4 Replies to “Local teacher loses nephew to vaping, urges parents to talk to children about dangers”

  1. What is the cause? I’ve never heard any specific cause & that’s extremely necessary information. Is it the quantity, quality, method, brand…? Doctors have suggested vaping to help patients quit smoking. What should those people know to make sure these mysteriously reported incidents don’t happen to them or their loved ones?

  2. This is a red herring E-cigs are already illegal for anyone under 18 last i checked hey kids die after drinking alcohol, should we ban that too… again, is anyone going to bring up the fact that every state make alot of money from tobacco products so if everyone switch to E-cigarettes they will lose over $85 billion in the US alone that's a huge amount of revenue so no they don't care about our health they care about the money i know big shock lol just google tobacco bonds also no ADULTS has gotten sick or died from just smoking E-cigs in the entire world the CDC says in its report that it's vitamin E that is damaging people lungs Juul has 4 ingredients in their E-cigs and that is not one of them, vitamin E is predominantly found in marijuana liquid oils that those people vaped which is illegal and not made in a clean lab like the nicotine liquids. Their are studies that show vaping is 95% safer for ADULTS than smoking is if your kids smoke or vape blame your bad parenting not the companies whats next sugar remember when Bloomberg try to do a sugar tax lol so they want to ban something by there own numbers harm less than 1℅ of users and kill less than .00001% of them but cigarettes that kill 100℅ of smokers and millions of people who get secondhand smoke is ok … Can you say shills

  3. 30 million vaping worldwide it's been around for ten years no recorded deaths or illnesseses from nicotine. It isn't a matter of vaping that's the action it's what he was Vaping

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