Melbourne Graduate School of Education

[ Music ]>>The key strength of the school is
the quality of the academic staff. And we also have a highly industrious and
committed professional staff that support that large and high achieving academic group. But we have people that are at the cutting
edge in their disciplinary in the world. And so, combining those talents to be able to provide the best possible initial
teacher education programme is, I think, the hallmark of the Melbourne
Graduate School of Education.>>But we can genuinely say that the
nature of our programme helps our students through those close partnerships with schools, through ensuring that our pre-service
teachers have a range of experiences, having the opportunity to really practice
and refine the clinical judgement , that we are committed to ensuring
that they have those capacities, to make a difference to every learner. Then this prepares them for
moving into practice.>>I really felt well prepared for
teaching after doing the Master’s. We covered such a huge range of
subjects throughout the course, from science to music to drama. I really felt that I had what I needed to get
in to the classroom and teach those subjects.>>The quality of the teaching
candidates we get is really outstanding. They come, they’re full of integrity. They’re organised. They have a passion to want to learn. They have always been outstanding and we’ve
always been happy, if we’ve had a position, to be able to say to them, you
know, “We’d really like you to apply for a position at our school.”>>Especially the international PhD candidate,
they are oftentimes very aware that they want to do a PhD here, because they know that
the research in whether it’s early childhood or whether it’s mathematics education
is at that international level.>>The Graduate School offers you
access to world-renowned professionals. And that has been amazing, in terms of
developing skills, such as looking at data and being able to then analyse, our host school
data, and bringing that back to our school and identify what areas within the school
that we’re doing well in and other areas that we may — we can do better in,
to encourage more student growth.>>For me, education is the
most inspiring profession. It’s the profession upon which
all other professions rest, because if we didn’t educate well, we wouldn’t
be able to produce scientists, doctors, engineers or any other kind
of high level problem solvers. But at another level, education is
the contribution to a child’s life. It’s how we invest in opening possibilities
for them, so that they have choices, so that they can grow and so that they can
contribute back to their worlds in ways that would not be possible if they
did not receive good schooling. [ Music ]

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