Innovating with a Mission: The Campaign for Santa Clara University

(bell ringing) – Santa Clara University
instills in its students a value system.
(gentle music) It advocates that no
matter what we create, or how fast we move, we must keep an eye on the
basic values of decency and the responsibility to do good. Too often we move to move. Not often enough do we move forward. I think that is what
the university offers. A foundation that enables the
ability to advance progress while elevating human dignity. For over 165 years, one mission has driven
Santa Clara University. To educate the whole person while inspiring service to humanity. Silicon Valley is our home, but our impact is felt around the world. Santa Clara is home to
generations of leaders, committed to innovating with a mission. Leaders whose character
and spiritual development has been shaped by ethics and values rooted in Jesuit
social consciousness. We follow a path with a rich history, and today, a defining moment is upon us. And so we must continue
to inspire generations of students who are intent
on opening doors for others. We are on a mission to
shape a better world. (intense music) There are so many ways to learn, and the language of
virtual reality and gaming connects with my generation. My mission is to inspire
more kids to pursue science. Making biology entertaining and fun. Look, I know we’re in the
heart of Silicon Valley surrounded by all these
technological innovations that are continuing to shape our future, but there’s something incredibly powerful about creating an object
with your own hands. It’s incredibly empowering, and opens up our minds and spirit. And really, it connects us to humanity. Students are taken on a deeply personal lifelong journey of nurturing
and applying their gifts, virtues, and purpose in
their careers and lives. Our guiding principle
is that to lead others, we must first learn to lead ourselves. Students are guided through
this intense process of discernment and sharing
their authentic selves. My passion is education. Opening young minds to
think beyond themselves. But that’s not all I am. We’re part of an amazing community that’s a force for good. Changing the world one life at a time, and we’re all on a mission
to create the future. The Jaipur Foot revolutionized prosthetics for millions of amputees. We’re a team of students
partnering with Jaipur Foot to create a prosthetic hand
that will be put to use in the developing world. For us, it’s all about
solving real world problems, and unleashing the amazing
possibilities of bioinnovation, and robotics. I’m working with people who are energized by getting to the roots of big issues facing the world today. Our mission is to merge
an entrepreneurial spirit with Santa Clara’s Jesuit heritage of service to the poor and
protection of the planet. AI is transforming the
way the world works. All of this creates
challenges and opportunities for the way the legal
profession attends to new ideas and the people who innovate. Now more than ever, Santa Clara is needed to engage with industry and government, to help forge an ethical course. As this age of technology
takes us to places we can’t even imagine. We are innovators, pushing forward. We are community, inspiring one another. We are problem solvers, walking together. We are leaders, innovating for the world. But most of all, we are family. – We’re committed to making
a difference in the world. – We’re tired of being the
best kept secret in the Valley. – My time at Santa Clara
inspired me to give back. – Coming to Santa Clara changed my life. – And now we’re all part
of the Bronco family. – Now is the time for a transformational Jesuit, Catholic education. – Now is the time to
educate the next generation of clerical and lay leaders. – Now is the time for
inspiring collaborations that change the world. – Now is the time for
engaging bright minds and pursuing social justice. – Now is the time for opening doors. – For increasing scholarships that provide access to
a great SCU education. – [Group] Now is the time! – For building friendships
that will last a lifetime. Now is the time! Now is the time for supporting outstanding faculty. – Now is the time for
Santa Clara University to be known as the center
of discovery and innovation. – Now is the time for Santa Clara to be recognized across the
nation and around the world. – We have an extraordinary story built on a powerful foundation. Now is the time to boldly
embrace our transformative power. Together we can change the world. We are called to commit to Santa Clara, to ensure that our treasured university will grow and thrive. Every one of us, relentlessly
innovating, with a Mission.

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