Majors and Minors in the College of Arts and Education – Political Science

I’m Charlotte Fabiansson’s and I have a
senior lecturer position within the College of Arts and Education and I’m a
coordinator for political science here at the University. The units are about
political science from different perspective, we actually look at both our
Australian political system but especially we look at the U.S. political
system, we look at China, we look at Iran, and especially also we think about the
links between the history where it all started and how we actually can see part
of that in today’s actual political systems and we can understand how
everything here actually are in one way or another interlinked. The skills the
students learn is actually to critically analyse political systems and actually
see why they have developed in that way and also what are the consequences of
these political system, and the course with students coming from very different
countries or other environments, they have different views is really how they
learn to critically analyse the current system and to understand how it is
connected to around the world but also to historical times. The main points the
students get out from this study is to actually understand interconnection
between different political systems and how they actually are not that different
than we think they are. So for instance we can see part of the U.S. Constitution in the
Chinese system and in the Iranian systems. What I think there were students
we get for is that it needs to become much more aware of what actually going
around in the political sense in around the world, and also understanding
Australia’s political systems and how it is tied and restricted in a way to
others a sovereign country’s political systems.

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