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this is true well when Google's not busy you know really see new phones they're releasing new social networks yeah earlier in the conversation how everything at Google seems to have an expiration date and then come back sooner or later Google just couldn't resist the temptation to release another social network this time it's called shoelace it's currently it's a location-based social network currently right now it's only available in New York City it is invite-only and the concept is that it's a hyperlocal service for meeting up with people for events and this is actually spitting out as a product of area 120 at Google which is a kind of incubation kind of group and those of you who might have long memories might remember Google did another app back in 2011 called schemer that did this to help to kind of plan events and things like that locals based things and that that was closed down in 2014 here we are five years later 2019 shoelace given that it is NYC based I signed up for the beta I have not got an invite code yet but when I do if I do I will take a look at it and see if if someone like this woman in this in the in the photo is available to hang out maybe Sarah wants to go to go somewhere and do something she's looking for a few people to do yoga in Prospect Park and actually my wife would do yoga [Laughter] but I don't know it's kind of interesting because like these like introducing a social network especially a local based on like what is what is the expectation for this is this is expected to grow and actually become a product that exists or is just something that they're gonna get data about how people interact locally and then roll this into Google Maps or some ores or local guys exist yeah the second one makes more sense but it you know is this the guy that bought dodge ball just to snuff it you know I was going back to missing dodge ball again right I don't know I've also literally just opened up killed by oh yeah yeah you know I'm like how many how many social networks is Google or good yeah yeah orchid comes to mind and and I don't know I find it frustrating like it seems like they they keep wanting to do something like this and it keeps being a wicked rip and pain that never quite works out the way they expected to and I just don't understand why they keep doing this and wanting more user data actually kind of makes sense to me you know cuz I will say I love the sort of you know most active hours charts they have for a lot of stores and and areas so you know if it yeah if it made that data more useful but you know the likelihood of me signing up for another social network at this point is probably undetectable without the use of scientific instruments and if it's from Google then it's even less likely than that at this point because why would I invest the time to do something you know to to to go through all the honor is sort of like I'm on part of a new social platform and you know just how exhausting that yeah and and knowing it's got a slim chance of survival it's either gonna get popular and then they'll kill it like oh look hangouts on air or it's going to you know just be a pain in the ass and never have any traction outside of Brazil it's the point do the quick search on killed by Google for the word social network I can see that there have been eight projects that Google has launched and then killed over the years so eight so this is the ninth social network now that they are rolling out their defense in their defense they own some of these were acquisitions so it's not like they created it and killed it they just bought it and killed it well Google Plus broke it what else here wildfire interactive which is a social marketing application a Google Currents was a social magazines book isn't a social marketing application so and it's a social advertising application sorry slide photo sharing software for social networking services Google friend connect oh that was a social networking site from 2008 to 2012 Google Buzz Jai Kumar buzz I was wave on here waves gotta be on a wave is that wave is listed as an online communication and collaborative real-time editor tool so there you go Google Buzz dodge ball dodge ball man I love that the first product killed was Google desk bar remember the desk bar that was awesome no it was it was a toolbar that went into your browser that was it was a small a Google desk bar was a small insect window on the windows toolbar and allowed users perform searches that leaving the desktop is amazing that the toolbar craze of the early 2000s yeah I remember everybody was fighting to be a part of your toolbar at that point about 13 years ago yeah Oh rest in peace that's the oldest thing on the it is yeah Wow so you started suffering at the hands of Google much before most of the [Laughter] relationship the number of these products that literally like I love like Grand Central that became voice but Grand Central was still cool you know and some of this thoughts so good yeah yeah it's great site you

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