How to Be Charitable This Christmas | VLOGMAS DAY 1 | University of Lincoln

Hello everyone happy December first and
welcome to the first video of Vlogmas! Now you lucky people will be getting a
special video from us every other day in the lead-up to Christmas, at 4 p.m.
so hope you’re as excited for that as I am. Now in today’s video I’m going to be
talking to you guys about charity at Christmas so let’s head on into the
video. We all know that Christmas is a time for
giving but sometimes deciding where to give to you can be a little bit
confusing because you don’t have all the money in the world otherwise you’d
donate to every single charity that’s out there. But some things you can give
don’t even require money. So the first thing I would definitely recommend doing
over Christmas if you can is donate blood. Now not everyone can donate blood
it depends on your medical history and things like that but if you go to the
give blood website you can find out if you’re eligible and where your nearest
blood donation point is, and it is really really worthwhile doing there are so
many people that require blood every single day so if you can give blood
definitely give blood this Christmas. Another thing that you can do is reach
out to the people that you know will be alone at Christmas,
now the shocking reality is a lot of elderly people will spend their
Christmas alone. So if you could just pop round to their house for a cup of tea or
coffee and maybe a mince pie on Christmas Day or leading up to Christmas
Day, I promise you it will make them so happy. So if you know someone who is
going to be alone at Christmas please please try and make an effort with them. Now the University of Lincoln is very aware that there are students who will
be alone at Christmas too so there are things that you can do for them. Now the
residential wardens have set up a Christmas Giving Campaign where you can
give a Christmas present – you can donate a Christmas present as long as it’s
unwrapped to the residential wardens and they will be given to students who are
alone in Lincoln this Christmas. Another thing that you can do without
having to donate anything is if you know someone who is going to be alone in
Lincoln this Christmas, you can nominate them to receive one of these gifts. So
definitely go and check that out especially if you know someone who will
be alone here. Now talking of donating gifts there’s currently a scheme going
on within the Waterside Shopping Centre it’s downstairs by Santa’s grotto and
you can donate a gift to someone who would otherwise not get a gift this
Christmas, so you can pick up a card that says boy or girl or mum or dad and you
can buy a gift for that person and just leave it by the Christmas tree and it
gets donated to the people who need them. Another thing that you can do in Lincoln
is the Lincoln Cat Care Charity have launched their shoe box appeal – so
they’re wanting people to buy cat treats and cat toys and put them in a shoe box
for the hundreds of kittens and cats that they have within their shelters. Now
me being a cat owner myself this is something that I will definitely be
doing this year because I’d hate to think that some cats and kittens are
without a home this Christmas, if I could adopt them all I’m really really would.
It makes me so sad to think that they’re there in shelters so if you can and
that’s something you want to do all you have to do is fill up a shoebox with
toys and with treats and it definitely goes a long way. Although if they’re
anything like Lily they’ll probably prefer to sit in the
box than anything else. And finally the last thing that you could do is buy your
Christmas cards from a charity shop which means all the profits from those
cards are going back to charity. Now it’s something that you’re probably doing
anyway so if you buy Christmas cards from a charity shop you’re doing
something for charity as well as sending lovely cards that all the people that
you care about. I really hope this video has been helpful for you guys, if you do
do any of the things that I’ve mentioned in this video please leave a comment
down below I’d love to hear what you’re doing for charity this Christmas or if
there’s anything you think I’ve missed out definitely leave that in the
comments below as well. Thank you so much for watching. Bye!

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