‘I was so scared’: Panicked parents rush to Waukesha school after shooting

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  1. I think the way that they can come back on violence is make it a law that every single adult should be required to own a gun! People going to places where they know they're going to be no guns ( schools Parks mall's movie theaters stores) if everybody was required to carry a firearm everywhere they went there would be less the gun violence because who was going to pull a gun on somebody else that has a gun.. you're not going to pull a gun on somebody knowing that there are other individuals around that have guns that could harm you.. all of those shooter'swould have been confronted by people with guns had more Americans been required to actually carry a gun.. they went to places where they new guns were banned..you don't see people going into gun stores and shooting people you don't see them going to NRA meetings he don't see them walking into police stations or other places where guns are readily available they go to places where they are not..I really wish they would smarten up and realize that criminals are not going to abide by the gun laws.. they want stricter gun laws but criminals don't follow the law anyway so what's the point.. I truly believe thata law requiring everybody to own a gun would fix the issue!

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