Hansi Flick: Positive Reflection on Training Camp in Doha & Injury Update on Gnabry and Hernandez

For a coach, it is of course always important at training camps that you have top conditions, a good grass pitch, short distances. We had all of those here, so we’re very satisfied The players also really pulled their weight. When we leave here, we’ll have completed 14 sessions, which the players can feel in their legs and I simply have to say: The intensity was very, very high right till the end. The mood is excellent. You really have to say: The programme they had to go through here was pretty tough, and as for the coaching team: We were extremely happy – also with the attitude with the intensity, how they approached the whole thing in a very, very focused way So, first of all, this is a good basis for us – and then the mood in the team: It’s also just a good thing when they’re content, when they know, okay, the training has done me a lot of good, it has helped me to progress – the general mood, you have to say, is excellent. We simply have good guys good players here, a good mentality in the team. That’s why we’re very happy with it all. How it works is we always discuss it within the coaching staff. Roughly speaking, I set out what kind of sessions we would put together – alongside Holger Broich, who is responsible for the players’ fitness And especially in the build-up, in the first week naturally, we focused on fitness, but we also tried to include some tactical content – and that has to be coordinated But I discuss the content with my coaching staff and that’s why it’s always a case of coordinating or discussing what content would be good or what exercises are available – and that’s fun because, as is well-known, knowledge comes through communication and that’s why it’s always an excellent process for me to include everyone and then decide in the end: Okay, what exercises are we going to do today. It was a complex form of endurance; I would describe it as fitness. Of course it was already going to be the case that this time round the focus would be on that in the first week and therefore we had three workouts per day. We went for a 30-minute run in the morning as in relatively early at 7:30 am, and then we focused on fitness again during the morning. And now, towards the end of the week the whole thing has shifted towards tactics. And as for next week: On Tuesday we’ll have another performance test and on Wednesday we’ll concentrate intensively on our tactics, making sure that we’re as well-prepared for the first match as we can be. With Lucas, it’s simply a process that you have to monitor from day to day and then adapt accordingly. We’re currently very satisfied with how that process is coming along. But to say now: Okay, in two, three or four weeks he’ll be back on board… I think – especially in his situation, after two serious injuries within a year – that’s of course not at all easy. That’s why it’s also important for us to get him really ready to play so he’s then at peak fitness. And that’s also our goal – that when he’s back, when he’s match-fit again, he’s simply 100 percent. Of course it’s very annoying, because on the one hand an important player is out, especially a winger, and on the other hand this first week would have been extremely important for Serge Gnabry and would have been a good basis for the second half of the season And that’s why it’s annoying, but unfortunately you can’t do anything. The fact is that we look at it from day to day. Now we’ll just have to see how the next few days go He will of course have more training sessions at the weekend than the players who were here. He can’t play on Saturday against Nürnberg, so we’ll have to see how things go from there. Of course I hope that he can start next week, at the latest on Tuesday. I’m absolutely satisfied. They were very focused, they went through everything so well. There’s a lot going on here on campus So we can be satisfied with that but ultimately there’s still a long way to go till they play here one day with the pros. That’s why we have to make sure that we develop them continuously and that we develop them carefully. It was simply a good discussion just not yet about the sporting content. I think it’s just important for him to get to know everyone here and to dip his toe in the water, to see what it’s like. I think that for him, this, just being in a team hotel again… I can also say, from my own experience, if you’ve been away for months or years, it’s always nice to take part in something like this it’s always nice to take part in something like this. And I think it’ll have been the same for him, when you see the conditions you have here too – just fantastic – he certainly will have liked that a lot.

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  1. Hansi Flick hat dem Fc Bayern wiederdahingebracht wo sie zuletzt 2013 waren. Bayern spielt wieder " Bayern Fußball ". Nach dem Kovac beim Fc Bayern nichts geworden ist, hat seinen Ex – Co – Trainer geliefert.

  2. Hansi Flick ist ein Sehr guter Trainer, gibt ihm Zeit und er wird einer der besten. er wird jeden Spieler verbessern können.ich denke das er es schafft Bayern ins Halbfinale der CL zu helfen .MIA SAN MIA 🔴

  3. Grüsse aus der Metropolregion 😉 Viel Glück und Verstand für alles das bewegt werden möchte…mit und durch Dich und Sie 😉
    …Baden<->Bayern…Bayern<->Baden…das 'fetzt' 🙂

  4. Der wirkt so ruhig und gleichzeitig unheimlich professionell. Also wenn man ihn so sieht…… Wieso mit Biegen und Brechen jetzt DEN Trainer holen der ja schon so erfolgreich war in anderen Clubs? Haltet an Hans fest. Guter Mann!

  5. Can someone explain why we are the only club to have half the squad injured consistently. Seriously someone has to be responsible

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