Krav Maga training- release from a side headlock

We’ll start in standing position, then we’ll go to the ground. first of all, headlocks- when do we see this? few possibilities. No. 1- the monkey dance. we’re starting with the whole process and then comes, as an attack either an overhead punch or a headlock so, the movement is the same, and, headlocks are done, usually, either because I want to control him for example I have friends with me and that helps if I control him, so that they could attack, or I’m afraid of his attack, I want to shorten the distance.. so this is another possibility. It could be that I will stay here and control or that I will want to go to the ground. So 2 possibilities. In any case, Timeline: if I understand early what he’s doing, he attacks, I can move away or duck under, or block and counter and if I didn’t really understand what he’s doing or I was surprised, we get to this position. and we should say- if my chin is still outside, I can still escape. Only if he’s also got my chin something like this it’s not that simple. I can try, maybe it’ll wok maybe not. and it takes time it’s faster for me to do the release than this. yes, exactly. If I try to pull out, he will squeeze tighter. in any case it takes some time. so, the release. He’s grabbing me, and usually pulls downwards. so what we need for this technique is, please stand like this, 90 degrees. If it done happen on its own because of the pull, I should get to this position. ok? 90 degrees. then- the outside hand goes directly to the groin that’s no. 1, to soften him up, no. 2 is this hand. Coming in between our heads thumb under the chin, forefinger under the nose two fingers in the eyes and the pinky somewhere ok? and there are a few other things than happen here. when we’re here- my thigh to his thigh, and my ear to his shoulder. then here just be stable with the thigh. I can push a little, but I don’t have to. the ear is important, I’m pushing against his shoulder. and then at the same time pull his head. so- 1,2. 1,2, thigh, ear If he’s holding really tight I can also punch. we’re doing this now as a dry drill and then with a partner.

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