How to apply to the University of Groningen

Hello and thank you for choosing the
University of Groningen. We happily invite you to apply, just like roughly
16,000 students from over 160 other countries. In this video, we will show
you how to apply in a nutshell. Step 1 Choose a course – of course. The University
of Groningen offers 180 English-taught degrees over 11 faculties. If you
find it hard to choose it may be helpful to visit our Open Day,
attend some web classes or visit our VirtualUG platform. Step 2. Check the
application requirements of your course. On our website, you can check the
requirements of the course you want to apply to, such as important application
deadlines, language tests needed, previous needed education and programme-specific
requirements. It’s nice to know that if you meet the entry requirements of the
course you have a strong chance of being admitted. Most courses do not require a
specific GPA. A few programmes follow additional selection procedures. If that
is the case you will be informed about the necessary steps to take. Step 3.
Prepare your application documents. Please note that you can apply before
you receive your final diploma. In that case, please submit proof of your current
school enrolment, transcripts to date, and a list of courses to be completed. A
complete overview of what to do can be found on our website. Same goes for accepted language tests, scores and
exemptions. Step four. Register through Studielink,
the Dutch national application system. Go to and create your account.
Insert all requested personal information and details regarding
previous education and select your chosen programme. You’ll receive an email
with registration details to OAS, the online application system of the
University of Groningen. Step 5. Finish your application in OAS. Upload
all required documents, click to submit and make sure you’ve received a
confirmation email. Congratulations! We will now review your application and
get back to you within six weeks. Please note that the earlier you apply, the
quicker we’ll be able to process your application. Find further information,
instruction manuals and support at

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  1. do you offer Dutch language course for international foreign students ? and if you offer then what does matter age and qualifications of the students or not ???

  2. I'm a student in sociology in Algeria and I wanna apply to ur university please tell me what should I do ? How do I apply on line ? And what are the coasts to study there ? I'm waiting for ur response thnk u 😊

  3. Hey i want to study business management in your university but i don't have ilets do you have English courses ?

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