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Hey guys and girls, Joshua here from SmarterPT the fitness business agency. We help trainers worldwide connect the dots in their fitness business to get more clients, more sessions more income but importantly long term success We get it all the time on Facebook and our emails daily from trainers who want to know how to promote personal training from trainers who want to know how to promote personal training People want to know the Marketing Secrets, If there is some special Hack or easy tricks that can help explode their fitness business without working harder So today for free, this is my video to you guys and girl I want to help you understand what is needed for How to promote personal training. So what are the pain points, why do you need to know how to promote PT Is it; you want more clients maybe you need more clients since you want more income and success in your fitness business Is it that you feel like you are running the same race, getting clients then losing clients clients are maybe not flocking to your personal training offers Or maybe you brand new to PT within your first year of personal training and want to be successful and make PT a viable career from this No matter the decisions or reasons, this video is going to help Now, you might have heard these strategies you might be doing it, but after coaching trainers for many years, I know only a small percentage of trainers actually do it 100% So watch this, don’t skip and just action it I believe especially PT businesses we need to be setting up a solid foundation so that you can build a successful business So lets get into this The first thing we need to establish is clients and leads, and where they need to be coming from Now I’ve even seen many coaches and gurus of the fitness world get this wrong We have online and offline leads. I know trainers want to know how to promote personal training or their fitness business, and where always thinking and looking to Facebook, Google, Instagram because this is promotion, there are ads and the idea is to get likes, shares, comments tags and retarget which will hopefully turn into a conversation or someone saying HELP ME I NEED PT But using online promotion 100% for your offline business, which is your 1on1 training is only going to produce a small percentage of actually usable leads, compared to the offline strategies we recommend. This is why I said that most gurus get this Wrong. Even most PT coaches say 80% of marketing need to be online, But that is really wrong So while social media is important the biggest way that you can promote your personal training is being in the gym Look, You are already spending a huge budget of your income on rent, some trainers are paying $350 a week in just rent. If I told you to spend that $350 a week on Facebook ads, you would think i was crazy So use that rental budget to good use and be the face of personal training at the gym We get trainers who say they are there all the time they are there 9am-5pm every day but guess what every one of your potential clients and prospects are at work. So while you might be at the gym be at the gym at the right time no one is going to know you are a trainer or want to be your client if they don’t know you are the PT there So know when the gym is the busiest, ensure that you can schedule sessions initially around peak times but allow for spaces between sessions so prospects can approach you, and you can approach prospects Remember if someone is at the gym they have signed up to the gym, they are committed to improving something within their health a fitness so be the one to help them get greater results Now being at the gym at the right times is just one part of the formula. You need to be there at the right time, but also you need to be seen Don’t be the trainer that is always out for lunch r coffee, don’t be that trainer who is hiding in the office, or that trainer (and I have seen them) TV and movies on their iPads, Don’t chill-out be productive and Work for it You’re going to get more leads from your gym members that see you, they see your style of training hey see you at the gym at the end of the day and the type of results you are getting with clients So be at the gym, at the right times but also be seen The next is friendship and trust; Potential prospects are going to reach out or your help if you are there, in the gym but more importantly, they know who you are It doesn’t matter how much more shredded or skinny the other trainers are, if you are there and they are not, and you have built that relatioship hey are going to be more inclined to take you up on your offers than someone who isn’t there So make it a mission, to say Hi to everyone, ask if they need any help, learn their name, and develop a onnection and learn something about them Now Another big YES, to how to promoting Personal trianing is to promote your Personal Training in the club Now you can promote your services on the clubs website or Facebook page, but we have found that branding is always an issue with the bigger gyms, so for all intention purposes promote yourself, as you as a person, not your business or your brand Create videos that your club can upload the information they can use. generic branding, the beauty is anyone who comments, likes, shares or tags, you can jump in there on the facebook page, add them as a friend then add to a private facebook group Now, this is online in the club promotion. But lets focus on offline promotion inside gym, and many gyms will allow this provided that it’s not everywhere Now I Don’t want to see these A4 picture of your face and qualifications this isnt an offer and and most clients don’t care if you are TRX qualified or what ever it is. Have a professional A3 big flyer of 1-3 offers Catchy flyer with your contact details, maybe about a 12-week weightloss challenge, with 5 to 10 hot inclusions, beausce I know you can’t be there 24/7, to promote your business, so something that direct links prospects to you and your offer is key If you are busy, prospects will see that, so the flyer that you are promoting thats talking to them about what they want it’s going to help to make that connection in saying cool, I want those meal plans, I want that workout, I want that boot camp, and guess what, they are going to message you to say “Can I PLEASE Join” I use to get SMS’s from prospects all the time wanting help from a promo I had inside they gym Now Remember Facebook pages tagging clients, Google listings, Instagram these are all online, and are needed to promot your business like this is awesome, and will create business especially if you are running targeted ads. But these offline strategies, being there at the right times, promoting your services professional branding of flyers, being in the gym being a trainer that everyone knows You are going to get more people interested in you and your services. I built to 6-figures initially primarily only on new gym walk-ins’, being the only trainer there at the right times helping out, being on the floor as a guide to help members out, but also allowing easy contact and showing prospects my offers and just being there to help So as I said this is foundational stuff that you need to be doing 100% These aren’t hacks, secrets or anything like that. These are real strategies that real trainers that we coach, for what is working for them and is ensuring they have a 6 figure business or a multiple 6 figures businesses in personal training So if you need any help you know where you can contact me contact me in the comments add me to facebook, reach out and we how we can help your further. I’m Joshua and see you in the next video

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