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– Hello and welcome to Ask GCN Anything. – Yes, and we’ve been going
through all your questions and a lot of them are
relating to indoor training because well, for most of us
in the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the deepest darkest winter, so it’s a perfect time to go
through all your questions on indoor training. – And if you would like
to be in with the chance of winning a free three
months subscription to Zwift use the #askgcntraining, and for all your other
questions #torqueback. – Yeah, which fits perfectly for our indoor training special. So without further ado, let’s crack on with the first question. – Ah! – From winnetou93 who asked
as the indoor training season is approaching, which
a lot of us are in already, I have a questions: I find
it hard to ride out of saddle/sprint on my indoor training, and like that I don’t feel
I can put in that much power I would normally be delivering outside. Do you have any suggestions? – Yep, so it’s quite
fairly common question and quite a common issue actually, lower power indoors and
struggling to stand up. – Yeah, a lot of us are in
that same boat, aren’t we? – Yeah, so with your sprint training, you wanna focus on the fact that actually you’re training
your neuromuscular pathways as much as the maximum
strength of the muscle indoors on the turbo trainer, and then you can convert that to outdoors training afterwards because the more often
you use those pathways, the more clear and effective they become, which will in turn
improve your sprint power. So keep going with it. Don’t worry about the actual discrepancy in your power numbers, and when you get outside you
can then run them up again. – There you have it
from a proper sprinter. – Next up, we have a
question from Simon Lund. I am returning to training after and ankle and heel fracture. Ooh, painful. Sadly, my FTP has plummeted by 25% and so my question relates to
calibrating training intensity on the road back to fitness. Should I use my old FTP or
should I use my newer, lower FTP or somewhere between the two? – Yeah, I personally would
drop it down to your low one and do it progressively. I know it’s really demotivating when you’re not hitting
those numbers you’re used to, but go back to the start
and work the way back up. In six weeks of progressing and training, you’ll really find the benefits. And your numbers will return
to those higher numbers that you once had. – Yeah, 25% is a lot so if you try and aim
for those higher numbers you’ll just wildly be overreaching. – And that’s demotivating as it is, when you just cannot hit
those numbers you did before. – For more info on the threshold training, check out the video of
Versi in the background. – Tracking your fitness compared
with prescribing training. – Okay. – And when you’re prescribing training, if you feel like you need endurance, you probably need to go quite
a bit lower than your FTP. If you’re working on those things, those weapons that are
gonna win you bike races, you’re probably working at
quite a bit higher than FTP. – The next question is from Ellis Kurzman. I wanted to try a track event, however I don’t have a
track in the town I live or a cycling track. Do you have any tips for track training without a track track? That’s quite a lot of tracks. (laughs) – I’ve lost track, anyway. (laughter) The first thing you wanna do is get yourself a pair of rollers because these will be quite
specific for your track cycling. Track cycling is all about
cadence and being really smooth and the rollers are the
perfect place to learn that because if you bounce on the rollers you’ll be all over the place, and it’d be the same on the track. A good set of rollers and
then work on cadence bursts because it is your
cadence that defines how fast you’ll be able to go ultimately. – Yes, and then it gets you
used to being on a track bike when you’re on the rollers. Work on cadence, get
comfortable on your track bike, and well, then get on the boards, and you should feel a lot
more comfortable and faster. – If you don’t know
how to add the rollers, check out the video.
– Yeah. – So before we get started with Matt, a few tips for setting up your rollers. Firstly you want to make sure they are next to either a wall, a rail,
or perhaps even a doorway so that you got something
with which to prop yourself up before you start rolling. – And the winner of
this week’s three months free subscription from
Zwift is Brendan O’Regan for this question: as a
general sportive rider what is the best Zwift
workouts/plans to do over the winter months to keep fresh with hills and flat riding? What is it? – You know what, Brendan? The winter is a perfect time
to maintain your fitness with a little lower volume, and also just less stress
than you’d normally have with a strict, structured program, and this is where something
like Zwift really can help. – Yeah, and also it can
personalize you sessions. For example, if you set a
program of 12 weeks long and you only manage eight weeks, it’ll actually reorganize it so you get the most important weeks in that eight week period. – Which is really good. Then if you also want
to include some of your outdoor sessions there, you
can work on your endurance. So a longer two, three, four hour ride with a high cadence than
you might maintain indoors, and then include a few sprints because sprinting is always
going to be easier outdoors than indoors, so five
to eight second sprints, and than 12 minutes in between them. About six in one session. – Yeah, and also Zwift has
actually specifically designed a program called Active Training Season, or Active Off Season, sorry, which is specifically
designed for cyclists to keep fit through
that off season period. – Quite fancy doing that myself. – Yeah, I think I need it. – It’s been a long off season since May. – Yeah, so try that and
make sure you get involved on the group rides, the
Gran Fondos, and the racing, and yeah, good luck with your off season. – An Irish Destiny writes
in with hi team GCN, I am wondering is is there a way to increase my sprint speed
during indoor training? – You love sprint questions, don’t you? – I do, yeah. – Yeah, you love it. But anyway, there are plenty
of indoor training sessions that you can get ahold of and actually one that
works really well for me, and I’m sure you’ve done it as well, is 20 second effort but you
do the first 15 seconds seated so an all out seated sprint, and then the last five seconds when you’re trying to get
that extra bit of power out, you get out of the saddle. And this works on your seated power and your all out peak power. Ultimately, there’s four
aspects to a fast sprint and that’s work on your arrow position, your cadence because ultimately
the faster you peddle the faster you’re going to go, your peak power, and
your sustainable power. – Yeah, well done, you did well there. – I know, I just ran with them all. – And you can train them
all at the same time so the effort that James described then, five seconds standing at
saddle even whilst indoors will really focus on your peak power, the next 10 seconds will really
focus on being aerodynamic and your cadence because
you’ll be building all the way, and then the final five
seconds, that’s the final surge to the line and that’s
again, your sustainability. – Yeah, so really work on those. They’re not easy sessions because well, no hard sessions are easy, but you really well find it effective and your sprint will benefit from it. – Yep, and you’ll really notice that when you get back out on the roads. So again, six sprints in one session is the maximum number you
really want to aim for. – Yeah.
– Enjoy. – I don’t envy you. The next question, bare
with me on this one, is from Piotr Sadzinski. – Nice pronunciation. – Yeah, thanks mate,
I’ve been working on it. I recently slammed my stem
and find my wrists hurt while riding on the hoods. I prefer to retain that
slammed look, like Blidys, is there anyway I could be mucking up the way I ride on the hoods? For instance, if I really focus on keeping my elbows more bent,
the wrist pain lets up, but I need to counter the lower position by using my triceps
and lower back muscles, which seems inefficient. Are there any tips? – Yeah, there are. Without seeing you on the bike, it really sounds like you’ve gone all in for fashion over function. – Yeah, 100%. – Which, whilst it’s cool, it’s only cool if you’re still going
fast whilst doing it, so what I would suggest otherwise
is to put your stem back to where it was and then slowly,
five millimeters at a time, bring it down to the position
that you really want to have and then spend a good week
or so in that position, and then work toward your end goal. And also, whilst you’re doing this, some upper body strength
work, like triceps, and a little bit of stretching as well. – Yeah, stretching your back
and all your core muscles will really help get
into that low position that you really desperately want, but I personally would recommend
you go for a middle ground. Maybe not go right down to a slammed look but maybe a couple millimeters. – Exactly. Function is better than
fashion when you’re going fast. – We wanna go fast at the end of the day. – Exactly. Next up is a question from– – Nice hands, mate. – Jazz hands, went to drama school. James Baynton, I’ve
recently bought a new bike that’s come with a tubeless disc setup. I want to use it on the turbo trainer and I already have a turbo training tire. Would I be able to use
a spare non-disc wheel and use that purely for
turbo or do I need to buy another disc brake ready wheel? – Well, you can, 100% use that spare but as long as the
through axel, or the axel, fits in your bike basically. I can’t use one that probably doesn’t fit because it won’t fit in your bike, so yeah, finding a wheel that fits and then use that indoor
training tire will really work. You don’t have to have a disc
specific one at all, really. – The only thing we would advice though is if that spare wheel is
only marginally more expensive to get a disc one, then it’s
probably worth doing that because you never know when
a spare wheel comes in handy. – Yeah. Now it’s time for the quick fire round. We’re gonna do our best to make it quick. This starts from Niels Munk. I’m training to be a sprinter,
more so than a climber. I think I have the acceleration
training dialed in, but I am at loss as to how
to train for top speed. Have you got any inputs on
how to increase top speed? – Yeah, we do! – Motor pace it. – That’s a really good one. You can motor pace if you’ve
got that available to you, like two minutes at a real
high pace, like 60 Ks an hour, and then into a big long
sprint, say, 20 to 30 seconds because to reach your top
speed is as much about sustaining a long sprint as
it is about having the power. Focus on your position on the
bike as ever and get cycling. – Yeah, good luck with
that top speed training. – Joecuan, is there any
benefit for a cyclist to train on a rowing machine in the off season? – Yes, 100%. It’s really good for your
cardiovascular fitness and also your muscular strength too. I’ve actually been doing it this morning. – Is that where these
massive arms come from? – Yeah. – ‘Cause they won’t know
when you’re a bike, right? – No. (laughs) – Cpflashclass, do spin classes, I’d like to read the question.
– Sorry. – Do spin classes have any
application in cycle training? – Yes, they are perfect. I actually really enjoy doing them because I find I push myself more when someone’s shooting at me, but yeah, 100% they work a dream. – Next question! – Good 45 minutes session. He scared the dodos out of me, yeah. – You said you like to be shouted at. (laughter) – Will Halicki, will I get
the same workout benefit if I do the same ride
in the warm or the cold? – The same benefit? Well, that kind of depends on how you cope with the temperatures, but on the whole it’s
healthier and more beneficial to train in the warm because
certainly if you’re training for fat loss and things like that, you’re burning more
calories when you’re warm, but also it’s easier on
your lungs and your muscles ’cause your muscles are up to temperature. – I used to hate training in the cold ’cause my lungs started to hurt. – Yeah, me too. Everything just kind of feels
a little bit dead, doesn’t it. You definitely have
more benefit in the warm but, to a certain extent,
it’s not gonna harm you to train the cold either. – Well, there you have it. Next question is from Ho il. Hi, if somebody has a
massage once in a while, when is the best time to have it? Maybe on a rest day or
after a hard session? – I would always recommend on
the same day as a hard session and the day before a
rest day or an easy day because sometimes it can
leave your legs feeling a little bit heavy and dead, can’t it? – Yeah, and it gets that lactic acid out, so it’s really working on
flushing the legs through so it’s really good for
recovery and it feels amazing. – Here’s a popular question
we get on the channel. – From Matthew Wong,
where’s Lasty nowadays? – Well, good question, and if we listen really carefully, we might be able to hear
him working upstairs. – Yep, he’s still around, don’t worry. Lasty is still in the building. – Yeah, The Brick is still here. The next question is from Marko Pielic. – Mega, you’ve done a good job there. – Yeah, no, I think I mucked that one up. Anyway, we’ll move on. When doing indoor cycling sessions with footage of actual climbs, why are you always setting
your resistance level to around 3%, which is
two times or more lower than the actual average
gradients of those climbs? Why not setting it to 7 or 8%? – Well, we looked into
this and we think actually we’re going for the level of intensity and not the gradients. – Yeah, we’re focusing on the workout, not trying to make it as
realistic as possible. To be honest, if we did put it at 7, 8%, I doubt a lot of us will get up it. – Not anymore. – And the last question we have is from D. How do I balance indoor training with limited outdoor
training in the winter? – Some lights and some good,
warm clothing I would imagine, depending on where you are in the world. – Yeah, you can actually
get out in the road in the dark after work or
after other commitments, and that will get your road riding in, but I would personally stick
to the maybe indoor trainer during the midweek or Monday to Friday, and then get out on the
road on Saturday, Sundays to get your endurance rides in. – Yeah, you don’t need to go crazy though. Just do enough to maintain your fitness, and then when the weather gets better and the light is longer. – Yeah, so there you have it. The end to this week’s Ask GCN Anything. – It’s not quite though, is it? Because look, we’ve got brand new shirts! – Yeah, we have and you
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the #askgcntraining. – Ah, my thumbs don’t work anymore. – So without further ado,
make sure you give this video a thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed it and we’ll see you next week.

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  20. #askgcntraining How often can you do an FTP test on an indoor trainer such as zwift's test. I feel like the test its self is a good way to boost my ftp #torqueback

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  23. Hey Chris & James – you got the wrong answer on the very first question – the one about lower out-of-the-saddle sprint power on the indoor trainer vs power on the real road. But don't feel bad – I have never read the actual reason anywhere – I only just solved it myself! 😉 First the tl;dr: this will always be the case and it is actually impossible for any trainer to duplicate the conditions of real on the road sprinting. Sorry. Blame physics. Actually "GCN does Science" should have caught this at some point! Maybe Emma could solve it if she thought about it – she' s some kind of engineer, isn't she? Anyway, I just got my first smart trainer, a Tacx Neo Smart about a month ago and I'm loving it. FTP is up 12% so far! However, I find it really hard to stand and put down power – it's awkward to stand or to sit back down when the slope goes from +10 to -8 in two pedal strokes. winnetou93's question got me thinking about it. I thought why should this be – it's the same frame so my position is the same, but there is a difference – I don't have an on-bike power meter but I don't need one to know something is going on here. So the bike's the same – what's different? What are the forces acting on the bike and me? There's gravity … vertical force, but that seems to be the same in both cases. There's (AHA!) acceleration on the road; there's NONE on the trainer!! I think I'm onto something here … So outdoors when I stand and stomp, the bike accelerates on each pedal stroke. In my moving frame of reference, I experience this as a force pulling me backwards. I counter this by pulling with my arms, holding myself relatively stationary to the bike, but the arms pulling down gives the legs more to press against and I can make make bunches of power. On good days, I call this "Endless Power Syndrome" !! Now when I put my Cervelo on my Tacx and ride Zwiftly and try to sprint, there's no relative force pulling me backwards when I try to pull with my arms so if I keep pulling, I end up with my nose on the stem. Before this happens, of course, I and everyone else on a trainer backs off and makes LESS power. THIS is the DEFINITIVE ANSWER to this MYSTERY !! Instead of your power at the pedals propelling the bike forward, you remain stationary while 32 neodymium magnets warm up while dumping your power as heat into the atmosphere. This lack of relative force pulling you backward on the bike that a trainer can never replicate is also why it feels so awkward to stand and pedal and sit again. And it's why INDOOR out of the saddle power is always lower. Seated power is affected much less since on a trainer you still have the saddle to press against. 😉 You're welcome!!

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  47. If you use a non-disk wheel in a turbo, I would recommend putting a spacer into the calliper in case you accidentally pull the brake lever.

  48. #askgcntraining for those of us who to not have the time to go out for longer rides, we can simulate the effects of a long ride through building up fatigue by going on shorter hard rides over a few days, as the legendary Matt Stephens did during his career. Can you also use a reduction of sleep in a similar manner to build up the fatigue over a few days?

  49. Hi GCN. It's been a long time you guys didn't do a GCN Presenter Challenge,don't you agree? I think you should consider to do a sprint and leadout challenge among the presenters. Cheers. #AskGCNAnything

  50. #AskGCNTraining my weaknesses are sprinting and short explosive efforts. The kind of high intensity work that helps those is generally done during the build training phase closer to the racing season. Is there anything that I can do over the winter to help me to improve on the shorter efforts this early in the season? Thanks

  51. #torqueback Hi, GCN! I tried to verify my powermeter against my indoor tranier: as 30s power my Favero Assioma Duo shows 270 watts whilst my Tacx Flux shows 250 watts. Is it ok and it's just drivetrain losses or one of powermeters lies?

  52. #askgcnanything unrelated question to training. I notice Emma Pooley has a custom bond bike and that in that video she commented on suitability of 650 wheels for short riders. The Canyon ultimate has a woman’s frame with 650 wheels in the 3xs and 2xs size. Yet she no longer rides that bike and I notice she is now riding a trek in videos, is this for any particular reason?

  53. #torqueback GCN…I am utterly frustrated with cycling shorts and bibs. I've purchased several different sizes, brands, styles and the chamois doesn't sit where its supposed to be. the pads when I sit down are moving away from the sit bones forward of where they should be. I can manually adjust them but once I stand up I have to do it all over again. Is there something that I can do to fix this or am I doing something wrong?

  54. What is the best training for an 8+ hour event with the last 25 miles being a long climb. Most of this training will need to be done indoors due to bad weather. Any ideas

  55. hey GCN, I have a question? does it matter if I use a compact set during my indoor training, and my actual bike for outdoor has a semi-compact set?

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