Jung, gut aussehend und 100 kg Clean and Jerk??? – Ein Training mit Nancy Ludwig

Howdy friends of cultivated competitive sports! Howdy to all female friends of cultivated competitive sports! I’m Nancy and I’m visiting AC Mutterstadt today and I’m gonna train together with Max Lang Howdy friends of cultivated competitive sports! Welcome back on my YouTube channel. Now the boss is talking. As you’ve already noticed, Nancy snuck into the video here. We will train together today and I’ll show you my new training and competition home at the same time. The glorious AC Mothercity as I like to call it Mutterstadt We are doing a little training session and in between I will sound out Nancy a little bit about some things Stay tuned and have fun Alright before we really get started here I’d suggest that Nancy introduce herself first. How old are you and what do you do? I’m Nancy Ludwig, I’m nineteen years old I’m from Saxony I’m currently doing training at police sports promotion section and I’m lifting weights I was laughing a little bit when you said you are from Saxony You can take that literally. As you are from Görlitz you’re lifting in Einbau and you’re working in Chemnitz Right Just Leipzig and Dresden is missing I’m glad you’re here. Me too, of course Actually now warm-up starts How’s your warm-up looking? Sometimes I start on the bike for 5 min and otherwise, I try to do different movements focusing on mobility Then I start with the empty bar to get a feeling for the movements and afterward, I start using weights Estimated time consumption? 15-20 minutes if I take my time bike erg included? bike erg included I also like bike erg to start warming up about 5 minutes For me personally, it is not important with regard to the cardiovascular system. Even if it’s a small, pleasant side effect. If I would pull this off right, I wouldn’t be able to do my normal training anymore. But it just lubricates the joints a little bit more. Speaking of joints Knee joints My warm-routine also includes 2-3 exercises focusing more on warming up the joints and the muscles next to the joints What’s on your schedule today? Snatch, clean and pulls I will clean rather heavy That’s why I want everything to be warmed up well. I have already prepared something for you and me I’d suggest I show you this. and I’ll imitate We start with Bulgarian split squats The exercise is about squatting down in a controlled way. and don’t drop it work slowly to control your knee like that we stretch the quadriceps tendon and also the patellar tendon which is important during weightlifting Now hip trusts to activate the glutes as it also has to work a lot In this position, the booty should burn The last exercise is my fav one I always take shoes off Some kind of pistols I haven’t found the right name yet This exercise is also about squatting down in a controlled way and then you move up again All the way down? Right, as far as you currently come You’ll soon realize it’s a little more exhausting than it looks. The underground here is very soft which means you are forced to work with your ankle against it. Are you already feeling something? Yes, of course. In my opinion, we are ready to start with lifting weights now. Let’s get started! Please put that away. Uh, the one who got it? Yes exactly, the one doesn’t have to carry it out What’s that delicious? Be careful, my shaker is open These are EAA’s It’s really fresh…Yeah, stick your nose into it It smells really good! That’s a new fresh taste Awesome How does it actually work with the police sports promotion section I simply do an apprenticeship there that lasts longer than in normal working life. I only have to be present for 4 months a year. Mhhhh, sorry but it just tastes so awesome Just interrupt me. I only have to be present at school for 4 months a year. And the remaining eight months I’m off for training or you’re on vacation Or I’m on vacation. But nobody knows that. Alright This is the essential difference to us as we only complete basic training and then we’re off for vacation Right, I’m doing a 4,5 years training If you’re still a member of the promotion section after you’ve completed training you just have to work 3 months per year and the rest of the year I’ll spend on vacation There’s worse than that. It’s really good it worked out like this. Do you now also want to train a little bit or just chat? This is my new coach, by the way. André Dörrzapf Introduce yourself Max has already mentioned my name. Since 10 weeks we are working together Our goal is to qualify for the Olympics, of course We will work a lot on his technique There’s a lot to catch up on. We have already done a lot but we’re still working on it. There have been a few health issues in the past. We are now eliminating them and then we’ll meet at the Olympics. What exactly are you looking at here Technique analysis It’s just old school technique analysis We are analyzing every attempt You’ll get up well until here. And now? Squats because you can’t go wrong with squats! Now I’m doing heavy pulls and I’m also trying to make it look heavy. I’ll perform them slow and controlled because I want to control where the bar is going. Many try to simply lift even heavy loads or heavy pulls. But if you just lift the bar, you can’t control it. And if you’re projecting that into the clean now and you’re not sure where the bar currently is but you want to lift it on the clavicle then you will get into trouble. That’s why I try to control the bar during heavy pulls to get a feeling for where the bar is. Max, why do you have so many 20kg plates here in Mutterstadt? or why do you always only have 20kg plates on your bar? So I don’t know why we have so many 20 kg plates either. I also have to ask the boss I like using 20 kg plates because 60 kg is my basic weight Then I increase to 100 kg. Therefore I use 20 kg plates again And then there are already 2 times 20 kg on each side of the bar To further increase the weight I would have to use a 25 kg plate on the outside. And I really do not like it this way The 25 kg must either be right on the inside or I keep loading weight further increasing this way. Sounds totally logical. Why did you drop it? Because it’s finished This is no.1 of the questions asked on Instagram Why do you drop the bar because it is totally inconvenient to lift it up again? Because I’ve finished. You say stop? Yeah yeah, one more. A small one. Thank you How did you get to weightlifting? My homeland club’s like my neighbor. And my dad just told me to take a look because kids training is really cool And then he took me and my brother. That’s how I started So you just got taken. Right, my brother went there for trial training and I just wanted to watch but then I decided to take my training shoes and joined him If you are also interested in starting weightlifting but you don’t know anybody to join You can check our club finder on German Weightlifting to look for a club next to your hometown We’re done for today So I did my training, did you do some training too? Was definitely fun here today with you That sounded better now than what you said in the previous take. I was glad you were there. If it works out that way again, just come by. If you’d like to see more videos with me, just leave a comment Right, if you liked the video, thumbs up if you didn’t like the video, thumbs up and tell your grandparents that there is a new video with Nancy and I think your grandparents will love her Have fun

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  1. schönes Video ….👍👍ja wir wollen mehr sehen von der sympathischen , TOP -aussehenden jungen Frau …👍👍

  2. Mal ne seriöse Frage.
    1) Mit viel Jahren sollten Kinder mit olympischen Gewichtheben beginnen?
    2) Sollte das Kind vorher irgendein Sport gemacht haben? Kinderturnen oder sowas

  3. Hi Max!! what technical mistakes are you trying to correct with your new coach?? Not finishing the pull or extending fully?? I'm still a newbie coach but for me you seem to be "connecting" much better with the barbell during the cleans. Also, how is the weigth loss going,still at 75kg?? Will you keep that weigth till World's??

  4. Ich fand die schon beim Repone Video Lustig die Nancy.
    Warum zuckt sie denn immer mit dem Hintern bevor sie hoch-geht?
    Hat das einen Sinn?

  5. Nancy reminds me of my daughter – smart and lovely. But good luck to any partner in life who tries to tame her!

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