Intensives Torabschlusstraining | Besser vor dem Tor werden !

Welcome to a new video of 360Football Today we’ll do a training session for forwards with Giusi He is a professional soccer player from the US and has been playing many pro games we are lucky to have him today to make a great session In the description below, you’ll find the link to his instagram, make sure to check him out and follow him 😀 Alright, so let’s go Yes guys, so that was the training How did you like it? The training session was very professional Jan and Nic do really know what to do and it was a pleasure! There’s one important question we have: How can you become a professional soccer player? I think the most important aspect is discipline, you always have to chase your dream especially as a young player, it’s easy to give up, but not easy to keep going but you have to With the right attitude you can do it Yes guys, that’s it from us, we hope you liked it, don’t forget to turn on post notifications, and to follow Giusi (link is in the description)

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