Metro crossing guards to receive special training from APD

THEY INTERACT WITH OUR KIDS EVERYDAY. ALBUQUERQUE POLICE SAY CROSSING GUARDS SHOULD HAVE ALL THE TOOLS TO BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE WHEN SOMETHING IS WRONG. NEWS 13 )S MARISSA LUCERO IS LIVE AT LONGFELLOW ELEMENTARY TO EXPLAIN, MARISSA. JESS, WE WERE OUT HERE JUST YESTERDAY AS KIDS WERE WALKING TO SCHOOL … AND WHO )S THE FIRST PERSON THEY SEE BEFORE THEY EVEN STEP FOOT INSIDE THEIR CLASSROOM? A CROSSING GUARD. 03:07 nat pop of whistle ( ( ( 09:50 nat of whistle and tight on man )s face…” 03:28 nat pop of whistle ( ( ( THEY )RE THE FIRST PERSON OUR KIDS SEE … WALKING TO SCHOOL EACH DAY. 08:28Family Thank you. Crossing Guard You )re Welcome.”08:31 00:48Lt Ferris Simmon/APD”Rain, snow, heat, cold.”00:50 03:14Crossing Guard”Have a good day in school.”03:16 00:56Lt Ferris mmonPThese ossing guards are eing kidsn ace ere nobodyl looking.”01:00 :47 CrossinGuard How e you doing today? od? 16:49 AT )S WHY-P-D )S MMUNITOREACH DIVISION SAYS THE OULD VE ALL THE OL NECESSA TO OTECT OUR KIDS. 01:02Lt Ferris Simmon/APD”And I think they have a real opportunity to look for kids who may need support.”01:09 TOOLS TO RECOGNIZE SIGNS OF CHILD ABUSE. 03:30Lt Ferris Simmon/APD”Our crossing guards are there, they )re used to seeing the same kids, so they might notice a change.”03:36Lt Ferris Simmon/APD”They might notice something small that others might not ck up on.”03:41 MORROW … A-P-D )S IMES AGAINST CHILDREN AND CRISIS INTERVENTION TEAMS WILL TRAIN 150 OF ALBUQUERQUE )S CROSSING GUARDS. 04:28Lt Ferris Simmon/APD”This will be the first time crossing guards receive this training at this level.”04:33 THEY )LL GO OVER HOW TO RECOGNIZE SIGNS OF ABUSE … WHAT TO DO IF THEY THINK A CHILD NEEDS SUPPORT. AND WHAT RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLE FOR THEM. 03:41Lt Ferris Simmon/APD”and every opportunity that we have to become a team of guardians that surrounds and supports these kids, the more we )re going to do a better job at taking care of them.”03:51 THE 2-HOUR TRAINING IS TOMORROW AT A-P-D )S ACADEMY … LT. SIMMON )S SAYS SHE )S OPEN TO THE IDEA OF MAKING THIS TRAINING AN ANNUAL EVENT. BACK TO YOU. OKAY MARISSA, THE CITY HAS 150 CROSSING GUARDS. THEY )RE ALL ASSIGNED TO ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. ADLIB TOSS TO WEATHER TONIGHT…Mostly clear.

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