one finger bro! oh no oh no oh no oh no
you are not for real. you Ladies and gentlemen. and we are back again
alright exciting times things have gotten very very interesting now. so a
few weeks ago I did a reaction Indonesia versus UK military training part one
Kopassus fit versus british army initial training they were like oh no
shady lthe Kopassus fit, are the equivalent of the British SAS.
I was like are you for real? they were
like yeah man! They are not just normal normal soldiers training.
I said alright then,
they sent me some links, they were like alright Shady react to these links!
so guys I’m gonna do
a part two! yeah! Indonesian army versus no Indonesian Kopassus or Indonesian
Special Forces versus the British special forces. yeah? does that seem fair?
alright without saying too much I’m gonna Jump on this right away!
alright then guys let’s get this cracking but first of all go down
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subscribe all done SUKA DAN BERLANGANAN Indonesian commanders special
forces wait
dr. Gong sounds like the m-16 tell me I’m wrong hold it hold on hold on hold on ID like
actual bullets go someone said they have this training where they have actual
bullets actual bullets in the training what if something goes wrong and you you
you you you should without a cane was it telling him descendants advance yo yo you you know this is this is
dangerous bro this is dangerous this is a training but actually they need to be
put through this intense training because we’re in the real situation they
know how to handle it oh wow this is mud I was that guy telling him with the red
flag was it use tell him to advance Oh you see the way we’re gonna fucking Oh oh my goodness somebody remind me
never to go for the Indonesian capacitors or dropper training man that
is so insane all my days guys all my days as much as
much hey hey I’ll take the back again I think
that buck again okay are you trying to tell me she put
some metal with a finger stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it
stop it stop it was that that must be some some bisque in some biscuits keep
something oh my stop it Oh guys I’m gonna change my shit I’m
getting it on getting hot I was I was getting too hot I’ll get into her I
needed to raise up a t-shirt wait delays please crumbling it looks it
looks at this softish wait he’s gonna do pencak zealots
through all of that things I couldn’t do this guy’s I can do this I
can do this let me get you a good angle alright guys
I can’t do this – your dad’s mental shock that’s crazy bro that’s a crazy
crazy thing but Casey how long is – he is like one
two three is like four times his height and Micah was three okay okay this lady that was like this
bottom like this yes no she used other like this I don’t like
this whoa wait
that must be some video shooting going on here because I can use just a
magazine papers to post on a metal to break a metal into three pieces except
it’s not a full metal maybe the metal has got some defect some defect some
defects on the inside some holes you must be defected a woman Oh whoa okay okay wait did he see did he
hear a sound look when she went one two three
did he hear a sound like it is not the sound of metal listen oh oh I love me some top women in it
okay okay okay here comes lady I use are you serious right now one
finger prong one finger throws accompany the way out of the way
oh my goodness oh my goodness guys oh did you see what
she did she took she won’t like this luck but the finger Pro that’s some
crazy crazy thing man you see this woman yes
trust me trust me trust me trust me you do not ever ever once here to mistakenly
like go back home with her and you change something she stays in a war stop
me and yeah all that come on we’re here I should say stop bro
but we missed a stop first because it is not right
yeah be careful so all its people like wait let me look at my story gotta say
all the people have tracked I saw a woman on the street I try to you know
get sexually get me oh if they missed eclipse right black come on they’re
gonna be like a 1t duck does know in Indonesian come on T duck in black you
think a 1 T duck okay you like my guys finished okie
dokie guys let’s jump in the UK one after do after the comparison that’s the
UK one alright guys I’ve watched the Indonesian army the Special Forces to be
honest I don’t think any of our makin business like to beat this kind of
training bra I’m not sure that’s any army can beat that ball maybe maybe
there can be I don’t know some of our army know there’s some incredible team
because watch us all right looks like looks like some sort of
things from the movie you saw some scene from movies like you know the special
effects where people do extraordinary supernatural things you know but there
was no special effect in that he was full real alright then let’s see what
the UK has got everybody knows when it comes to intelligence
yeah the UK army yeah the the s the British SAS they are second to none the
British Army yes sir all of them depend on quality not quantity is about quality
about using your brain you know is about making a lance is very mean to you know look at the pain how can you just look
on the pain and go look at the paper oh you feeling pain oh you fucking just did
you just told me what I want you take you off the cold here’s a car anything about this year
it’s pushing them to their limits like pushing them to the limits the how much
can they take how far can they go don’t fucking start yeah don’t stop don’t stop going jerry
fluke jack you know yeah it’s like his job is just
to get them pissed off yeah our Channel and we literally keep on fucking pull
the fuck over yeah that one what games killed in
Afghanistan did you do this because you wanted to film what your son has been
through or this I think it’s an element of that I mean there is the connection
is for the simplest things you give us KITT I pick the socks up they’re exactly
the same socks you give us the map book it’s the same MacBook so it’s been more
personal than I thought he would be and and for me that’s a good thing you just
keep doing what you’re doing if you my dad a new attorney at your age aren’t me
sharing your own oh it does actually very touch it really really touching so
he’s his son was killed in Afghanistan and now he’s here to go through all his
away free you know and he’s actually feeling older although I should not say
he’s going through the whole experience you know and again really personal for
him as well like it’s like you kill I got to joke about it but like in the
movies like you kill my dad you keep my mom became a son you touch my daughter
and now I’m coming for you I will find you
Liam Neeson but I feel like with everything I can I will my ocular of the
war can say hello have you noticed the difference between
the Indonesian film screening and a British one her ass you don’t give me what I’m gonna
do it was a asking the checkpoint if I can
handle my gunner and you can just film LT Martine right to retain a little
harmony but yeah I was foreign but it died vitamin a thesaurus today I was saying do you have you
notice the difference in their training one is very mental like like I see this
one has been so so that is there’s no more about you you’ll go how you think
you know this mobile your composure it’s more by your your psychic you know by
your psychology you know trying to train your mind trying to make you strong no
don’t get me wrong the capacitors they do that I believe this well I’m just
referring to these particular video with a showcase of the capacitors and the bit
where they were protein and the bullets were flying all over the place yeah it’s
crazy I mean it doesn’t look hard but I think pulling loads out that way we
just get you bit confused your brain should be before ok balance tight okay
get your what you call your orientation again gonna empty the whole reverse stay
exactly what I say this fall backwards I’m a team
a good effort we’re hangout yeah 24/7 we’re watching each of the shit yes I
hurt yeah life the good ones the bad one it’s made us what we are now that’s
crazy man my dad died about five years ago which
is it’s kind of the way things are but and relatively and the thing is I never I think I’ve never really dealt with it
yeah yeah barfle nothing you’re not in your
hometown next three days gonna be fucking hard
okay you seeing qualities in youth this is why you seen it because we believe
you have what it takes no you see you see him shivering as well brother that
is crazy my guy imagined that go put some people food elements because they
go through the whole elements oh my degree ambush I’m just thinking
how am I gonna feel if I’m in this situation oh no oh no oh no oh no no no nononono
unifor you you are not for real I use serious oh part of training as well man
this is mud resistance to interrogation was the
hardest facing me the only thing that you’re in control of is your own mind your name oh what’s up
oh my evil mind Terry King forget this just this interpretation training man
I’m not sure I’m gonna do it things watch all night Charlie king strike one
what’s your name Charlie king strike two le carré way way way way baby HP so was
it like it he eventually said is really should have
a waste of fucking time yeah that is this phase complete hold on if they know
that is a training then when I go through all those rigorous activity all
the stress yeah like don’t see the mr. traini yeah it’ll be like yeah yeah I’m
gonna I’m just gonna I’m just gonna go through it boy in this situation I think
to me is the master part would have a bit so they don’t really know that they
are pimple through a training they into work and maybe they’ll be tricked into
thinking they’ve committed an offense and then they use that to get to them
prob’ly you have articles you’ve passed this course with fucking
flying colors you are the only man standing Wow well
done yourself welcome yourself yo those are beauties
imagine the set of manliness that you go through the pain of poverty whose god Smith stood likes to find next
to yours my job is amazing feeling no more Rosa
found if it we wanna be Wow Wow Wow I’m gonna say is that it’s
like an oh gosh let’s say it’s an all-encompassing training the training
of your mind to train your body to train everything they put you through
situations discuss off C remix while you go through when you’re actually in the
war front you know they put you through what you wear you will likely go through
so you have an idea yeah of how to react you know of how to
act or what to do or how to think you try to make you sharp they tried to make
you reason to walk on your reasoning like you get ready so you’re complete
local play around the intelligence matters a lot sometimes it’s not about
strength it’s a part of your intelligence it’s not about size you
know it’s not size it’s not about how fast you run it’s about how you run it’s
about how you think how you utilize what you have both armies are crazy man both
armies are crazy yep I think if the two armies just
merged he’s gonna be mad bro whoa that’s crazy
man what kinda I will say right now I don’t I don’t know let’s say because I’m
just I’m exhausted just watching at you know target whoa the army go through to
protect our nation’s is so incredible so incredible so big up to them both big up
to them both congratulations to you oh my days guys you see a local ten things
like this guy’s tennis teams are intense they’ll make my mind go quicker babbu me
up so much that like button guys subscribe and yeah also yes
this channels major soup draft them here all right peace out guys
oh I love you mother was gonna say do I need oh you are there like the shine of
my way you are she was
you are that lightness shine in my way


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  2. Yes..theres some juju magic..๐Ÿ˜‚ just kidding .In advance pencak silat training, there are studying we called " tenaga dalam", or inner force that make someone who studying it had more power.( Sorry my english is bad…)

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  4. My Bro, you already know that Indonesia is some place that full of natural disaster. That is why our training also very very very crazy. Because our army need to go through all of that natural enviroment. Volcano, River, rain forest, fierce animal and other. Also we have inner power training. And what you see there just 2% of it. You can go make reaction about "Den Jaka" Indonesian navy special force, or Indonesia Special Air Force. Kopassus also one of them but specialized on ground…
    And soldier die while training is common. Thank you.

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