Global Study Centre – University of Leicester

What we are doing today is formally launching the University of Leicester Global Study Centre. This is a partnership with Navitas to allow us to bring international students to prepare them for a successful education at University of Leicester. For students it’s going to provide an exceptional experience where they’ll be taught in small class sizes, extended contact time, supporting them to go into the University of Leicester in a really supportive and collegiate environment. The University is a global brand, we do global research and we also provide opportunities for students from all types of backgrounds and all parts of the world to come and get a qualification in their chosen field. So the Study Centre will provide opportunities for them to find out more about the UK, the UK educational system, Leicester as a city and how they can prepare themselves better for a successful education at the University of Leicester. For Navitas it’s one of our most exciting partnerships, with the university of Leicester being such a top-ranked University it provides us a real opportunity to partner with one of the best. For me the best thing coming to the University of Leicester Global Study Centre is the people really. Coming from a different culture, different country and coming here you know the support really lessens the culture shock. It’s a very one-on-one experience with the small class sizes. We get to interact with the teacher a lot and with all the other students in the class. So it feels like we’re building a family here. This motivates us to move forward and ultimately progress with the University and Leicester feels like a second home to me really. It’s a beautiful city and I really love it here.

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