How To Teach A Dance Routine – 5 Tips Every Choreographer Should Know

If you spend the first 30 minutes of
class talking about your life story and then have to cram 10 8-counts into the
last 15 minutes because you really only taught so that you can give a TED talk
and get a cool Instagram video then listen here buddy old pal we’re gonna
help you teach better! Being a good choreographer does not automatically
make you a good teacher it’s one thing to know something and another thing to
know how to teach it. Problem is in the urban dance choreography world no one
is really teaching you how to teach. If only someone somewhere was able to break
down the science of learning and teaching you dance. STEEZY has spent
years creating premium online dance classes and programs for thousands of
dancers all over the world we collect data and feedback and work with our
instructors to design the best learning experience for our students and we’re
going to share what we learned with you. Make sure you teach how, not what. If I
show you my hand right now and go like this I don’t need to tell you that I’m
making a fist cuz you can see that I made a fist. So if there are moves that
students can visually understand then save your words for the things that they
can’t see for example I’m tensing up all my fingers so you should almost be
shaking. At STEEZY we call this self assessment we like to use phrases like
if it feels like this then you’re doing it right. Play the music
ASAP! Think about the last time you took a class what was the best part it was
when you’re actually doing the dancing you start connecting the moves through
the music and start feeling yourself more and more with every run but one
time I took a class where the choreographer taught the entire piece
and then let us see it with music like twice and maybe they did this for the
wow factor when you show your full master piece at the end but guess what?
Class is not about you. It’s about the student and you know what dance students
want? To dance. And according to our calculations we found that the best time
to play music is as soon as poss if there’s a class video take advantage
of it. Class videos are lit I love being challenged to perform in front of people
and yeah I like posting the video if I’m proud of how I did which makes sense!
Dance was meant to be enjoyed and shared and technology has evolved to just widen
the pool that we can share with so if the class is being filmed, as a teacher
you can use the video as a tool to 1: help your students with their confidence
2: build stage or camera presence 3: watch and self critique so they can find
what they need to work on and 4: post it as a personal dance log. Before class,
prep your counts, sound, and lyrics. This doesn’t mean that you have to figure out
every single count but you do have to have a way to communicate each of your
moves. Also it’s so easy to Google lyrics and knowing
them makes the learning process so much smoother so you have no excuse not to
know the words. Pace your class reasonably unless you’re deliberately
training your students in fast choreography pick up do not cram 28
counts in the last 5 minutes. If you do this just because you’re trying to
finish your piece I’ll say it again the class is not about you, don’t hijack the
experience from your students. So whether you’re already teaching workshops or are
aiming to teach them then you’re on the right path and lucky for you these tips
are really easy to implement so make sure you implement them and if you do
your DMs will be flooded with booking request from from workshops from studios
you’re gonna need agent probably yeah just kill it just do it make sure to hit
that subscribe button for new dance videos every single week go and teach Princess Peach

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