Some parents are not educated. We need many things for school, but if you tell them they don’t understand that we need things like tuition To help us do our exams and get good grades. They just tell you to attend school, but don’t give you tuition. When the results come we fail. The problems that are facing girls are many. Like for me, I’m studying hard, but I’m not sure if I will be able to attend secondary school. I have a sister who passed very well But never got to secondary school. And then there is also a shortage of books. Few people concentrate in learning, but most of them just want play. Then you find that teachers just concentrate on those who are attentive and ignore the rest. There are problems that make me fail my exams. There are those parents who tell the children “even if you study you won’t gain anything or benefit anyhow…” “You’d be better off to go home, look for a husband or go to Mombasa and get a job.” Another thing takes place in the class… A teacher talks … and when they ask a question If you get the answer wrong they laugh at you. And there are those who, if laughed at, they don’t study. They just become ashamed and end up failing their exams.

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