Hastings College Chooses ScoreVision

It’s created a different atmosphere than
anything we could have projected. Once we get into the game, it’s full-fledged. We’ve got the game going, and we’ll alternate
during the game from the leaderboard to instant replay. What we’ve created is a visual for people
to look up, see the board, see the replay, then go right back to the game. People don’t really missing much action,
because we’re hoping to get that in the transition from the made basket to the time
they get to the front court. Kind of a niche for us from a recruiting standpoint
is that you can come to Hastings College and you can get professional experience from the
get-go with all the different elements we can do. It’s not just in-game – we do a lot of
different things away from the game environment that a lot of people don’t necessarily know
about. But that’s the beauty of ScoreVision, we
can customize it to whatever the coaches are looking for. You can challenge ScoreVision, and next thing
you know, they come through for you. In terms of recruiting, obviously the ScoreVision
boards right away jump off the wall in terms of basically, we have something you
don’t have. In the arms race it is with recruiting and
facilities, you want to have something that somebody else doesn’t have. We’re grabbing kids out of Georgia and Arkansas
that we normally don’t, that have received D1 and D2 offers, and their reaction when
they walk in and see their name on the video board with this really cool motion graphic,
they’re just blown away by it. Their facial expression tells me that we’re
doing something right. You can come into our arena and this is what
we can do for you, as opposed to if you wanted to go to the state college down the way that
doesn’t have a video board. You’ll get a different game-day experience
here as opposed to what you’re going to get elsewhere. I have stated this so many times to so many
different people: from a customer service standpoint, bar-none, ScoreVision is head
and shoulders above anybody out there that I’ve ever worked with. ScoreVision is there. They have access remotely. You don’t have to wait two or three hours
for somebody to come look at your stuff. ScoreVision gives you the access and gives
you the ability to talk to somebody directly and say, okay, we’re hands-on right now,
let’s figure out what we can do. I don’t know how many times I’ve reached
out to them when I’m at home and say, can you log in and blank the boards so I don’t
have to go back in? It’s kind of a nice thing because we have
so many alternative uses going on with practices and people wanting to use the video board. That’s an easy sale for me and it makes
my job so much easier because if there is an issue, I don’t necessarily have to be
there to have them look at it. They can look at it and dig into it and if
they say, can you go out and start doing some different things and start testing the scoring
or timing elements, we can do that. It’s instantaneous, it’s on-the-fly, instead
of having to make a phone call, make an appointment, then wait a couple days for someone to get
out there, it’s not efficient. Where this is now efficient. Especially in today’s realm where everything
is happening so fast. People want it, they need it, and it just
makes sense that we can do things this way with this type of customer service as opposed
to what I was dealing with prior to ScoreVision coming on board.

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