Mattie Montgomery – Liberty University Convocation

>>DAVID NASSER: Good morning! How is everybody?
Doing well? Well, I want to say that we hear a lot from you students during the year about
the kind of speakers that you want. Actually, sometimes we hear about specific students
that you–I mean speakers that you request and out of all of the hundreds and hundreds
of different recommendations that we get in the Office of Spiritual Programs for different
speakers, always in the top five is our speaker for today, Mattie Montgomery. So, really excited
about having Mattie in the house. If you’re not familiar with Mattie, Mattie is the front
man of a Christian metal-core band. He was telling me they’re not screamo music, he was
telling me they are metal-core, alright, and what I love about Mattie is that he’s not
just a beacon of light and just really an evangelist in a band, but he’s really a prophetic
teacher of God’s Word, and if you’ve ever been apart of their concerts you know that
Mattie’s always waiting for the takeoffs and the landings of those songs to just come to
the end so that he can kind of preach truth in between those songs. He told me over and
over again that if you ever go to a concert where Mattie’s really there for today, what
you’re going to hear is not just great music, you’re going to hear great preaching. And
so, we’ve just been anticipating and praying and expecting God to do a great thing as Mattie’s
here today. Mattie brought with him his beautiful wife Candace and so can we just welcome Candace
as well. So glad you’re here, Candace, welcome to Liberty University. And so, I want to pray
for us and pray for Mattie as he opens up God’s Word for us today, and then we’ll get
started. All right, let’s pray. Father, thank You for this day, Lord, thank You for just
this opportunity that You have given us to hear for–to hear from your man in this moment.
God, I pray that you would give Mattie the sermon and wisdom, he would know what to say,
what not to say, where to go in Scripture, God. God he would know when to push a little
further into a moment, where there’s a student that needs to hear a particular thing and
when to maybe pull back something, God, that at this moment was in his plans but it’s not
in Your plans. And so, we pray, God, that you would lead him as he leads us. I pray
that, Lord, he would feel at home, that he would know he’s amongst brothers and sisters
here, who’re really leaning in today, wanting to learn, not just be hearers of Your Word,
but become doers of it. Will you just now Lord anoint your man as he comes to open up
Your Word. All of God’s people said: Amen. Come on, let’s put our hands together, for
Mattie Montgomery.>>MATTIE MONTGOMERY: Oh, no. We’re off to
a bad start, you guys. This is–I think they expected my wife to preach this morning. Hey
y’all. She’s little. Hey, I see you–you guys came prepared, wearing vests and everything.
All right, you don’t get any extra credit for that. Brown-nosers. Hey! Good morning
every–okay, everybody stand up. Yes. It’s funny–it was weird to hear a room with this
many people in it it’d be that quiet when people were like “Hey Liberty, how’re you
doing this morning?” and thirteen of you are like, “Yeah, we’re okay.” So stretch, stick
your hands up in the air, I want you to understand, the reason that I come here is not to stimulate
you guys and kill time and give Liberty some street cred cause they had a dude with a neck
tattoo stand on their stage for a couple of minutes. The reason that I came here is because
I believe that Almighty Yahweh God has a message for you this morning, and if you would listen,
if you would listen for the voice in the voice I’m telling you I believe there is a revolution
that could happen in the hearts of every single one of you, if you would have it. So, before
you sit down, let me just pray and declare over this room. Father, I thank you for the
position that you’ve seated me in here. Father, I thank You for the opportunity to have the
attention of the people in this room, God, I don’t believe there’s one person that walked
in here this morning by accident, but I believe You have a unique message and a unique instruction
and a unique revelation for every one of them and I ask that–I thank You that You have
given me an instructed tongue to know the Word that sustains the weary. And I ask that
as I speak that You would guide me every step of the way and that Your Word to me and to
these people will be a light to our feet and a lamp unto our path, Father, revealing the
way that we should go and I declare this by the power of the name of Your Son. Amen. All
right you all can sit down. You all feeling good this morning? All right, you got to understand
where I come from. I come from metal shows where half the crowd is drunk and the other
half might as well be, and everybody’s literally climbing on top of each other to come and
scream at me so if you guys all sit there and–and that’s just my church in Alabama,
I also play in a metal band. So, I want to–I’m going to get into it this morning but, I need
to start off by just being very transparent. When I was considering what I was going to
share with you guys this morning and as I was praying a little bit, I couldn’t get past
this one thing that–it’s funny, as I was preparing notes last night I told my wife,
I said there’s only one thing that I could preach on. There’s only one thing that God
has been doing in my heart and for me to just pull some old sermon off a shelf and recite
it from memory to you guys, you all might have been excited and stood up or whatever
but, I don’t think that real ministry can come from routine or repetition but it has
to come from the vulnerability, the honesty of the heart of the minister. And so, if I’m
going to stand up here and be honest with you guys, I have to start by saying that I
need to confess–I need to confess my own issue before I get started. I–seven and a
half years ago, I joined this band called “For Today.” Yeah, you got them trained good
here, David. So seven and a half years ago I joined this band and it was miraculous and
it was awesome, and we just left on tour and we slept on floors and we slept in the van
and I ate gas station food and picked food out of dumpsters and, we just did what we
had to do. And over the last seven–seven and a half years I’ve been blessed to be able
to travel all over the world, to preach the gospel on five continents in dozens of nations
to hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people at this point. And I’m honored to have
done that, but as I look back on it I have to face the fact that much of what I did was
out of a heart for self-promotion. That much of what I did has no eternal value or no eternal
impact, that I–I remember the moment, we were on tour with a band that hated Christianity
and hated God and they would play right after us every night and I’d get up and share the
gospel and then that guy would get up and say “Ignore everything that guy said, pay
attention to me instead. God’s not real, you don’t need God, believe in yourself.” And
I remember there was a time where I was ready to give him a talking to. It’s Christian here
so I won’t get in to details about what I was going to really say to him, but I was
going to let him have it. And my wife grabbed me and she said “Well, just pray about it
first,” right, cause, God bless her, everybody needs a good wife, and that’s, you know, unless
you’re a girl then you need a good husband, you know what I’m saying? So, she said, “Just
pray about it,” and as I prayed about it, I heard the voice of the Lord say one thing.
He said, “I don’t need you to defend me.” And so I sort of responded and said “Okay,
well, this is righteous indignation, right? I’m righteously angry, my–I want to see justice
served” and I tried to use a bunch of like spiritual terms to justify the fact that I
got hurt about this guy disagreeing with me. And I had the face, it was like the Lord held
a mirror up to my face, and I had to look at myself and say well, the reason I’m so
angry is not because this guy is somehow stealing the power from the gospel–you cannot do that
no matter how hard you try. The reason I was so angry is because this guy was making me
look silly. The reason I got so angry is because my reputation was under attack. I didn’t care
about the gospel, I didn’t–if I was honest I didn’t really care about these kids getting
saved, I wanted to preach the gospel and have people come up and thank me for it later.
I wanted to preach the gospel and have everybody applaud me and say, “Well done, you’re so
awesome and we love you and you have such an uplifting, positive message.” Until somebody
stood in opposition to me, and unfortunately I had to face the ugly truth that I was in
ministry for myself. And if I’m honest today, the truth of the matter is that I have spent
much of my time in ministry promoting myself. And what has been happening to me over these
last few months or maybe this last year is, the way that I explain it to the people I’m
disciplining back home, my church, is I feel like I’ve been delivered from ambition, which
is a strange phrase to say, right, because ambition is always a good thing. We live in
America, so ambition is like the best thing you could possibly have. But I feel like recently
what God has done on my life by His Spirit is that he has delivered me from ambition.
And what I mean by that is this: I thought that I was going to build a big name for myself,
and I was going to get a big platform for myself and I was going to get fame just to
get a lot of Instagram followers and Twitter followers and a lot of hits on my YouTube
videos or whatever, and I was going to do it for Jesus. Right, we’re going to honor
Him by how famous we can get. But the reality is that I had turned my back on Him and I
said, “Watch what I can do for you.” But at no point really was my heart ever passionate
about doing anything with Him. Now I’ll say this again, I’m sure today, but I want to–if
I’m going to leave you with anything I want you to remember this phrase, you all can Tweet
it if you want to, I’m not worried about it. This is really what I came here to deliver
to you this morning. “No man can be great for God who has not first been great with
Him.” I’ll say that again: “No man can be great for God, who has not first been great
with Him.” And I can’t even begin to explain to you how difficult that has been for me
over these years, to have hundreds or thousands of people come up to me after a show and say
“You’re so awesome, you’re so great, you’re so talented, you’re so anointed, we’re so
thankful for you.” And I learned to love that applause but I’m telling you, I’ve become
very acutely aware of the fact that someday I won’t be Mattie from “For Today.” Someday
I’ll just be a guy in a store, someday I’ll just be Daddy or I’ll just be a husband, and
am I going to do that with the same passion that I pursued this platform? That’s the question,
and am I going to be faithful in the secret place, the same way that I’m faithful in the
spotlight? And God has brought such a revival in my life over these last few months, to
where I’m able to say, “Man, I’m thankful to be on this platform but I’d be alright
without it.” I just want to be faithful to Him. I just want to hear the still-small voice,
and I want to honor Him every step of the way. Hallelujah. So I’m going to show you–I’m
going to bring some things out of a passage of Scripture that I’m sure many of you are
very familiar with, and I hope to make it very practical to you, and maybe show it to
you in a unique way this morning. Holy Ghost, help me. You all still with me out there?
All right, all right. So how many of you have heard my band before? All right. The rest
of you, don’t bother. You probably wouldn’t–I’m just kidding. We’re called For Today,,
go and check it out. Shameless plug, right? I’ll take it. So check this out, if you have
the passage I’m going to be reading out of the New King James Version, in Acts chapter
eight. This is the story of a guy named Philip, and I’m going to start in verse twenty-six.
This is the story of a guy named Philip, and–theologians or historians call him Philip the Evangelist,
and it’s a story that I have preached on a bunch of times, but I never saw what I’m going
to share with you today until just recently. I’ve felt like Holy Ghost has been revealing
something to me about this passage that I had skimmed past over and over and over again,
so if you have your Bible you can turn to Acts chapter eight, if you don’t have your
Bible, don’t sweat it, you can just listen twice as hard, alright? So Acts chapter eight,
I’m going to start in verse twenty-six, it says this: “Now an Angel of the Lord spoke
to Philip saying ‘Arise, and go toward the South along the road which goes down from
Jerusalem, to Gaza (this is desert).’ So he arose and went, and behold, a man of Ethiopia,
a eunuch of great authority under Candace, the queen of the Ethiopians, who had charge
of all her treasury, and had come to Jerusalem to worship was returning and sitting in his
chariot. He was reading Isaiah, the prophet. Then the Spirit”–everybody say “Spirit.”
All right. “Then the Spirit said to Philip, ‘Go near, and overtake this chariot.’ So Philip
ran to him, and heard him reading the prophet Isaiah, and said ‘Do you understand what you
are reading?’ And he said, ‘How can I unless someone guides me?’ And he asks Philip to
come up and sit with him. The place in the Scripture which he read was this: ‘He was
led as a sheep to the slaughter, as a lamb before his shearer is silent, so He opened
not His mouth. In His humiliation, his justice was taken away, and who will declare His generation,
for His life is taken from the earth.’ So the eunuch answered Philip and said, “I ask
you, of whom does the prophet say this? Of himself or some other man?’ Then Philip opened
his mouth and beginning at this Scripture preached Jesus to Him. Now as they went down
the road, they came to some water. And the eunuch said, ‘See, here is water, what hinders
me from being baptized?’ Then Philip said, ‘If you believe with all your heart, you may.’
And he answered and said, ‘I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.’ So he commanded
the chariot to stand still, and both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water, and
he baptized him. Now, when they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught
Philip away so that the eunuch saw him no more, and he went on his way rejoicing. But
Philip was found at Azotas and passing through, he preached in all the cities until He came
to Caesarea.” I did that in all one breath. You impressed? Okay, not really. So, in this
story, essentially what happens is the Angel of the Lord comes to Philip and says “Just
go South,” and so Philip starts trucking it down this road south, right, and then he sees
a chariot on the side of the road and the Spirit says “Go over to this chariot.” So
he runs over, and this–he finds a eunuch of great authority under Queen Candace of
Ethiopia who–the eunuch was in charge of all of her money, of her treasuries, and he
was reading Isaiah the Prophet, and he had asked Philip “Who is this about?” and Philip
preached the gospel to him, and this man received salvation through Christ and then Philip was
taken by the Spirit and put in a city called Azotus and then he went from there to Caesarea.
Now, the important thing to me about this passage is really not even so much the conversation
between Philip and this eunuch, the important thing to me about this passage is the context
in which this situation occurs. Now to give you some context, I’ll go back a few verses
to Acts chapter 8 verses 5 through 8. Now this is what was happening just prior to this
scenario. Starting in verse 5, it says “Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria and
preached Christ to them, and the multitudes with one accord heeded the things spoken by
Philip, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did, for unclean spirits, crying out with
a loud voice, came out of many who were possessed and many who were paralyzed and lame were
healed, and there was great joy in that city.” So this is the context, what is happening
prior to Philip being sent by the Word of the Lord south down this road toward Gaza,
is that Philip was in the middle of a citywide revival in Samaria. He was in the middle of
a historic move of God in Samaria and the Angel of Lord comes and says, “Just walk south,”
and Philip says “Okay.” And he walks away from that platform. So I wanted to give you
a little bit of context by telling you that he was willing to walk away. In verse 26 it
says “The Angel of the Lord spoke to Philip saying, ‘Arise, and go toward the South, along
the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza’ (this is desert).” I love that Luke,
who wrote the book of Acts, would go out of his way to explain that the place he was being
sent to was a desert. That not only was he walking away from a citywide revival, a historic
outpour where he was the Man of God for the hour, but he was walking into a place where
there’s nothing. This is Samaria. This is a cultural center. Anybody who had any sort
of semblance of understanding of how to do ministry would have known that Philip should
have set up shop there, and he should have got a bunch of partners to give to his ministry
so that he could keep building it and build bigger buildings and he should of got a good
sound engineer and a good lighting guy to come in and give him some movers and some
fog machines going on, right? Anybody that knew anything about ministry knew that Philip
should never have walked away from that situation, because that’s the situation that every Christian
dreams about, alright? But not Philip, apparently. And so Philip is in the middle of this historic
situation; he’s in the middle of this historic outpouring and it’s glorious. And the Word
of the Lord comes to him: “Go south, into the desert” and Philip says “Okay.” And he
turns away and he walks away from something that most of us will only ever dream about
being in the middle of. It seems a little bit counter-productive doesn’t it? I mean
if we’re trying to reach the world for Jesus, if we’re trying to reach the world for Christ
it seems a little bit counter-productive to leave a historic outpouring where demons are
being cast out and the lame and the sick are being healed and the entire city, multitudes
with one accord, are heeding the words that Philip is speaking and they all–and then
they’re all coming to salvation, and Philip turns and walks away. And to take it even
a step further, the Spirit of the Lord doesn’t tell Philip “I’m sending you after one guy.”
Now, I’ve heard this preached a number of times and well-intentioned pastors say something
like “Well, you know, you got to just be willing to go after the one, brother. You got to be
willing to go after the one and bring them to salvation.” But, no, the Spirit didn’t
say, “Go after this one,” the Spirit just said “Walk away. Walk down this road.” Philip
didn’t know where he was being sent, he didn’t know what he was being sent to do, but he
said “Yes,” because the thing Philip valued was the voice of the Father. The thing Philip
valued was honoring the command of Yahweh, much more than he valued the spotlight or
the platform that he’d been given. Ah, you all might not be getting that, you all are
at Liberty, you feel like you got the world on a leash, right? You’re going to graduate
from here and go out and change the world and build the biggest church anybody’s ever
seen. That’s great, its been done a million times. I want to see–I believe that the Father
dreams of showing the world through you something that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor
has entered into the mind of man. I believe that God is wanting to release and to restore
innovation and real creativity into this generation through you if you would receive Him. Huh?
Aright, well I’m excited about the one hundred and twenty of you guys who clapped. Everybody
else, you all can, you know, do the same thing that your parents did and their parents did
and everybody else before them. But I’m telling you; I believe that–I believe Scripture when
it says there will be no end to the increase of His Kingdom and His Peace. There will be
no end to the increase of His Kingdom, I’m telling you what God is releasing into our
generation is going to overshadow anything He’s ever released in any generation prior.
I believe that with all of my heart. I don’t want to just read history books about great
stuff that happened one time, I want to be right in the middle of what the Father is
doing right now. Even if it doesn’t look like big numbers, even if it doesn’t look like
a big platform or a big spotlight, I want to be right in the middle, I want to be faithful
to Him, so that when I stand before Him, that He would say to me “Well done, good and faithful
servant.” And He wouldn’t have to confront me with the fact that my ambition, my ambition
had me building my own kingdom and ignoring His. Hallelujah. So here, I’m just going — I’m
going to skip forward and I–let’s go. Holy Ghost, help me. Thank You. Yeah so, let me
go to verse 29, it says, “So the Spirit”–everybody say, “Spirit”–“said to Philip ‘Go near and
overtake this chariot.’ So Philip ran toward him and heard him reading the prophet Isaiah.”
And then he goes on to explain the gospel to him based on that passage. And then skipping
forward to verse 36, it says, “Now as they went down the road, they came to some water.
And the eunuch said, ‘See, here is water, what hinders me from being baptized?’ Then
Philip said, ‘If you believe with all your heart you may.’ And he answered and said,
‘I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.’ So he commanded the chariot to stand
still, and both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water and he baptized him. Now,
when they came up out of the water, the Spirit”–everybody say, “Spirit”–“the Spirit of the Lord caught
Philip away, so that the eunuch saw him no more. And he went on his way rejoicing. But
Philip was found at Azotus, and passing through he preached in all the cities until he came
to Caesarea.” Now, I thought the Word of the Lord to Philip was that he was supposed to
go to Gaza, right? If you look back at the beginning of the story, the Angel of the Lord
in verse 26, “Now an Angel of the Lord spoke to Philip saying, ‘Arise, and go toward the
south, along the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza'”–right?–“(this is desert).”
I heard that God wanted to reach the whole world. And so what I did is I turned my back
on Him and I said “Alight, I got this,” and I started running, and I ignored everything
else on the way. I said “I’m trying to get more followers, I’m trying to get more people
to pay attention to me, I’m trying to get a bigger platform, because right, God, this
is what you wanted?” And if I was in Philip’s position, I would have run right past that
chariot because I was too focused on the fact that He sent me in the direction of Gaza.
All right, you all ain’t getting it, I’m just going to skip forward. Is somebody hearing
this today? All right. Here, let me just tell you stories, is that all right? I’m going
to tell you some stories. I’ll tell you something, this happened last week, okay? I was in a
restaurant, and I was getting ready to minister in Minnesota, and I was in a restaurant. Yeah,
Minnesota! All right. I should have said “Virginia.” You all would have been way more excited.
You would know. Yeah, well I was in Minnesota, I was getting ready to go minister at a conference,
and I was late to my own event, because I was in this restaurant, and as I was walking
out of the restaurant, the holy Spirit highlighted these two guys sitting at a table. And I thought
“This is weird, you know, I’m not going to go just strike up a conversation with two
strangers. I got to go,” right, I’ve got places to be, whatever. But I had that tug in my
spirit and I knew that I was going to regret it if I didn’t do it. So, shrugged my shoulders
and I walked over and I said this to two strangers, I said “You don’t know who I am or where I’m
going, but I dare you to follow me.” Needless to say, they didn’t do it. But, they said,
“Well sit down and tell us more about where you’re going.” And I said “Well, I can’t really
sit down, I don’t have time, I’ve got to be in the next town over, a city called Princeton
in twenty minutes,” and they said “Oh, are you going to that church conference thing
with Mattie Montgomery at it?” And I said, “Ah, my cover’s blown.” So, I said “Yeah that’s
me, I’m heading over there right now, I’d love it if you guys would come,” and they
said “Well, we’re alright, thanks.” And I left and said “Alright, Lord, well…do your
thing.” So, flash forward, you know, we went through that night, it was awesome, and the
next night, both of those guys showed up, and they brought both of their girlfriends.
And they were so struck with the gospel that was being preached with real power, and with
real authority, and with real conviction that they said “We want to take you out to dinner
and just spend some time asking you questions.” So we went out to Applebee’s, and I sat there
for two hours. Both of these guys were atheists, and both of their girlfriends were atheists,
and they were undone with what they had seen. “Well, why would you come up to us?” And I
said, “Well, I don’t know, God told me to.” And they said “God? We don’t even believe
in God!” and I said “Well, you better rethink that position, buddy.” And I said–by the
end of the conversation I said “Man, if you’re going to cling to the statement that you don’t
believe in God, you’re going to have to stand on some pretty thin ice at this point. But,
if you’re honest with yourself I’ll bet that you know in your heart that He is real.” But
that’s not faith, that’s the only logical conclusion. Faith is putting your life into
the hands of God without knowing what He’s going to do with it. So I said, “I want to
know if you are willing to follow Him,” and I just left it at that. I said, “I’ll see
you tomorrow morning,” that’s Sunday morning, right? And I just left them. I didn’t pray
a salvation prayer with them, I didn’t give them a Bible tract, I didn’t run them through
the Romans Road. I just said “You’re going to have to make up your mind, if you want
to follow God without knowing where He’s going to lead you.” And they showed up the next
morning, and both of those boys and both of their girlfriends had life-changing encounters
with the power of Yahweh, and both–and all four of them gave their lives to Christ. And
now I’m getting reports that their friends and their family members are also getting
saved because of the tremendous touch that happened to the four of them. And the crazy
thing to me is this: I had a conference to be at, I had a large crowd of people that
were waiting for me to show up, and I was late because the Father said “Just spend time
with these two.” And any minister that knows what he’s doing would have passed that up
and said “Well I have to be responsible.” But I want to be very clear with you about
something: if we do not seek His face, we are going to miss the purpose that He has
for our life, altogether. If the Father called you to be a teacher in school and instead
you went and became a revivalist and led a hundred million people to Christ, you would
get to judgment and He would say, “Man I had a plan for your life and you ignored it.”
And you’d say “But look at all the great things that I did with my life!” and He’d say “But
you didn’t know me. You talked about me a lot, but a parrot can do that.” So listen,
in this passage Philip–you know Philip, right? –Philip, he serves as a perfect example of
a servant minister. He’s one who humbly seeks and surrenders to the leading of the Spirit
of God. He didn’t love the spotlight of the great Samarian revival so much that he refused
to walk away when the time came, and he wasn’t in such a rush to get to the next big thing
that he missed the eunuch that the Father intended to reach. Now I believe I came to
tell somebody this morning to come back to the simplicity of your first love. You don’t
have to chase greatness, just chase Him. Huh? You don’t have to seek influence, just seek
the Father. And if you can rest in Him, I promise you will find the greatness you always
knew you were born for. I promise you will find the greatness you were always born for.
Just like I said before, no man can be great for God who has not first been great with
Him. And if you don’t touch the Father’s heart, it doesn’t matter if you can move the Father’s
hand. What I wrote in my own journal when I was going through this process is, “I realize
now that I’ve sought to move God’s hand without touching God’s heart. I’ve sought to move
God’s hand without touching God’s heart. And I believe that I came here this morning to
issue a call to repentance, for those of us who thought that maybe getting more famous,
or maybe pastoring a bigger church, or maybe getting more Twitter followers, or maybe preaching
to more people will somehow, going to please the Father. Friend, I have good news for you:
the Father’s already pleased. Think about this: when (29:25) was baptized, what did
the Father say? “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” He hadn’t done anything.
Never preached a sermon never healed a sick person. He never gathered the multitudes;
He didn’t die for the sin of the world. At this point, He was just this guy that we call
Jesus of Nazareth who’s been hanging out, He’s no big deal, but He says “This is my
beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased. We don’t reach greatness; we don’t reach for
greatness because it’s going to make the Father love us. We reach for greatness because the
Father loves us. Listen, let me say it like this: The Mandate–the Mandate of the Christian
faith is fellowship with God. The Mandate of the Christian faith is fellowship with
God. It’s not signs and wonders. It’s not fulfilling the Great Commission. It’s not
serving the poor and reaching the lost. The Mandate of the Christian faith is fellowship
with God and everything else is a secondary consequence of that fellowship. Listen, I
remember writing a song called “Fearless,” I don’t know if any of y’all…yeah. And
the reason that I wrote that song, a friend of mind asked me, she said “Here’s a test
if you want to know your calling.” She said, “What do you think is the biggest problem
in the world?” And I thought about it for a minute and I said, “I think it’s fear. I
think people are afraid of failure, I think people are afraid of rejection, I think people
are afraid of success, because it comes with responsibility.” And she said, “Then that’s
what you’re called to stand against.” And I said “Alright.” Simple enough, I can do
that, right? And so I wrote this song, “Fearless,” and I said, “I just want to get people singing
‘We will not be afraid.'” I just want to get people saying with their own mouth “I am fearless.”
I want to get people declaring over themselves with–what does Scripture say? The power of
life and death is in the tongue. I want to get people speaking life over themselves and
just watch the chains fall off of them. And what happened as a result of that is that
thousands, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world begin to declare this song,
and we saw person after person set free from suicide and person after person set free from
depression and person after person set free from religion and person after person set
free from this idea that they have to prove themselves to receive the love and the blessing
of God. The reality is that by grace He is made available, everything that we spend our
lives working for, He’s good like that. Now my point today is illustrated by the first
call that Christ gave to His disciples. The first gospel message, and it was very, very
simple. It was this: He walked up to them and He said, “Follow Me.” He didn’t say “Learn
theology,” “Get a bachelor’s degree in theology and then you’ll be qualified to be a part
of my ministry team.” Right? He didn’t say, “Once you get a church that’s big enough to
sustain itself, then you’re qualified to be called a real minister.” He just said, “Follow
Me.” It’s very, very simple, friend. It’s very, very simple. And if we don’t hear the
voice, we’re going to miss it. If we don’t hear, if we don’t incline our ear to hear
as the Father speaks we’re going to miss it, and you could stand up on a stage and you
could preach fire with all of your heart and it’ll be great, man, and people will applaud
you and you can get paid and it might be awesome, but I’m telling you the glory you are intended
for will be missed if you do not press in to the Father’s heart, and if you do not allow
Him to lead. I’ve been talking with people recently about something that I call “The
Big Lie,” and it is this. I was going to try to avoid this today cause it might get me
in trouble but y’all can send me an email to my website, I won’t read it. I’ve been
preaching on something recently that I call “The Big Lie,” and that is this: if I were
to ask you, is it our job as Christians to reach the world for Christ, I’ll bet ninety-nine
percent of the people in this room would jump up and shout “Yes! Absolutely! What other
job could we have?” And I would say this, I would say “Well actually–” and I, listen,
I would have done this for years too. This is not me looking down on you, buddy, this
is me saying this is a process that I’m in and Holy Spirit is showing me stuff from a
different dimension and what has happened is I realized, man, that I bought into this
idea that my job as a Christian is to reach the world for Christ. Our bookstores are full
of strategy books for how we can reach the world for Christ, based on the assumption
that that is our job as Christians, but listen to this. Our job as Christians is to obey
Holy Spirit, and Holy Spirit’s job is to reach the world for Christ. Out job as Christians
is to obey Holy Spirit, and Holy Spirit’s job is to reach the world for Christ. And
I know that it’s so easy to dismiss that and say “Well that’s just some antics,” but the
reality is this: if you think it’s your job to reach the world for Christ, then it’s very,
very easy to start looking at–to start getting together a better marketing strategy, and
a better production team, and to start pouring yourself out to get people’s attention, when
in reality the truth of the issue is this: the Father didn’t say “I need you to go win
the world for Me,” He said “I want you with Me, follow Me,” that is the command. “I’m
reaching the world, you follow me,” and if you don’t walk with Him, you might reach the
world but you’re going to miss your purpose. Oh, listen. I had more notes – I’m not even
going to get there. I want to tell you the mandate – the mandate of the Christian faith
is fellowship. It’s fellowship. It’s fellowship with God. The Mandate of the Christian faith
is fellowship with God. That moment by moment, day-by-day that His Word would be a light
to your feet and a lamp unto your path. Let me throw something out: when David wrote that,
he wasn’t talking about the Bible. His Word to him was a light to his feet and a lamp
unto his path. He walked with him, and he talked with him, he was a man that knew the
Father, that honored the Father in every step of the way. They walked in step with each
other, and because of that he was called a man after God’s own heart. We cannot be after
God’s heart if we’re after recognition. Listen, and I didn’t think I was going to get here,
but let me tell you this: how many of you have seen the new Hobbit movie? Huh? A lot
of you? Woo, Hobbits, yeah! The new, what is it, the Battle of Five Armies. The first
five minutes of that when Smaug the dragon gets killed–spoiler alert, Smaug dies–that
was a perfect picture of something I’ve been trying to explain for years. And what happens
in that situation is that the dragon is destroying this city, and there’s one man that has the
tool to kill the dragon. And this man’s son says, “I want to be a part of it!” Right?
And he runs up, and if he was like any of us he would have went and grabbed a sword
and run up and tried to poke the dragon to death. But instead what the son does is he
follows the father, and the father tales the arrow and to aim it he sets it on the shoulder
of the son, and he says, “You need to stand very still.” And the son turns his back on
the dragon, and he hears this dragon breathing fire and saying that he’s going to devour
this kid, and the son hears all of this, and just keeps his back to him. And he for a minute
he tries to turn around and look at the dragon, to face the dragon, and the father corrects
him and says, “No, you look at me.” And because the son stayed positioned, because the son
looked at the father’s face, he was able to be used to kill the dragon that was threatening
to destroy him. So I want to declare over this, I declare over this room, over the people
here, that you will not be lolled into cookie-cutter Christianity, by the fact that–by the promise
that you might be able to get on a bigger platform, and you might get more money, but
you will be a people who stand positioned, and who seek the face of the Father. I declare
over you that you will not be a generation that is wasted on ‘churchianity,’ but you
will be a generation that stands in the freedom of fellowship, and walks in the glory of His
goodness and power. Would you guys stand up on your feet this morning? Oh Father I thank
You, I thank you that you are raising up a radical generation of believers, who are willing
to break the mold and to restore innovation and creativity and uniqueness in the Kingdom.
Father I declare that these are not soldiers, I declare that these are, that these are not
revolutionaries, that these are sons and they will be whatever you are, and they will do
whatever you do, and they will go wherever you go. Father, I ask that you would awaken
in their hearts tenderness to you, and a fellowship that would not be easily broken, Father. Oh
God I declare over them, that they will answer the Mandate of our Christian faith and they
will fellowship with you, and by Your Spirit that they would lean in, by Your Spirit that
they would hear your still-small voice and they would walk with you hand-in-hand. Thank
You, Father, Thank You, Father, I declare this by the power of the name of (39:38),
Your Son, hallelujah, let it be, amen. Thank you guys so much for your time. NASSER: Before we dismiss, we want to pray
for Mattie, as God has put him, just really in the front lines. Mattie, what a timely
word from you, buddy, and just for us to be reminded that God is calling us to be faithful,
more than famous, and to seek His face more than His hand of blessing and His hand of
calling. Amazing, we–anybody here today just say “That was for me, the Lord spoke to me
through our servant today”? Thank you. Thank you. We want to pray for you, can we do that?
And pray for your wife, if you want to just kind of–if you’re around, Candace, if you
want to lay hands on our sister there, and if you can put your hand towards our brother
here. Father, protect him, Lord, as he goes, and he’s a voice for You, God, use him mightily,
Lord. I pray that he would always be sensitive to Your Spirit. Lord, that he would not be
so busy going to the show, that he would not stop over and over and over again to minister
to the one on the way to the show. Lord thank You that even as we saw someone leave a very
popular place to go and just go to the desert, God, and to share the same news to a different,
smaller crowd, that he would always be, just about that business in his life. Lord, protect
him, I pray that he would pursue holiness in his own faith, God, he would be in moments
where You are great to Him, and the more intimate places, God, of his life, and the closet,
God, or the prayer closet where–then what he does is he becomes great for You publicly
because of what You are in him privately. We love You, Lord; we pray this in Your Name,

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