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  1. Anytime I can watch this after a workout I feel GR8!

    Thanks to the gloriUS interNET.

    And soo grateful and happy I found the one and only

    ann douglas

    all haters go away

    because ann imho is the queen of the internet.

    thank you for sharing your world honey – we're here for you.


  2. Cheap sticks, couple of Home Depot buckets, a pot and a pan… don't need to start with a top end kit to learn basic rhythms, count and keep time.

  3. Solid work here. My new thing is music, I play and sing after cardio – and now free weights too. If you're not working out, you're missing out. Step 1.

    Step 2 is playing music. That is a great life.

    Step 3 I guess is finding love and having a family. Still developing in that department.

    Never thought I'd be commenting on Youtube. But Ann Douglas inspired me. Her love of music, her love of the internet – seriously man, it made me be a bit more open.

    Which isn't easy for a semi-pro body builder. I use my time to train students at the gym – not perform like a trophy.

    I said no to modelling for the same reason. I don't believe in it.

    Talk later. Out – BTH

  4. Yes yes and yes. Killer find, perfect time. Even better post workout – I'm EATING NOW. Thank you for the post – OUT – BTH.

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  6. I can't individually control each body part to do this.Can someone please help.I know it may sound silly.But I need help.Thanks

  7. I’m taking lessons now and instead of using the high hat I’m using the ride cymbal. It sounds nice. Love what your doing for people who can’t afford lessons plus I’m also learning stuff from you.

  8. My music teacher taught us a great way you can practice this without drums. Sit down and tap your foot on the floor in place of the base drum.

    If you're right handed clap your left knee with your right hand in place of the hi hat

    And left hand on you're right knee in place of the snare drum.

    If you're left handed just do left hand on left knee (hi hat) and right hand on right knee (snare)

    It's great and this is how we did homework.

  9. Have been a drummer and drum teacher for about 40 years, and this is good, but is not lesson 1. Need to learn how to hold sticks first and how to hit the drum, or better still, a rubber practice pad – and learn very basic beats. Eg. Single stroke Roll using quarter notes at a very slow tempo (then later Double Stroke Roll slowly etc). Most beginners can't even hit a drum & make it rebound in the first week. Yes, I know everyone has an attention span of 2 minutes these days, so the video is made to try to hang onto everyone, can appreciate that. But this is too advanced for Day 1. Need to learn to crawl, before you walk: Whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, then eighth notes in that order would be best (over a few weeks). Trouble is, everyone wants to be a rock star first, and a rock drummer second. But a well made and interesting video nonetheless.

  10. I'm curious as to why he would want to start with eights and not fourths on the hi hat. I would think making the transition to fourths from eight would be harder then going from eights to fourths, and you should be able to do both. Also, practicing double hits and syncopes when you're playing fourths gives great practice for using the limbs independently from each other. Once you learn it on fourths, it's easy switch to eights.

  11. I don’t play drums, nether does my 7 year old brother but he’s getting some for Christmas and I’m already planning to steal them.

  12. I can do this already, have played guitar in bands for a while,
    but it's good to have it explained so well, I'll be back

  13. Comments are full of people saying they don't play drums but they're watching the video anyway.
    I highly doubt ALL these people went to leave a comment without checking out the other comments. They have to see that everyone else is making the same exact stupid ass joke, but they do it anyway.
    I can't fathom the stupidity…
    Even if you didn't look at the other comments, you're still unintelligent for thinking that is funny.

  14. Hi! i really enjoy all of yours lessons, but what about brushes stick techniques in one of my favorites stories Eela Craig song ???

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