Mobile Data for Social Impact

when it comes to technology it's not an issue of the youth it's an issue of the nation it's not an issue of one gender compared to another gender it's an issue of all genders data is key for sustainable development without data we cannot achieve the sustainable development goals and for us as German Development Corporation s and s G Ezard implementing this program I think the mechanism is through good governance I think there's a lot of opportunities to tell for telcos to clean spaces such as agriculture health and education I think as some of the key the key areas mobile phones can be used to pass information to help attract patients to provide education content mobile money is critical in terms of financial inclusion I feel there's a lot of fear around data and its new and its understanding and the challenges that I think because of how fast it's changing so when you talk about policies around privacy policy just can't catch up with this rapid change and growth of technology so I think I am of the view of what we need yes data privacy but also we need a framework and the framework that is more agile and responsive to the changing nature of data this concept of what is personal data and what privacy is a citizen entitled to is is an argument that's really coming forward and it also has cultural connotations maybe in one culture it so it has a different way of looking at it and another culture it has another way of looking at it so I think Kenya has entered this this realm of debate and discussion I know that our Parliament has a bill that is currently being discussed so the future of you know data protection in Africa I think needs to draw from you know some of the imagine at global standards and I think GDP are it's a good starting point it strengthens you know the obligation on the part of you know data uses to disclose to data producers how whatever private information they have been given is going to be used and and to really seek their prior informed consent we cannot have a conversation with more vile in isolation it's very important to connect with the others in the content one is she experienced second is because it's it only makes sense because the continent is young our median age around the continent is nineteen point one which really makes this continued a mobile continent it has a huge value in terms of knowledge sharing we've been able to land best practices from what other countries are doing and we've implemented that in Ghana and it's inspect realizing ostriches is going to require all hands on deck and civil society plays such a critical role ensuring the oliver's really are breathing from the same page consistently with ensuring the rights of citizens as sufficiently safe guarded and protected America you

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