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School, what was marvellous place to go, to know and learn about life together According to a statistic that I found recently, 73.3% of students don’t like very much or at all school I understand them… I have been asked to make this video a lot, so here is my analysis of school in France vs Quebec One of the first things that struck me when arriving in Quebec, it wasn’t a teacher obviously, but it was mostly the fact that I felt like I was being following like in a film because you must know firstly that to get to school in Quebec they come and find you in front of your house with a yellow bus, whereas in France you carshare or you go by foot it’s on time, but less classy In terms of uniform, there is none, a little like France if you like apart from here people judge you a lot less for your appearance here people come to study so they choose a comfortable bag to carry their things and most of all to not break their backs, I tell you this because when my friends and I in France went to school it was mainly to stand out and meet people to strengthen our social circle grades, lessons, that wasn’t important but when we arrived in school we looked like this… Yes because in France you put everything in your fucking bag so books, pens stabilos, tampons and sanitary towels, heels, and so on Result being that at 20 I had scoliosis, thanks minister of education In Quebec, they are a little more rational and advanced you see You leave your books and all personal effects in a locker that is assigned to you for the whole year oh fuck I’m stuck, someone help On the other hand the only problem is that you have to lock your locker with a padlock that no one has ever seen in France so when you arrive that’s a little weird. This is it the famous padlock The mechanism is super complicated to understand when you have never seen anything like it in 20 years Well on my part I found a solution I left the instructions on the back of the padlock with my code to be sure to never forget the goods so there we are so the code it’s 1 11 31 thanks life But seriously everything made me think of American schools. In Quebec, when you drink, you drink like in films But yeh maybe with a bit less class than in American films when you try to drink like that for the first time because nobody cares. In France clearly nobody cares either but the only difference is that you drink toilet water When I say toilet water it’s not really toilet water but water from the taps in the toilet You have to tell us that You know, the tap that everyone has touched with their hands that are more or less clean Or even the young people that amuse themselves by pissing on it to be a bit of a rebel, cool… The sports facilities in Quebec are also a little bit like in America whereas me in my school in France I had a basket ball court, a closed gym and that was it. Here you have space to play olympic games inside 365 days a year Basically, nothing like France But yeah, it must be admitted that there are equally things in Quebec that I find completely illogical In France for year names, it’s the number of years before the final exams, ‘le bac’ (like A Levels), the qualification you have to get that is completely pointless so after primary school it goes 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd and so forth. So if you are in 3rd that means you still have three years before final exams Impeccable. But in Quebec, my brain malfunctions completely In primary school, there is first year, second year, third year until the six, And already, why until 6? And after primary school there is secondary school, get this logic, they are crazy these Quebekers that becomes Secondary 1, Secondary 2, up until 5 What the fuck is going on guys? There is a thing that I find super weird also, it’s the grading system. It’s out of 100% to pass the final exam Just until there it’s a little strange but it’s not that bad, but you need to get a minimum of 60% to get the average, what the fuck guys, 60% is not the average In France, look, it’s out of 20, don’t ask me the question why it’s out of 20, but anyway the average is 10 an look at that, thank you good evening, Anyway, I was a good student at school Me! Me! It’s just that I didn’t show it often to my teachers Sir, why have you written in red? Sir, why have you put an s? But what! Go on! 4 hours of detention, he’s crazy! And I know how much school can be boring for some people but often it’s because there’s nothing that makes us want to appreciate the moments that pass and to learn I don’t know if you share my opinion but I have the impression that we feel obliged to learn things by heart to do well but personally I find that school in France doesn’t help you learn anything that you want to do in life Oh and speaking of exams, that’s another very good thing, in Quebec graduation is a little bit like this… In France it’s more like… You look for your name on the papers stuck up on the wall, it won’t be anything fancy because it’s the French crisis, there is always a dickhead who is in front of the results. There are those who are happy to have succeeded and those who haven’t. It’s not a problem if you don’t know what you want to do in life The important thing is to focus on what you love and do it often For me, it’s been a little over a year that I have used an app called ‘Academos’ This isn’t an ad it’s just that I really use this app and I find this could really help The app is only available in Quebec for the moment but soon in France so keep an eye out It allows me to explain my career to young people between 14 and 30 years old who don’t know at all what to do in life That was me at 25, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in mine Do not panic And on this app there are hundreds of professionals who offer their time to answer all questions that link with their everyday work and career So if you don’t know what to do in life it might be a good idea to talk to a professsional You will find all the information in the description box But anyway you see to what point Quebec is extremely advance compared to France Meanwhile good luck to everyone for the new school year and make sure to listen in lessons and get good grades Don’t be like me Tell me in the comments what is your favourite subject at school If you liked this video give it a little like just below and join the Denyzee Family by subscribing to my channel I love you all On the other hand there is one thing that I don’t understand about Quebec, the naming of school supplies A Stanley knife is called ‘un exalto’

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  1. Merci d’avoir écouté la vidéo! Rejoins moi sur Instagram pour participer au prochain: Instagram décide de ma vie ➡️ http://bit.ly/2N8VlMW

  2. Histoire,math,français,anglais,éducation physique, Ecr= étique et culture religieux, oui tu la deviner jabite au Canada je suis au secondaire mais je suis nais en algerie comme me one two three viva lagerie vous voyer je suis bon en anglais

  3. Moi je trouve que en France c'est grave bizarre pcq chez moi en belgique c'est 1ère primaire jusque 6ème primaire puis c'est 1ère secondaire jusque 6ème secondaire. Et après l'université ou la haute école juste si on veut avoir un diplôme spécialisé en quelque chose voilà.

  4. Lol dans notre école et collège on a :
    Mur d'escalade
    Petit gymnase ( traction ,gym, lutte )
    Grand gymnase ( on fait plein de sport )
    Ok beaucoup moins toi 😂😂 et c vrai qu'on ( les élèves juge beaucoup sur le physique
    Mais nous on avait toilette séparée ( 1/5 marché ) et des robinets ( avec défois du savon ) et on a eu du papier pour s'essuyer les mains la dernière année ( pour moi ) de primaire

  5. Ay! Saint foy! XD
    Att… je t’ai toujours trouvé familier (j’ai découvert ta chaîne sete ané)… sete vidéo est fait il y a un ans… j’étais a saint foy il y a un ans… oh my god je suis tu entrain de me faire des fausse idée ou quoi?!?!?! O_o

  6. je regarde cette vidéo le 23novembre 2019 et je me disais: au pire fait une vidéos des 10 secondes et dit que l’école en France cest de la merde et qu’au Québec c’est genial

  7. Je sais les gars que ça ne se fait pas de faire la pub de notre chaîne dans une autre chaîne Youtube mais bon les gars en ce moment je suis vraiment en train de travailler à fond sur ma chaîne donc n'hésitez pas à vous abonner en balle j'essaie vraiment de monter en abonnés mais bon le résultat n'est pas là donc je compte sur vous pour me donner un peu de force😊😊

  8. Mes amis qui sont institutuers essaient de leur mieux d'aider les lycéens mais malheureusement trop de lycéens préfèrent faire attention à leurs portables ou mobiles. Je suis institutrice de français et d'anglais.

  9. Euhhh vos truc de cm1 terminal cp j’y comprend rien !!
    Les années scolaires au Québec :

    Garderie ou prématernelle


    1re année du primaire
    2e année du primaire
    3e année du primaire
    4e année du primaire
    5e année du primaire
    6e année du primaire (Mon année !😜)

    Secondaire 1
    Secondaire 2
    Secondaire 3
    Secondaire 4
    Secondaire 5

    Cégep 1er trimestre
    Cégep 2e trimestre
    Cégep 3e trimestre




    Fin de ta vie R.I.P.

  10. À la polyvalente de mon fils (école secondaire) il y avait un foutu Dojo pour faire du Judo, un mur d'escalade et une salle de Skateboard! Mais là on est loin du gymnase de mon adolescence.

  11. Moi c’est l’art plastique ma matière préférée car ont fait rien le prof non plus et le pire c’est qu’il dit rien comme on fait rien il y a quand même des prof sympas en France 🇫🇷 vive la France il faut dire que il y a 1 prof sur 10 qui est sympa et il y a des prof qu’il se croive jeune il dit salle p***e, deg**e et tout plein de mots inventé qu’il veulent inventer et il sont perçoit des qu’il ont réson bon merci de m’avoir à coder 1h de votre temps et chao

  12. Ok je sais que c'est un vieux vidéo, mais j'aime pas beaucoup la comparaison entre le lycées en France et le cegep au Québec. Le cégep c'est des études POST-secondaire y'a pas de cloche pour te dire d'aller en cours tu peux faire une technique de 3 ans pis aller aur le marcher du travail ou faire un programme pré-universitaire de 2 ans pis aller aller a l'université!

  13. Et pourtant hahahaha nous au Québec on est une "déscendance" de la france la preuve "Nouvelle France" et nous restons toujours un des pays les mieux éduqués hahahaha

  14. En belgique ces
    1ere maternelle
    2 maternelle
    1 primaire jusque a 6
    1Secondair jusque 6 et MA matiere preferer ces l'histoire

  15. Moi j'habite en France et il y a un bus pour venir me chercher tu viens à pied des fois quand c'est loin et en France aussi on a des casiers

  16. Ah nononononon 😅 moi ya pas de bus qui vient me chercher le matin au Québec 😂
    Vive les lycées français à l'étranger 😍😅
    Un gros shoutout pour tout ceux en première avec la réforme 😭 je vous comprends

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