Introducing Front Office Rocks Marketing Mastery Dental Training!

Hey guys! Laura from Front Office Rocks
and I’m super excited to tell you about the first of many new things that we’re
offering at Front Office Rocks in 2020 and this is our Marketing Mastery. Now, I
know a lot of dentists and team members who wish they understood marketing better,
think they kind of know it, rely a lot on their marketing company, but at the end
of the day feel like they’re spending money and they don’t really understand
what they’re getting from it. So what we’ve decided to do at Front Office Rocks is educate you, the doctor, or your team member or everybody
involved in marketing about everything that you need to know from SEO, to
digital marketing, everything from the nuts and bolts from a-to-z, to help you
become well-versed in marketing in your practice. So, here’s the best news about
it. It’s launching very soon so you need to take advantage of it and it’s at no
extra cost to you we have included this in our membership program fees so you
have access to this on top of so many other hundreds of hours of videos and a
lot of new stuff coming in 2020. So, check it out. The information is included with
this video and I will see you on Front Office Rocks!

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