InForm Fitness Podcast – Slow Motion Intense Exercise and Nutrition Training

Hi I’m Adam Zukerman the owner of inForm Fitness I am really excited to launch my brand new podcast called 20 mins with Adams and friends joining me in this podcasts are going to be my general manager and good friend Michael Rogers he’s been a trainer with me for about 12 years now my general manager and good friend Sheila in my Burbank location and of course our producer Tim who’s also a client to InForm Fitness out in the Burbank location in this podcast we’re going to discuss my original vision for how we started InForm Fitness and where I want InForm Fitness to go and where we think exercise should go in the future it’s nice to see that my original intuition like over 20 years ago has been validated some by some recent science and I want to talk about that so we’re gonna bring on some scientists in this industry some cutting-edge people are doing a lot of work on this I’m going to be bringing in some great testimonials from clients have experienced this and we bring in musicians and very interesting people bodybuilders talking about how little they actually work out it’s going to shed some light on some very important topics no one listens to this podcast I’m going to be crushed it’s like having a part of the no one shows up to… you know I have it this a big fear of mine so it will get better as we get it’ll give the podcast get better if you can get through the first couple of podcast it gets better we get better at it as a team you know yeah you know what the content is good all right you know Mike’s a little annoying Sheila has a really cool voice it’s really hot sexy voice and that helps you know you know I might talk a little bit too much but you know there’s good stuff there you

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