Hesston College student profile: Mackenzie Miller

My name is Mackenzie Miller and I’m from Lancaster,
Pennsylvania. I’m currently a sophomore here at Hesston
College studying communications. Hesston College is the best decision that
I could have made for the first two years of college. I’m a go-getter, a thinker, I like to be challenged
and I’m getting all that here at Hesston. I’m living in a mod with people from all around
the world which is feeding my thirst for a broader worldview. I’m on a first-name basis with my teachers
which is really emphasizing this community that is so present at Hesston. And so I walk across campus, I’m able to interact
with people from all around the world just walking across a small campus like Hesston. Everyone is welcomed here and belongs here
and that’s really valuable. I came to Hesston as an undecided student
with interests in Mandarin Chinese and global studies, both of which Hesston College didn’t
have. But I immediately had teachers who were speaking
to my strengths and challenging me in new ways. As a freshman, I was able to get an internship
with the marketing and communications department and as a sophomore worked for a nationwide
newspaper as well as be the editor-in-chief of the Hesston College Horizon, and so I’m
getting in there right away as a freshman and getting those experiences that I feel
like would be reserved for juniors and seniors at other colleges. I was also able to continue my studies of
Mandarin Chinese. I had studied four years of Mandarin Chinese
in high school and I wasn’t ready to let that go when I came to Hesston. And so my advisor was able to set up a tutoring
program with one of the Chinese international students and so we meet once a week practicing
our reading, our speaking, our writing, and so I’m able to continue to keep that up as
well as just learn about the culture and make a new friend here at Hesston and I just love
that. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week. I’m just getting all of these experiences
here at Hesston and really feeling like I’m growing as a person as I continue to explore
God’s plan for my life. Everything is part of the journey and has
given me the tools to continue to study communications, global studies, Mandarin Chinese in whatever
form it comes. And so I’m really glad that I chose to Start
Here at Hesston College because I’ve been given the tools and the mindset to Go Everywhere.

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