road that should be a dead giveaway y’all need seatbelts.

  13. I would like to see the reports of how many children died in accidents over a 10yr span:
    – without seatbelts in cars
    – WITH seatbelts in cars
    – without seatbelts in … football…
    – without seatbelts in …gun accidents in the home
    – without seatbelts in … neglected children…
    – without seatbelts in … poor nutrition…

    Yes, crashes are scary, but about 25 deaths per year is actually less than dying from lightning strikes and winning the lottery combined…

  14. So let me guess a bus had to flip over in order for safety concerns to come about yikes 😱🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  15. In middle school i was in a pretty bad bush crash and dislocated my shoulder after slamming into the emergency window; irony at it's finest

  16. It shows that its mandatory in Louisiana to have seatbelts on school buses…..only the special needs buses have seat belts down here.

  17. Schools: "child safety comes first!"
    School busses: no seatbelts, stops on railroad tracks to check for train, makes kids walk across busy street to get on or off, crams as many kids as possible on one bus to save the price of running another, make a kids walk home if they live within a mile of school

    It's all about money. Everyone is quick to blame other drivers for school bus injuries but it's the busses themselves

  18. I remember being in elementary school asking my school for seatbelts on the buses. Our buses had a mix of kids ages 5-18 years old. Lots of young children were still required to sit in car seats/booster seats and needed a different type of seatbelt than a 10 year old or 18 year old would. Its difficult to figure out how many types of seat belts you need on one bus bc it depends on the ages on that bus and number of those kids at those ages. One generic type of seat belt may not be the best option for everyone on the bus. But then again, a seat belt is better than none. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. This stresses me out. They should worry about keeping our young citizens safe instead of wasting it on stupid things.

  20. Kieran Texas it should be mandatory but my son just told me the bus he rides has no seatbelt and it supposed to be mandatory here in Texas

  21. We’re JUST NOW putting seat belts on school busses?! How tf did the government think that there wasn’t a need for seatbelts on buses but pull u over if you aren’t wearing one in a car???!!!! I’m tellin u…natural selection 👽

  22. Why should any vehicle without seat belts surprise anyone on what could happen in this circumstance… The human race can be so intelligent at times and then be so stupid at times.. Money will always play a factor in civilization. How bout that movie they made called IDIOCRACY 👍

  23. First of all it was NOT "packed with students" since that is a 72 passenger bus and only has ONE kid in each seat.
    Secondly adding seatbelts can in FACT result in a INCREASE of injuries and deaths since students can be HUNG when the bus flips upside down or be knocked out and hanging while the bus burns.
    And if the driver is injured or killed, he won't be able to help.
    Many busses also drive through flooded roads or along creeks, rivers, and lakes.
    Should the bus crash into a body of water it will sink like a stone and kids in belts WILL die.
    As always this irrational fear and demand for belts is merely driven by paranoid soccer moms NOT thinking transportation engineers

  24. I lived in a rural area, so when our bus ran we had elementary, middle, and high school students sharing one trip. We had 3-4 kids per seat, and 2 in the tiny half seat. Sometimes kids in laps of others. How do you belt that many. Plus kids are getting fatter n fatter. Hard to believe some of them too. But it should have been done nationally a long time ago.

  25. If I remember correctly there were only seatbelts in special reserved seats for handicap I think…it would be wise to have seatbelts from now on

  26. Notably I am not an American, but I hope this video also changes Canadian school bus laws. The buses here are not safe either. I bussed to school for two years, and in that short time WE (the students) had to provide driving instructions to bus drivers, they left us on streets that weren’t even near our homes, and they somehow manage to pulse the accelerator to make the kids sick from the rocking motion. Some of them would also try to drive away before we’d even finished crossing the street (I nearly got mowed over one time). That’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s an incredibly volatile system, and as sad as it was, I wouldn’t be surprised if a bus like mine got into a major crash. I can’t imagine what that would be like without seatbelts. I hope America inspires other countries to take action as well, I hope future generations can stay safer than I did in the bus ride to school!

  27. Family in car: we will get fined if we don’t wear a seatbelt!

    School bus: lets not put seatbelts on public transportation for C H I L D R E N

  28. Well I mean seatbelts in busses are expensive. The government would rather spend their money on pointless wars than putting money into schools systems for this kind of thing.

  29. That was hard to watch… A bus driver want told us that there are no seatbelt on the bus because he were to slam on his brakes you would just hit the seat and in front of you and stop you…yeah okay.

  30. They may be mandatory in Texas but I’ve never been told to wear a seatbelt. In fact, they overcrowd the buses so you can’t even use the seatbelts.

  31. Its gonna cost schools to get all new buses and seatbelts on a bus isn't gonna work cuz highschoolers r big either fat or just big built the seats would have to be thicker and it would be so uncomfortable to have 3 people in a seat trying to have seatbelts on all buses would have to be replaced millions of dollars schools buses r very safe people just dont know how to drive

  32. Unless the bus catches on fire and the small children cannot get their seatbelts off and the driver doesn't have enough time to cut everyone's seat belts. In a perfect world seatbelts are great. I support them, but as a school bus driver myself I can say that there are also risks with using them. My bus does not have belts but all the new buses we buy do have them. In Missouri we cannot force the kids to wear them(if equiped) but they are encouraged to do so. Needless to say, none of the kids EVER put them on willingly. Instead, I am constantly looking around for potential threats. Thankfully, school bus fatalities are less than 1% of all motor vehicle accidents across the United States.

  33. Wait they're mandatory in California?
    I live there and in all of my life i have never been on a single school bus that has seat belts..

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