Jack Whitehall: Training Days | Official trailer

– Do I need to give it a
bit more of the Sterling? Go full T-Rex? (dinosaur sound) (hip hop music) In this series I’ll be
getting up close and personal with some of the biggest
names in football. (thud) (laughs) – You kicked me. – Are you injured? Your technique is all wrong. Firm buttock. It’s basically like Carpool
Karaoke but with footballers. – Come on, stop the car. You are so annoying. (hip hop music) – Those are my mother’s tights. (shocked sound) – Sure smell like it. (hip hop music) – We’re about to
go do an audition on Britain’s Got Talent. Do you know the lyrics? – No. (pop music) – Go! – No, Müller, Müller! – Oh, very nice. – If you can concur this, (scream) then you can concur
anything on the pitch. (scream) (vuvuzela sound) (bang) We’re in the zen den. Ignore any distractions. Contracts for bigger clubs. We’re gonna make you look
a little bit more wax like. I want you to scare her now. (yelling) (scream) (hip hop music) – I am Thomas Müller. – I’m Wendy Müller, and… I’m actually Jack Whitehall. I know, disguise. Watch us both on Training Days as we embrace Bavarian culture. (laughs)

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  1. Looking forward to this 😂😂😂😂 Hope it’s not going to be put on YouTube Red so we have to pay for it.

  2. Basically if your whole career is based on being clueless and never giving 100% then this is the movie for you

  3. Why is Jose mourinho in this he's the most depressing guy in world football and the most annoying

  4. もうれんらくしないようにするね、いままでわるかかったでオレ辛いから

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