Miami Dade College – Opportunity Changes Everything

♪ [music] ♪ – [Man 1] Greater Miami, renowned for its
beautiful beaches, sizzling nightlife and melange of cultures is also known as
the “Gateway to the Americas,” a welcoming beacon for those coming from distant
shores to pursue their dreams. And at the heart of this bustling region,
with its doors wide open is Miami Dade College, the nation’s largest
institution of higher education and one of the most respected. – [Woman 1] A college earns its reputation
by how it responds to the needs of the community it serves. For more than half a
century, Miami Dade College has been making education attainable for everyone
by making it affordable and first-rate through innovation and hardworking faculty
and employees. Two million people have attended the college since its doors
opened in 1960. Today, Miami Dade College offers more than 300 major areas of study
via associate and bachelor’s degrees and short-term certificates for
high demand occupations. – [Barry] And whether you are going in
from high school or an adult wanting to get the degree you never got, or if you’re
someone who’s changing careers, we’ve had that happen a lot these days in this new
economy, Miami Dade College has an answer and has a resource for everyone. So, it’s
quite a valuable tool for our business community, but moreover, it’s a very
integral part of what makes this, Miami-Dade County, so special for
all of us who call this place home. – Four-year degrees have been
developed in response to critical industry needs for teachers, nurses, and first
responders. Additional bachelor’s degrees in engineering, biological and health
sciences, supervision and management, film, television, and digital production
and others are also responding to workforce demands. – [Chris] In my 25 years here at Miami
Dade College, I’ve seen the impact that we have had on many, many students not just
in the classroom but opportunities to serve in leadership role in student
organizations, opportunities to learn through service learning, and to be able
to give back as a sense of gratitude for all they’ve received here with us. – A degree in the ever-competitive
world of nursing is within reach at Miami Dade College. Not
only are students learning the science and application through clinical rotations
and state-of-the-art technology, but they are cultivating civic awareness
by providing care to the under-served. – [Marie] So, for me, having students
participate in medical missions such as in the Dominican Republic really give the
students the opportunity to learn things that I would not be able to
give them in a classroom. – Miami Dade’s professional
schools work closely with industry professionals to make graduates
ready to enter their field of study. Our School of Aviation has students flying
high, not only learning piloting skills but air traffic control and engine
maintenance. The School of Architecture and Interior Design provides creative
minds with the tools they need to contribute immediately in this innovative
field. MDC’s pioneering Funeral Services Education Program teaches
students how to care for the deceased while supporting the living. The School of
Business prepares students for careers in accounting and marketing. Students in the
School of Health Sciences gain practical experience at more than 100 healthcare
facilities and are guided by licensed professionals. Those who earn degrees from
the School of Entertainment and Design Technology find themselves working
in the arts of design, television, film, web, and music business. The
hands-on approaches, technology, industry relations, and especially the
top-notch faculty make our professional schools the foundation
for successful careers. – [Joseph] When you say Miami Dade
College as well you see opportunity like not for just a few. It’s open enrollment.
It’s like opportunity for everyone. This is basically why I feel like
Miami Dade is very unique. And I guess when you have all these
people around that just wants you to succeed, guess what you do? – Miami Dade College’s schools are
housed throughout our eight campuses. The college’s founding campus is located
in the North section of Miami-Dade County. And our second campus is found in Kendall.
Downtown Miami is home to the Wolfson Campus. And just a few miles away,
nestled in the city’s medical district is the Medical Campus. In the heart of Little
Havanna, Miami’s historic Latin Quarter is where the Interamerican Campus can be
found. Miami Dade College’s southernmost campus is located in the city of
Homestead. Hialeah Campus serves the greater Hialeah and Miami Lakes area,
while the city of Doral is home to our newest location, MDC West. Classes are
offered at each campus during the day, evening, and on weekends. And for
those unable to attend the campus, online courses are just a click away
through the college’s virtual college. – Nationally recognized as a
catalyst for innovation, Miami Dade College prides itself in
developing programs that foster academic and professional success for all students.
MDC student achievement initiatives aim to substantially increase student success
and completion, while maintaining educational access and quality. The
initiatives are being implemented on a global scale which will generate true
transformational change for the college, our community and, most importantly, for
each and every one of our students. – [Lenore] I think one of the most
wonderful things about this past year in the student achievement initiatives and
what we’re looking forward to next year is the tremendous amount of collaboration
that we’ve had across all departments here at the institution. From Student Services,
to the faculty, to the administration, everybody’s working together as a true
family to ensure that we all do what’s best for our students. – For students who crave a rigorous
program of study, Miami Dade College’s nationally renowned Honors
College is the program of choice. Dubbed An Ivy stepladder by TIME
magazine, the Honors College is designed to prepare a select group of
high-achieving academically-talented students to transfer to competitive
institutions nationwide. For more than 10 years, the Honors College has provided a
comprehensive learning experience that blends rigorous academics with enriching
cultural opportunities establishing a network of relationships that continues
beyond their two years at MDC. Bilingual scholars have the option of
enrolling in the Honors College Dual Language Program, developing professional
level proficiency in English and Spanish. Each year, Honors College students gain a
new global perspective when they visit the acclaimed Salzburg Institute in Austria.
The 10-day seminar allows students to experience an intensive global
curriculum within a European context. When they return, the students apply their
newly acquired skills to enhance MDC and the local community. Once our Honors
College students graduate, many transfer to top universities
such as Yale, Harvard, Brown, Stanford, Cornell, Georgetown, and
Columbia, proving that opportunity does change everything. – [Pascal] We try to organize the classes
so that the students who enter in the first year together travel as a cohort
through that first year and in most cases the second year. And the theory there is,
number one, you have a community of like-minded students learning and
growing together. But, secondly, by developing these relationships, it
creates a safe intellectual environment where students can take risks, express
their curiosity, and also grow because we know they’re transitioning from high
school learners into lifelong learners. – [Vanessa] Coming out of high school I
didn’t feel prepared to leave home, and I think that many students have that
feeling. So coming to the Honors College here was a great opportunity for me. Also,
the Honors College provided a program called The Bridges which I’m currently in.
And, what that program entails of is I take classes at the University of Miami,
and I also conduct research there, so that actually shaped what I want to do.
I always knew I wanted to do something with psychology and now I’m looking into
doing research in the psychology field and in the neuroscience field. But without the
Honors College, I never would’ve experienced any type of research or
anything. The Honors College is a very rigorous program but it also…it
has its many benefits, and it has for sure prepared me
for what’s to come. – Miami Dade College is also
instrumental in making higher education more accessible to non-traditional
students through our acclaimed School of Continuing Education and Professional
Development. Our mission is to provide non-credit courses to individuals who want
to enrich their cultural experiences or improve their career skills. – With our student body representing
185 nations and speaking 94 languages, Miami Dade College is the
nation’s most diverse institution. Endless opportunities to learn from other
cultures are available throughout our campuses. Our International Education
Program offers students the opportunity to experience the world through a variety of
semester, summer and short-term study abroad programs. Our partnership with 30
nations around the globe lets students live and study in their country of choice. – With more than 100 clubs and
organizations, students can benefit from traditional college life. So, whether it’s
becoming a part of the Model United Nations Program, traveling abroad,
participating in clubs, or joining the Student Government Association, endless
possibilities exist for civic engagement. Miami Dade College’s students have
gone on to be successful leaders in their respective fields working as doctors,
nurses, actors, politicians, and businessmen and women. Baseball
legend Mike Piazza is just one of the distinguished alumni to have studied at
Miami Dade College and has proven that opportunity truly does change everything. – [Mike] I talked to Doc Demie Mainieri
at North Campus, and he told me, you know, “We’d love to have you
here,” and I said, “Great.” He gave me a chance, and I ended up hitting
360 and getting drafted. And it sort of catapulted me into my
professional career. – Mike Piazza is regarded as one
of the best-hitting catchers of all time. He was selected as the National
League Rookie of the Year in 1993, is a 12-time All-Star and received 10
consecutive Silver Slugger awards. – I think that’s the coolest thing
about the college, that it gives so many people an opportunity to realize their
dreams however big or small. – From visual and performing
arts to literature and film, Miami Dade College offers students and the
community unique experiences in the arts and with its leading professionals. In
fact, Miami Dade College is recognized as a cultural anchor. The music, theater and
drama departments present professional master training and student performances
throughout the year. Student literary magazines, showcase poetry, prose,
photography, illustrations, and graphic designs produced for and by students. The
Center at MDC hosts the nation’s finest and largest literary gathering, Miami Book
Fair International, which brings hundreds of acclaimed authors from throughout the
world to our college each year. Tom Wolfe, Nikki Giovanni, Amy Tan, Anne
Rice, Toni Morrison, Isabel Allende, Stephen King, Joan Didion, and Junot Diaz
are just a few of the authors who have attended the fair. And Spanish language
theater in Miami has been placed on the map, thanks to the legendary Prometeo
Theater, the nation’s pioneering Spanish Language Theater Program. The theater
offers master classes throughout the year in every aspect of theater and production.
In fact, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Nilo Cruz got his start
at Miami Dade College. – [Alina] Over the past few decades, Miami
has undergone a very exciting transformation. It has become a thriving
hub for international arts and culture with multiple activities happening
year-round, day-to-day in our city. Miami Dade College has been very
much a part of this transformation. – The college is also home to
Miami International Film Festival, a springboard for many international
films, directors, and producers. Both students and filmgoers get a chance
to get up close and personal with Hollywood’s top talents such as Viggo
Mortensen, Demi Moore, Danny Glover, Helen Hunt, Elsa Pataky, Willem
Dafoe, Lee Wallman, and famous Miami Dade College
alumnus, Andy Garcia. – [Jaie] Well, the goal is really to
showcase the best of international cinema to, you know, all of Miami, but also
just to foster Miami as an entertainment center for
the new generation. – MDC Live Arts brings musical
greats such as Branford Marsalis, the Harlem Orchestra, Paquito D’Rivera,
and many others. The series presents fresh, contemporary work that explores
both the uniqueness of cultures and their interaction with one another. – Embracing all aspects of visual
arts and creating an arena for both international and local exhibitions is the
core mission of Miami Dade College Museum and Galleries of Art and Design. Whether
it’s presenting the works of masters Dali, Goya or da Vinci, the galleries of art and
design system have opened their doors and given the community access to some
of the greatest works in history. MDC’s Museum of Art and Design
at MDC’s national historic landmark, The Freedom Tower, has become
the anchor of the gallery system. – Miami Dade College is committed
to the success of not just students but of the entire community. Our
academic programs are designed to make students more competitive in the classroom
and in the boardroom, while our cultural events foster imagination
and innovation. – Miami Dade College. We are. – The heart of this community. – The cultural catalyst of Miami. – The standard bear of today. – We are Miami Dade College. – Where opportunity changes everything.

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