HALLOWEEKEND VLOG | a college weekend

You can’t see me, this is going to be so blurry and grainy and I’m not going to use this footage. Cherry: “hELLo” “Hi Rachel, what’s up” “I’m God, bro, and I’m not religious” This is really boring. You shouldn’t be watching this, so Just got a bloody nose Just thoughts. I’m probably deleting this anyways Just got out of class, my other class was cancelled stop There’s no context, you just started talking to your phone We just finished lunch I’m just sitting here waiting for the
night to begin. This is lunch, but it was good. Greg, did you enjoy lunch? gREg Greg: What Me: did you enjoy lunch? Greg: I’m not a review channel all of a sudden, it’s a burger. At a dining hall. It’s okay. My hands are literally freezing, my ears are freezing so I had to put on like
a beanie and I’m going to a club meeting right now I don’t know how we’re going to be walking around later without like full like boots and like hat and like jacket and
pants. I’ll definitely have a jacket but I don’t know how I’m going to be walking around in a dress but um club meeting first dinner next. Figure out the rest later. This is Julia she is the president of the club. Julia: I’m president of the United States, Rachel we’re gonna get food now cause we’re
hungry still very cold. This is so boring I’m sorry if you’re watching this Me: they only have green stuff I vlog like, everything Julia: stare straight into the camera, just like *stares* Andrea just told me that my video inspired her to do this Andrea: I have tucked my shirt into my bra because influencer Rachel showed me how to in her video. It’s a very large dorm, most dorms probably won’t be like this, she was very lucky Just searched up a photo of “London Tipton under eyeliner” because she does it but it’s gonna look so bad because it’s going to make my eyes look so small and it’s already small enough and only I can say that Oh, where’s my doggy purse Cherry: *laughs* so bossy shut the **** up Andrea: I’m like an army girl Cherry: I’m a spice girl Me: she’s not, no, no Who won Best Dressed? mEE. walking around in the dark with like literally no clothes. Cherry: that’s not true ok we have clothes but my legs are bare okay this is what I’m dealing with. I’m in the East Coast, it’s like 40 degrees um it’s not fun time… it’s HaLLoWeeN! Cherry: guys, happy halloween! Me: *imitates ghost* Cherry: wait, those ***************************** shhh don’t say that. this is my kid friendly channel. 27? which way? we’re here early andrea: 26 Me: 27 okay, we’re here, we’re early cherry: is this your vlog? hello hunter?? We went to the wrong room Cherry: yeah because this girl doesn’t know where she’s going, but also I don’t either— Cherry: THAT’S NOT TRUE *us all dancing the dance to cotton eye joe* Cherry: VLOGGER TO VLOGGER Amelia: vlog section Me: vlogger to vlogger Hello Cherry: Hi! I’m literally taking a nap, what time is it? 8:00? Amelia: 8:30 Me: 8:30 Cherry: It’S cURRenTLy 8:43 I look pretty gothic to be honest It’s very cold I will get pneumonia *points to myself in the mirror* thAt’s mE what is going on I’m God bro and I’m not religious “Rachel!! Rachel!” random girl: TONY! tony: how are you random girl: *screams* how ARE you? Oh my god, this is amazing!! Tony (or someone else): what are we? other random girl??: a centipede!!! another girl: a centipede! tony (or other dude): NO girl: *distraught* no?? the guy in the green was like, “guess what I am” and the girl was like ” a centipede!” and he’s like “NO” and I remember thinking at the time, I was like literally what are these group of people like
wearing green like what are they? They’re CATERPILLARS Cherry: wait! c’mon vera: let’s go bitches Andrea: Hi Rachel, what’s up Andrea: Rachel I love
you so much, I’m so happy— cherry: WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH me: we’re switching rooms! campo is here, the police our campus security is very intense Andrea: no they’re not, that’s a lie me: I think they’re intense, I don’t know, I mean Cherry: *saying a bunch of incomprehensible things* this oil on the pizza is acting as lip balm for my lips I’m so sorry. we’re all eating in chinese: today is halloween so we went to a lot of parties, now we are in the how do you say cafeteria? cherry: uh “can ting” me: apparently this is a great gatsby party the name of tonight is walking I just have my dog keeping me company
I haven’t named it yet romeo, romeo amelia: romeo! look, look! look! me: Romeo, look at me oh, you’re so cute aren’t you, what a handsome little boy full-on full-blown allergy right now but
I refuse to leave because I love cats I’ve takemn it benadryl, it’s not working
that’s 11:50 and back in my room cuz I it’s 11:50 and I’m back in my room cause I was just getting too allergic to my friend’s cat I have to lead a tour tomorrow and I don’t know how to like
feel better and I want to get a cat and I will sacrifice anything for cats but
right now I feel like this is the end of the world. it’s not fun to have an
allergy it could be worse it could be worse I could be like wheezing dying. I
will go to sleep soon I have not gotten better in any way. I took my makeup off I think I feel worse I am going to sleep *blows nose* but I am going to sleep cause that’s the only way to defeat the sickness. rock on please prepare yourself for really bad swollen disgusting eyes when I get allergic reactions, like my eyes just swell up so buckle up your seat belt and get ready for this journey it’s 9:36 I woke up got dressed I have to
go lead a tour right now run over to the admissions office. I have to get there in like two minutes and I live ten minutes away it’s super cold I don’t know how I’m going to lead a tour like this, I’m so tired I just want to sleep professors don’t give you a break on Halloween weekend so I got to keep studying!!11!21 so tired, I don’t think I’m going to do anything tonight. My body feels so old already college really does that to you. it’s 2:16 audrey: what are you doing?! I just finished giving my second tour, this is my other fellow tour guides. I can finally
sleep now. Or study. We’ll see. yes mother, I clean my room….and I study Hello it’s me to sleep or not to sleep, that is the
question I just feel myself like what if I just film myself sleeping. what if I just have a video that’s just like “watch me sleep for eight hours” I’m just gonna shower I woke
up like hours later than I expected that was not a power nap I’ve had eye bags all day, you can’t really see it, like do you see that, do you see that, eyEbAg it’s like ~really gross~ I’m going to go get dinner now because I’m hUNGrY and also because I slept through it I miss my roommate she’s gone on a mock
trial tournament cause she’s like smart hopefully she wins. Elise if you’re
watching this, don’t come home if you don’t bring back the trophy *dries hair vigorously* *literally clicks the link* “what a real
college weekend is like” me:*drying my hair* this is what like normal humans do, college students are humans too do you hear that? it’s like squishing *jumps up and down* so I’m going to go kind of deep here and yeah I might probably just delete this whole thing and not enter it in my vlog I don’t go out tonight one cause I’m like really really tired cause
I still have like leftover allergies from yesterday plus like I woke up early
and I slept really late. Going out is a way to kind of mitigate kind of the big
empty hole I feel oh my god, my skin is peeling can you see that my skin is peeling I feel like everything my
life is peeling, no I’m just joking I feel when you go out, you don’t really need to think about anything, you can just have fun which is good and you need that
sometimes but like I feel like I do that to a large extent I just feel like crappy
the next day I was the new chewing gum I was literally chewing gum for like an hour because I was just waiting for my friends to text and be like, hey like we’re getting dinner now, but they just like stopped responding and I was like what’s going on, I was really
hangry. I am very hangry communication is very important please communicate with
your friends look how much fun they’re having I added salt & pepper so it tastes better now. this is Benjamin’s plate, he looks very healthy too yAy, we all have greens we’re all being
heALthY college stUdents it’s supposed to snow next week? do you see that snow flake? what?! update: it’s Thursday and it fully snowed we started singing like Christmas songs but I don’t need it to be snowing until April I’m so sad because literally it’s locked I can’t run
oh well I tried my best greg: just some group reading! me: just some group reading! it’s fun, we’re having fun, this is fun greg: that sounds sarcastic me: I know this sounds so
sarcastic but if I’m honest like this book is so good like please read this
book what film are we watching? Greg: “Good Time” Good Time. It’s really good, I really loved it Greg: you loved it? you haven’t even seen it! wow look what are you doing?! greg: the computer isn’t turning on, the power’s off, let’s go guys help, guys hELp girl: sorry greg: no problem me: it’s true! you were right!! random guy: have a nice night greg: you too! me: you too! me: hAPpy haLLowEEn! girl: happy halloween! greg: i’m literally them saying halloween was 2 days ago this girl was like, i’ll say it later because they’re still here people are studying. I’m so shocked I study too – the look he just gave me greg just turned around and gave me this
incredulous look he was like STORY TIME sorry it’s hard to tell the story when greg keeps on laughing at me STOP how do you feel greg Greg: I’m not talking to you after that story telling event diner! look at that yummy food, yummy yummy yummy it’s 2 am I will not be sleeping for awhile I finally convinced myself to get up *cleaning room* VOTE oh my god, the spider is still there, i can’t tell if it’s like dead or alive… should I DEET it i’m so scared I’m not going over that side of room
again super excited to do laundry because there are two free laundry
machines. *gasps* four free, oh my god that never ha— three I can’t count goodbye be clean I want my money back I set it for 99 minutes…what?! what? just got a bloody nose. why? whY?! my nose is always so dry in the winter everything is so nice and warm noOOO it’s inside out it’s absolutely freezing I’m leading this like small group Bible study for an hour on Nehemiah, the Old Testament this lemon-peel thing left, no real on the slices so I make do with what I got it’s a very interesting meal, Analisa Analisa: I know cinnamon knots and squash or whatever Analisa: it’s zucchini lady bug, lady bug, WHOO WHEE WHOO SEE my roommate finally came back from her
Mock Trial tournament and she won. She won in my heart she did very well and
I’m proud of her I am a proud mom Elise: you weren’t there! You don’t know aNyTHinG! she told me that she did well! and I believe you! Elise: I tried my best she tried her best and that’s
all that matters *stares at the camera in disbelief* it’s officially Monday thank you guys for watching and as always if you liked it: like, subscribe and comment down below! good night and good luck charlie

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