Learning Hand Drawn Animation!|Turn the Head 【Part 2】

Someone who has drawn manga is doing an animation challenge On TV this thick frame will be shown Well, it’s like this Let’s add some inbetween to this
-Excellent When drawing the draft you use orange or this type of light blue color It ends up quite dark when drawing, though As I said before, the target is 1/3 and 1/3 and the end is the speed will be slow so adding one more Think about the trajectory Usually you have the character sheet close to you so you can draw the pose in between On animation there is a sheet with character setting Like overall drawing. Frontal overall, back overall and from back angles There is also an expression sheet which shows various things like anger, happiness, anger and sadness Let’s go through with this This one is hard. What kind of movement
– I drew without thinking anything I see that this part and this part doesn’t fit but You could make it look natural by using inbetweens That is the magic of anime
-Magic It’s using the technique of the afterimage of humans so it looks like it’s moving If you don’t have both eyes on the “out” sheet, how do you do the in-between eye? As a reference draw eyes even if covered by hair, Makes it easier for the animator to add in It’s my dream to have my manga into animation Having voices or animation is my dream For manga, you can’t do that alone Everyone wants to see their manga moving Yeah, for every manga artist, having their manga made into animation is their dream To make anime, you need a whole team Impossible to do alone If you only need 5 sheets or frames, maybe you can do alone For a 30 min animation, was it 3000 frames? Or 4000? How many drawings do you need? For one episode In pages? Right now I think it has reached 4000 To create new anime, everyone is looking for original stories Not many anime companies make their original story?
-Not much They’d probably prefer not to take risks The popular mangas are made easily into anime It makes them relieved when they can prdict the numbers The hair goes up the moment it turns around? For this one, the inbetween as it is, is ok but the back is standing up to make it active I’m happy Have you drawn Cyberpunk at work, Hinoe-san? Recently such works are fewer and fewer
– going down Less….more school dramas? Well, more of the RPG style is in the market Like “I was reborn as a…” series That seems to be the trend now It’s your own drawing. How does it look from a new perspective? It seems really funny. It’s my drawing but I’m not drawing It amazes me that you have to draw the inbetweens solely on imagination Of the 5 frames, this is 3? It’s 2 Here is 1 Something like this Amazing Amazing
-Please take a look Hold your hands with the sheets between. 1, 2, and 5 Hard I feel it’s moving already I really like this Pulls in and spits out This is all I do
-Amazing These frames are just a split of a second… -when it becomes an Anime
Half a second 0.5 seconds each
-Oh my so amazing I can do this forever I can watch this forever
-Oh yes It’s moving It’s actually blinking as well The inbetween for the face is 1/3 but the body comes later, so it’s 1/4 1/4?
-The body turns slower So doesn’t move until later So that’s what it is Around here as well
-It’s closer to frame 1 Many thoughts are put in The one drawn was frame 2. If finishing this , we need 4 and 5 If a full anime, you need 12 sheets but in this case you only need 5 It will be really smooth then Japanese animation is called Limited Anime Generally we draw on 3’s That’s how it’s made If 1 second is calculated in 24 frames For drawing on 3’s you need 8 sheets per second Your thoughts, please
– my thoughts? Thoughts! Well, animators are a treasure! Amazing Feel it’s the first time I’ve been told that For a Manga artist, this was amazing. You get your character to come to life. Wonderful Great experience Manga artists are creators, but animators are craftsman So different in method and philosophy Animators are individuals so they have habits Like if this person is clearly not good at this, but we can rely on them for this other part One person, one technique We can finish this in some other video That’s all for today. Thank you very much Thank you Please see Uchida Shinnosuke on things like Instagram Instagram and Twitter @ibukichi4shin. Please follow Doing this type of Cyberpunk And Etsy shop
-Yes. You can link there through Instagram Many videos with Uchida-san and Hinoe-san so please check them out Please subscribe as well Bye bye If we make this into animation, we need 24 sheets… 24.. Well, for full anime… This is 12 sheets How about just 1 sheet? We’ll just blur it out Only one!
-That ain’t animation

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  1. Have Hinoe's keyframes from this channel ever been uploaded? It would be great if others could study and even colour it for their education.

  2. Last video, didn't Uchida-san say there is a vocaloid video with her drawings in it? I am curious and really want to watch it!!

  3. I hope you make more content like this in the future, it really hard to search a content about making anime, especially from a veteran japanese animator like this. I really enjoyed it.

  4. "Animators are treasure"

    And my reaction is the same,

    That was my first time to hear about it.

    Btw guys, an anime headturn is one of the hardest scene to learn.

  5. The "i was rebound as " or Islam is a trend to the point of is so generic before you watch you can tell the plot story.

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