How To Use An AED: Training for Every Age

I look healthy. I look super healthy. I look healthy. But things can change in an instant. Sudden Cardiac Arrest knows no age limit. It can strike anyone at any time. Even kids! Would you know what to do if I was suddenly unconscious? Would you only
call 911? Or would you nearly double my survival chances? Just by using an AED. You can’t tell by just looking at me. But I have a cardiac condition. I may need an AED but someone has to know how to use it. AED stands for automated external
defibrillator. You can save someone’s life if they’re heart changes rhythm and
stops pumping blood. And it’s not hard to use. The first thing you should do is
called 911 if someone suddenly collapses and is unconscious. Call 911! Get the AED and start CPR
if necessary. Make sure you know where the AED is and how to access it. Time is important! Once you have the AED, turn it on. There will be step-by-step
instructions right on the device and you’ll hear voice prompts. Attach the pads to the
skin on the chest. And then tell everyone to stand clear. Stand clear! The AED will tell you if the person
needs a shock. If it tells you to shock make sure nobody is touching the person. Then press the shock button. After that, the AED will
tell you to continue CPR until help arrives. Or deliver another shock if
necessary. Congratulations! You may have just saved a life like mine. Or mine. Or mine. Because kids like me need life-savers like you.

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