Michael wants to join the scout ranger training to prove his feelings for Isabel | A Soldier’s Heart

Sir! Sir! Sir, permission to join the
Scout Ranger training, sir. I know I’m not a
perfect soldier, but I promise I’ll work hard. I’ll do whatever it takes, sir. I’m really sorry,
Private Mendoza. But unless someone
recommends you, you won’t be admitted to
the SR training program. You shouldn’t be asking
a recommendation from me since I’m not your
commanding officer. Sir, aren’t you friends
with Sir Fontiveros? Maybe you can ask him to talk
to Colonel Adriano for me. Sir, this is the only time
I’ll ask for a favor. You know me. I’m a hard worker. And I never give up! Well, in that case, you should focus on improving
your performance. Keep up with your daily training
so you’ll get better. And then, you can join the SR. But, sir– Why are you suddenly interested
in joining the SR? Sir, you see, um… Spill it. You better give me a
good reason, Mendoza. I hope you’re not giving in
to peer pressure. If your reason is invalid, I won’t give you
a recommendation. Sir! Uh… Sir, the truth is… I want to prove myself
to Isabel’s father. I want to show him that I’ll
never give up no matter what. Even though she’s Muslim
and I’m Christian, that won’t stop me from
pursuing his daughter. I knew it Cupid got you, didn’t he? Mendoza, you’re lucky that I believe in love. That’s great, sir If we don’t believe in love,
what’s the point of living? Fine. You don’t need to
convince me anymore. But you can’t ask for
any more favors. Whatever it is that
you want to do, you should work hard for it. Yes, sir! Thank you so much, sir!

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