Learning to KICKFLIP On Scooter!

Alright that counts will quit before they touch the ground Okay, roads skatepark rhinos just literally throwing his skateboard around why are you doing that? You’re gonna chip it board more okay now I am gonna be riding a little bit before we actually start off today’s with your idea and the idea for the day is To try to kickflip. I’ve seen this done flat before by my friend Trevor Falcon over at Wofford East It was really freaking gnarly. I’ve never actually like seriously giving it a full-on shot So today we’re gonna try I’m probably gonna fail at the very least 50 times. So this could be a very time-consuming and difficult slash of setting process Ladies gentlemen, we have antha pinky right here an anti pinky he’s not wanting us to the tail up the three-block right now, but we’re gonna make him tell it to three block because educated Friendly, peer pressure right peer pressure can be friendly sometimes sometimes all right pinky. You ready? Just jump really quick to jump it Why are you afraid to tell that you can jump it perfectly fine? I would be a lot more understanding if you just like absolutely die doing that You’re going that fast, okay. I want to go over there you’re gonna go over there and you’re gonna tail this thing first Try deal, okay Click the car right now. What do you guys think? Do you guys think I think he’s got the tail down three blocks First go. What do you think? Yeah, he’s just not doing it. You’re just not doing it. You’re picking your nose I think just kidding. All right, she’s out here with this camera getting the shots Oh snap, a photo of Antep because he’s about to die right now. He’s about to get rekt. Yeah, I’m just kidding. Is he fine? We thought I was fine This is bad. No, it’s good. I Thought that was you that wasn’t you? Okay, go you Just like that Why did you stop you were good? Come on at the pinkie. I promise you’re not gonna die program go maybe death. No Pinkie I’m not playing this game with you right now, bro. I got riding to do – Let me ask you something you were afraid to overdo it so you put your foot like it wasn’t even halfway gone yet And you were already having that foot there like you’re ready to go. I’ll look at the leaf. I got you dude. Don’t worry I got you, bro. That’s not bad That wasn’t bad at all told you see kids if we’re ever at a skate park and I ask you to do something It’s because I know you can do it. I’m not trying to make you fall and get hurt I’m not trying to do anything like that I’m trying to get you to actually land the trick which is what we’re trying to do with pinkie just doesn’t believe me second go 1000% Why are you complaining about that that was literally like doing it off a curb that was awesome well done good, sir Okay. Can I ride now? You gave me permission I can ride now alright So we got our teen in front of us hitting a little front board and then we’re gonna do with the five to eight gap after Tristan No bars been in there. Oh, here we go. Here we go. A little side-by-side. All right I call it anthem pinkie Tristan. Sorry Cara. Let’s get a little bit of action into the bank right here John Ray’s Let’s see it John Reyes John Racz Get that thing out of here, dude, get my shirt Okay, you go first. I’m a cab five end RG Oh Oh No. Alright Here’s the line cab five in Quad the hip and then butter. I got a surprise. I’m gonna give your back on it first I Skirted no, you smell my wheel bro. I could smell it Smell it dude see the smell. I definitely don’t like You Doing come on dude, you know this for the boys sake you’re looking at me in DI balls as you snaked me. I Tagged All right, I tagged Ryan didn’t work don’t tag it’s a trap It is not why? why do you guys give me knuckles on that because Why is that the truth? My legs still hurt from the lunch and I was like if your dad literally had nothing to do with that And I’ve never hurt you have I okay? Maybe I have but this is do an era three people on a core That’s three feet wide. Yeah, we didn’t get hurt that bad. Just go Sounds like the guys that like the Chinese places is cut up the boots cab five quad the hip Buttercup the quarter pipe Ha all right this girl right now grow G fetus in the house it’s not G man anymore G fetus That sounds like a gang leader Watch out I’m laying in the line Wow with the freaking buttercup every time Dang it fire round two. I did three earlier in a row. No problem As soon as it comes to the big guns, I can do it Why am I keys in my pocket who did that? Moving scooter I Keep on doing that I like everyone freaks out what I almost died Yeah, that was actually kind of cool I Think counsel quit before did touch the ground the sketch but whatever Jonna it was a worse by 40 probably ever done, but it was a 540. Nonetheless. All right, let’s see if Ryan’s got it Yes, go go Yes Just call that one that was good yellow back-to-back fives Oh in the game give me a line really quick in hip eight hip Okay, how did that alright let’s see we can make our ghouls line work And for those of you guys I don’t know what he said. He didn’t really say anything It was not a very good technique, but can you kind of tell it’s a tough knee a little bit All right, I’ll take it shall we try the ultimate kickflip because I’ve been dreading it since we started riding All right. So we’ve got our scoots both ready to be kickflips now We should probably watch the clip of Trevor doing it really quick. So we’re gonna take a look at that really quick So you guys can also see what it looks like, too So that’s the actual he did more of like a heel flip kind of thing I believe if I remember that correctly but we’re just gonna kind of get at it and just hope for the best on this cuz I don’t really really know what to Do we’re just kind of gonna go for it I know that when Trevor did it he had his foot very much on the brake kind of just like put a lot of pressure Going this one. He’s kind of kicked out. So it was definitely like a kickflip sort of motion It might work for both of us. It might work for neither one of us We have no idea what’s gonna happen right now, but let’s give it a shot. See what happens I definitely want my gloves on for this just in case because the scooter lands Sideways and you had to like push it back up with your feet and that thing could come flying sure I like go and slow down. When does he go like this? Like does he pivot it and then push it that way or just push it sideways? Let me see. What happens. Yeah. Oh This is gonna be hard Do you have to jump yeah you got you’re jumping on jump I just don’t know how to do that Try throwing it back a little bit cuz didn’t he kind of like jump back he jumped back he didn’t like throw it back Now, what are you doing? That was a bad one cut I’m bending my bars hundred bucks first try put your foot like instead of putting like this and trying to throw your your hands It’s not your hands at all. I thought it was but it’s not The ocean applause Not working Probably like 50 or 60 tries in now gotten closer since when we started I figured out like a few different pointers We’re just trying to put it all together get it right and get my feedback on but it’s really scary Starting to get kind of dark I have a feeling we got like 10 tries left and then we might have to continue with it or Ah It’s getting so freakin dark it’s just getting a point where you guys aren’t gonna be able to see it very well Anyway, so I think we’re gonna have to come back tomorrow and actually get the land There’s no way I’m going all day tomorrow without landing the trick. There’s just absolutely no freaking way shoutouts to all the homies from hanging All that in for you guys tomorrow. Thanks boys boys, oh But I am done for the night. Hopefully you guys enjoyed me at least trying to learn this trick again It’s kind of like a heel flip. Kinda like a kickflip. It’s like a spinning kind of thing. It’s really weird I don’t know exactly what to call it I don’t know if I would exactly categorize it as a heel flip, but it’s definitely a weird trick And as of right now it’s on landed by me, but tomorrow I’m coming back for vengeance. So until then I’m out. Later

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  1. I set this trick in a game of scoot when I'm like 3 letters up for a JOKE and here you are doing the equivalent of 'wait hold my beer' edit: forgot to mention, well done pinky that was dialed)

  2. You have inspired me too start scooting whenever you fail to do a trick you try again and again until you get,keep up the good work

  3. Me: goes outside and try's it (almost breaks an arm)

    Raymond: lands it when he comes back (probably) and says you guys go try it at home

    Me: 😶

  4. Raymond: “I don’t tell u to do stuff at the skatepark to watch u fall I tell u to do it bc I know you can do it and succeed.”……… also Raymond “hey jarred are you gonna try to bri today?”

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