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(machine startup)
(music) (Jeff Petty, Principal Pgrm. Mgr., Dev Platform, R&D)
Today I’m going to show you a new
product called Learning tool for OneNote. (Jeff Petty, Principal Pgrm. Mgr., Dev Platform, R&D)
Over the next few minutes,
(music) I will show you how learning tools
help you author content
(music) if you have difficulty spelling or using a keyboard.
(music) Read, if you have low vision or a learning
difference like dyslexia.
The study of Earth’s landforms is called physical geography. (music) And understand what you’ve read
(music) by breaking complex words and sentences
into smaller parts (music) I’m in OneNote on a Windows desktop with the Learning Tools add-in installed
(Learning Tools for OneNote) Let’s start with authoring content.
(Learning Tools for OneNote) If you have severe spelling or mobility challenges using a keyboard can be a barrier to expressing yourself. We built a dictation feature that uses
the same speech recognition that powers Cortana. Let me show you. I’m going to click on the dictate icon and
I’m going to speak to author text. (beep) It’s easy to write on a computer.
(computer is dictating text) And dictation as punctuation for you. Now that you’ve authored content let me show you how Learning Tools
make it easier to read. I’ll launch the Immersive Reader from the ribbon by clicking the Immersive Reader icon. You can see right away
how we make it easier to read content by using large fonts and high contrast. We also include the ability to
highlight and voice text COMPUTER NARRATOR:
The study of Earth’s landforms
is called physical geography. Highlighting and voicing text is called immersive because it uses two senses. This is a proven technique for helping people with dyslexia to decode text. It also helps if you are learning English
or proofing long documents. More than just making it easier to read we’ve built capabilities that help you
understand what you’ve read if you’re reading something
that you find challenging or reading a document
with long complex words and sentences our immersive reading modes can help. Let me show you how it works. I’m in the Immersive Reader and note
that there are some complex words like landforms, physical and geography. When I click on the books icon
I get a bunch of different options. When I click on syllables It breaks all of the compound words
into discrete syllables Which improves word recognition. I can turn it off with just a click Another way we aid understanding is with Comprehension Mode. When you speak with others you get verbal cues to help you understand what they are trying to convey. Some cues are not available in text. We added cues that are proven to
improve comprehension. I’m going to click the comprehension option
to change the text. I’m also going to resize the text
so you can see exactly what’s going on. We highlight the verbs
and we bracket subordinate clauses In this, sentence if I asked you
‘What was affected?’ You would say ‘Where people are able to live’ Breaking sentences down into smaller units
is proven to improve understanding These are a few highlights of the work we are doing
to make it easier for everyone to read and write using Microsoft applications. OneNote and Learning Tools for OneNote are free.
(music) You can start using Learning Tools today
and give us your feedback
(OneNote.com/LearningTools) (music) Thanks for watching
(music) (music) Microsoft Mechanics
(music) www.microsoft.com/mechanics

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  1. I wish I could get Wordtalk working from the University of Edinburgh in newer versions of the OS and Office. I have more use in Word than in Onenote. I hope that Microsoft supports more projects or extends the speech feature in Word. It would be great to have a cloud app rival a local install. The Accessibility Community has been working very hard and I am grateful. It has been difficult as the shift from old windows versions to new as things change and no longer function as they have but if Microsoft is furthering its efforts it will benefit all.

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