Mike Pompeo – University of Louisville

There is more Democratic cooperation in our hemisphere today than at any point in history. And we’re proud of the fact that
we’ve been a part of helping them get to that place, but we’ve learned from
history that the risk from using military force are significant.
So we’ve instead worked to deprive Maduro and his cronies of oil revenue that goes to, that should go to the Venezuelan people in the regime’s
pockets. We’ve been ruthless in attacking the
drug cartels the traffic drugs into the United States out of Venezuela. We simply
asked Mexico and the northern triangle countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and
Guatemala to do more inside of their own country, to stop the flow of illegal
immigration coming towards Mexico and to the United States. We had to cut off some
foreign assistance to show that we were serious, but we didn’t tell them how to
run their country to address it. We just insisted that they be good
neighbors in that same vein of respect we’ve told our friends that predatory
Chinese activities can lead them to deals that seem attractive, but in the
end are bad for their people bad for their own nation. But we don’t try to
stop them from doing business with a Chinese Communist Party we work with
them to strengthen their systems, to strengthen transparency, to help them
understand the threats that face their country from doing deals, where the
Chinese loan them money and then foreclose on important assets inside of
their country. We are so blessed here America remains the greatest example in
democracy in the history of the world and so we and the Trump administration
will continue to support countries trying to prevent Cuba and Venezuela
from hijacking those protests. And will work with legitimate governs to
protest, to prevent protests from morphing into riots and violence that
don’t reflect the Democratic will of the people. The good news is in spite of what
the world told President Trump that American sanctions would not work, the
world was wrong. These sanctions have been incredibly effective. Iran’s wealth
will decrease materially in 2019 from 2018 and again in 2020 from 2019 and
their ability to trade with the rest of the world is also greatly diminished.
This is not to impact the Iranian people there’s plenty of money for the Iranian
people if the Ayatollah can underwrite a missile program, centrifuges spinning to
create nuclear systems, to underwrite Hezbollah in Lebanon, to underwrite
fighters that are traveling to Latin America, if the Iranian regime has that
much money and wealth it has plenty of money to take care of its own people. I
don’t think anybody sees this moment of political transition in Israel of them
working through their democratic processes as an opportunity to create
risk for Israel. I know the United States stands prepared to do everything we need
to do to support Israel as it works its way through a discovery formation

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  1. While I agree somewhat with what they're doing, I don't understand why they have to lie so much. He's bullshiting.

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