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[ Footsteps approaching ] [ Clicking ] [ Wind blowing ] -Oh, I mean, you gonna… [ Laughs ]
Just start talking? – All right, um…
-Um… -Um, I have had a lot of
great teachers in my life. -There’s one teacher that
stands out in my mind, and her name was Ms. Piltz. -10th literature, Mr. Cramean. -It’s my mom. -My parents were the ones who really helped
educate me growing up. -I had the same teacher for
fourth and fifth grade, and his name was
Rexford Wells Bowling Jr. -Mr Crespo.
-Mr. Shanker. -Ira Abrams, but we just
called him “Papa” in class. -Mr. Bill Yee.
A really good man. We clashed on one thing. He’s a Giants fan.
I’m a Dodgers fan, so… -He let me be way too silly
and didn’t really curb that, but he kind of let me
explore that. -I loved to draw,
and she let me do projects that included drawing
in my book reports. -I mean, I guess I kind of
was a class clown, goof-off. And I guess he figured it out
that I was just bored. in the class. So what he would
actually start doing was letting me pick and choose
my own assignments. -She was just always
very supportive. And at times when
I did not trust myself, she just was always there,
like, lifting me up. -This teacher was instrumental in my own development
as a teacher. And I was wise enough,
actually, to marry her 41 years ago. And she continues to be
an inspiration to myself and my children
and 40 years worth of students in her own life. -What makes someone
a really good teacher is, first of all,
they have to be personable. -Someone who is imaginative
and just has a deep heart. -It’s really important
that they care because otherwise, I think
you just kind of become numbers in a classroom. -You can’t fake it as a teacher because the students
will pick up on that. You really do have to love the kids
that you’re working with. -Well, I personally think
education is very important. Give us an opportunity to learn so we can
enrich our livelihoods. -It’s a way where we can learn
not only to live our life the right way but also to make
the world a better place. -Education, in that sense,
is another form of love. -Thank you, Papa Ira,
for the best education. -Thank you, Carol, for
everything you’ve done for me. -Thank you, Mr. Wilson. -Thank you, Mr. Boling. -Thanks, Mr. Cramean. -Thank you, Mr. Crespo. Thank you, Dr. Gussage. -And all the other wonderful
teachers that I’ve had in my lifetime,
and I thank you so much. [ Chuckles ]

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  1. I had two high school teachers who, for different reasons, had a tremendous influence on me. Mr Read taught Spanish. He encouraged me, and supported me. Mr Sivertson taught math. He loved math, and he loved teaching. He'd tell us stories about mathematicians like Lewis Carroll, and give us fun puzzles to play around with in groups. After he retired, he tutored at the local Community College. With his influence I started college as a math major.

  2. My favorite teacher taught us Ethics, History and German. He was a true inspiration for me because he was so passionate about what he does. This inspired and encouraged me to try and learn as much as I could, invest time and energy in the things I love. He would always organize extracurricular activities for us and I think he wasn't appreciated enough by my classmates. Due to his influence I will go on and study History and I will try to be as passionate, demanding but rewarding as he was.

  3. Ms. Irma Lyons; Will Rogers Elementary School… 5th grade teacher; 12 years later and I still remember her life lessons. True teacher, true inspiration, simply true!

  4. Herr Friesenhan and Frau Müller, they were simply the best biology teachers you could ever imagine. Eventhough they were increadibly strict they also really knew how to teach us every little bit we had to know or we wanted to know and they made us feel like we could do great.
    And Herr Schmitt, not simply for making history lessons interesting but especially for all those stories he told us, which encouraged us to discover the world by ourselfes.

  5. I wished i had had that one great inspiriring teacher, my german-teacher in highschool was good, but….

  6. Mrs. Root, my middle school choir teacher, helped me to get out of and stay out of trouble. She taught me to concentrate on focusing everything negative in my life and put it into music. Most just importantly, she taught me how to sing. Now, I'm nearly done with my degree in Music Education (Vocal) and I can honestly say that I hope to be "Mrs. Root," to my children! It isn't teaching in the barrio and she made a difference in nearly everyone she taught for.

  7. Mrs. Slattum was my nice teacher in 4th grade. She helped me to stay out of trouble and helps me and other people when they need help. She helps me to concentrate.

  8. Mrs Coates. A science teacher. She got me into science and taught me to have a passion and to go for it. To keep on learning and asking questions. Plus she was a great person. Really funny and kind and she definitely cared about what she was teaching and her students. Thank you Mrs Coates!!!

  9. It truly does make a difference when teachers CARE about you. When they do, you care about education and your class and you learn to be a good person. It's wonderful

  10. My ancient Greek language teacher. We went on a school trip to the actual place where people would assemble and run their city through democratic means. He stood on the same rock people stood 2500 years ago and delivered one of the most important speeches of its time in ancient Greek.

  11. Cikgu Shah Alim, Mrs Dhillion- Thanks for making me love Math. People say that once they leave school, they no longer use algebra-but you've inspired me to LOOK for algebra. Puan Su- Thank you for showing me that it's okay to be who I want to be, and for pushing me to say and sing my piece. May Allah bless you all :")

  12. My grade 7 teacher Mrs. Kepke. I never took school seriously and even though I did alright she really saw the potential I had to excel with not just academics but also in life. She made me really believe in myself and she pushed me to be a better person and to always work hard and do my absolute best. If it wasn't for her I would be on a very different track in life.

  13. my two year 7 teachers because they didn't treat me like I was a little kid who didn't know how to make decisions and they made sure I knew it, they also told my class numerous times that they loved us! Also a few of my high school teachers cause I see them as my friends and they will also be part of the people I'll miss when I finish high school this year! Thanks to all my teachers!

  14. Jason and Maria Torres are two very wonderful teachers who just so happen to be married. They teach to two different age groups and have distinct methods of teaching. Jason is an online teacher and balances his career with raising his boys while Maria is out of the house. They're both Christian and they pray for their students as well as their effectiveness in class. Prayer makes a difference.

  15. My favorite teacher was Mr. Olson taught me that integrity takes you a long way. I don't remember much from his class but he was a dawn good teacher. Funy,

  16. My senior year of high school, my English teacher Mister Bruce Wiebe. An amazing man that opens the door of the world and the way of thinking and makiing sure that every student that walked through his door was loved!

  17. Cant stop thinking on how the white books should´ve been in one of the middle piles so they would stand out more and not get lost in the corner =p

  18. Looking for amazing teachers? Look no further than my staff at Atkinson Academy. Spend one day with us and you will see the magnitude of their impact in the lives of our students. My staff members choose to work in a high poverty, high crime area because they each believe education can change a students life.

  19. my teacher mrs snow changed me she was funny also i loved all my teachers in grammar school middle school high school and college they were all nice and wonderful.

  20. I want to thank Janet Stadulis community college English teacher. She helped me actually write a story. She helped me get over my fear and make 3 simple sentences branch out into paragraph upon paragraph until the story was told. I still use her techniques for clarification. She was very patient and kind. Twenty years later I remember her with admiration and respect. She could teach and make a difference.

  21. Mrs. Drawdy, Mrs. Evans, and Mrs. Stephens – those ladies left footprints on my heart and inspired me to follow them into the profession of education. Teachers are blessings!

  22. just messaged my year 5 teacher with this video (year 5 was 13 years ago), thank you for making it, with every video I watch from your channel, the more impressed I am with you guys. Keep up the good work 🙂

  23. i want to thank mrs. wrue my third grade teacher who really opened me up to reading and writing which has become a really big part of my life she was incredibly personable and would email me after i was out of elementary school shes an amazing woman

  24. A college student of some kind of a class, My friend married her teacher when she went to a french class.
    he's just 3 years older than her.

  25. Mr. Pasere, you are the first teacher to make me feel like I could do well in school. I have never received such enthusiastic encouragements and overt praise other than from you. You gave me hope in my abilities and I have yet to thank you properly.

  26. Mrs. Kruvczuk, you have inspired me. Changed me. Made my character. Without you, Id still be lost out in this world and lack the confidence and openness I have today. You made me a much more open person, fearless and ready to conquer the world. You helped me set my priorities straight. I am indebted to you. Thank you, Mrs. Kruvczuk

  27. Currently im studying to become a teacher and this just inspires me and drives me to work even harder to become a teacher who will change my students lives <3

    – University student studying Early Childhood Education

  28. Dear Mr.McParland,

    You were the first teacher, and first person, to make me feel like a worthwhile human being. Who helped me beleive in my dreams no matter how large or impossible they were. To show me my life was something worth living. For showing me that I am smarter then I think I am. For giving me the hope to come to where I am now in my life.

    I owe you such a debt. That even the thanks I have given you seem so insignificant. Thank you. So very, very much.

  29. There were so many. Mr. Nannen, who taught me that being sarcastic and stretching the truth can actually help you learn. Mrs. Nannen, who was the sweetest, most genuine person you can imagine and absolutely loved English. Mr. Dietrich who realized that Mr. Bean and Monty Python can be incorporated into Chemistry. Mrs. Hanson and Mr. Musial for just being the most intellectual people while still getting the entire class' attention. Mr. Wilder who showed me that even the most talented people can be a waste of time… Jeez, so many!

  30. Mrs. Maxwell. She was my 10th grade Drama teacher. Also taught Black Literature, African Canadian studies. She was so funny and was interested in what students had to say. She was also there for you. If you had an issue you needed to talk about, she was there for you and would help in any way she could. My principal Mrs. Comeau was also amazing. She sang like an angel and had the best sense of humour. She was firm but fair. She let me be silly and pull my pranks my last year of school. I have so many more. Oh, last one though. Mrs. MacDonald. My grade primary teacher. She was the best. She was the best tooth puller in elementary school. And she would always put me in front of the mic for any concerts. She told me I was beautiful singer then. And her husband, Mr. MacDonald. He understood that I was not a numbers person and would allow me to do extra assignments to get my marks up so I could pass. Thanks guys. I still adore you.

  31. My fourth grade teacher Mrs. Hasse, she was an amazing person. For every book that we read, she would have us bake something that went along with the story or the main character. She knew every student's name and was always available to ask for help and make others comfortable, as an educator she payed equal attention to all of her students including the special needs kids. In addition, she was also one of the few teachers who listened to your problems and took you seriously even though you were a child. She made you feel validated and helped lift you up and support you. She inspired me to keep writing and gave me confidence in myself. Even though she's retired, I'm sure that she's still making a difference and touching other peoples lives. Thanks Mrs. Hasse for everything that you've done and being one of the most influential people in my life.

  32. Thank you Jeffers Slepski, child genius ,graduated Princeton at 19, and was my biology teacher. awesome person, totally enthralled by the functions of biochemistry… Yeah, Thank you a million times over.

  33. She wasn't really a teacher but she was my guidance counselor when I was in middle school. Mrs. Schley. I had such a hard time back then dealing with bullies and my ADHD that school was terrible but she would let me go to her office at any time and just talk about things and help me to either find a way to fix it or to just get my mind off of the problem. She made me feel like I had a safe place to be. It's scary to think of what might have happened to me if she hadn't been in my life during that rough time. I don't know how I'll ever thank her for what she's done, I can't even begin to come up with the words for it. But, even though I know she won't see it since she doesn't use youtube, I'll say what I think will somewhat express my gratitude towards her. Mrs. Schley I love you and you were the best influence on my life and helped so much when I needed it. I hope you have all the joy you deserve in life (which is a lot) and that you keep smiling and bringing joy to others.

  34. Jennifer O'Shea, my 5th grade teacher. She was teaching our class for the year to pass college. She would let us go to lunch early. She was funny and had fun class activities. We would write journals for class and could talk about anything we liked. She told me she liked Maroon 5. She was a fun teacher that you could talk to like a friend. And she still remembered me after a year, when I'd gone to middle school. I used to draw her pictures because she was my favorite teacher. 

  35. My favorite teacher had to be in 5th grade. His name was Mr. McGuire. He had a passion for teaching– it was not a job, it was a desire to be there with the kids. In a sense, he understood everyone that was in that classroom, and he respected and trusted every one of us despite who we were or where we came from. Therefore, he treated us all equally and distributed education in a brilliant way that had us all inclined. He loved each individual student, and wanted them to persevere and succeed. Often, he'd recite an inspiring quote, or a brief speech on life as advice for us in the future. Mr. McGuire told me he couldn't wait to see my success in the future– he was the first man in a long time to have faith in the rambunctious kid I was. And for that, I am forever in his debt. Thank you, Mr. McGuire.

  36. My favorite teacher had to be in my 4th grade. Her name was Aruna, we called her Miss A. I didn't know how it was and all, but she would always create an awesome surrounding and let every kid of our class have fun. The period of the class back then was for about 50 minutes and she would always say at the beginning of the class that she'd take only for 35 minutes and the other 15 minutes we always had an activity session. I kinda don't like my schooling but this one teacher did matter a lot to me. I had learned a lot of things in her class. Now that I think about it, I was at my best in her class. I could speak amazingly, she was like a know-it-all to me. The 15 minute session we had, she'd ask all the kids of the class, what they wanted to do, and would go about teaching us that. Man, it was fun. I remember most of her lectures.
    Thank you Aruna ma'am.

  37. I had to choose one teacher: Mrs. Gargston that I had in my English class from 7th to 8th grade. He would let us talk during class and joked a lot with the students, Gargston didn't fear cussing if that would make us choke laughing and did funny projects with us that thaught us a lot about life since he did he world's tour 3 times I think. He would tell us funny travel anecdots and advices about where to go, where was the least cheap, where you could have the most life-thrilling experiences and what to do. We went to Kingston's  Fort Henry and Toronto with him and my French teacher and he made us remember that traveling week. The day we arrived, he planned that the boys of my class would wreck the girls dormetory(but we had our revenge don't worry) and would wake us at the middle of the night. We played truth or dare with him and the others and had a great day and night with him (don't think pevert). He even taught us that sharks aren't that dangerous and that they are more important for life then they seem to be ( he even swam with great white sharks ). Love and respect that teacher! XDDD

  38. Mrs.Oughton, you the first and only teacher who really understood me as a kid. I remember when we always had a laugh and that spark of connection between us, for the first time I was actually excited and happy to go to school and i was happy because you were there. But now your not there anymore you moved to a new school and that really saddened me :C

  39. I cant choose beetween the two teachers that have had the most impact on me. There was Eva who was my teacher in 1-3 grade. She always made me belive in myself, as a kid I used to think that I was just stupid and couldnt do anything, but she helped me belive in myself. Thank you Eva 
    And there is Tom-Eirik who was my teacher in 8-10 grade and this was a time in life where I really struggled and didnt have any belive in myself, I didnt know what I wanted to be and I just had such a hard time that I could not focus on school also in the period of my life, I started drinking and smoking and being a really "bad" kid but he set me on the right track and really helped me become who I am today, and thanks to him I am soon graduating from high school. Thank you Tom-Eirik <3

  40. mr. vanlangenberg. grade 8. never met anyone so passionate about his job. you could just tell how much he loved his students and how much he cared for them, wanting them to succeed. he puts his heart into everything he does from teaching, to coaching, to inspiring. its so hard to find teachers these days who genuinely care about their kids and impact them in a way he has impacted me

  41. Mrs. Corna. She taught me so much in fifth grade about science and writing–I haven't learned that much in an english class since! But she taught me so much more. She was the perfect mix of fun and strict. She was a little harsh at first, but as soon as you got to know her, she was the warmest person ever, and her classes were some of the best times I have ever had. We really bonded as a class and we learned so much. Thank you, Mrs. Corna. <3

  42. ho avuto molti insegnanti a cui devo molto.alle medie ho avuto un'insegnate di italiano che mi sapeva realmente comprendere, che mi aiutava per ogni difficoltà. amavo vederla sempre così frizzante, allegra e che sapeva realmente insegnare.credo di essere realmente fortunata ad averla conosciuta, lei riusciva ad insegnare con un sorriso sempre smagliante.mi dava sempre una seconda opportunità.ho promesso che la riandrò a trovare prima della fine della scuola e così farò <3

  43. My favorite teacher is the one that everyone tends to hate – experience! Experience has taught me to never give up and keep chugging along! 🙂 

  44. Mr. Déry. My grade 7 and 8 Science teacher. He really helped me like school for the first time and more importantly into the young man I had always hoped to be

  45. Education is another form of love <3 I am a piano teacher and I know that I loved by my students <3 it's pure blessing <3

  46. Steve or Mr. T, I had him for grade 10 math and  grade 12 Mirco-economics, and grade 12 International business. He was the first teacher to just believe that I could achieve more. Helped to find out what I want to do with my life. I am forever thankful. He looked past my learning disability and saw the bright and enthusiastic girl I truly was. I was able to prove him right and earn a degree in Business with honours and I would not have been able to with out his influence. 

  47. i had the same teacher for 3rd and 5th grade in Acst his name was Jess Harrison he really inspired me to be confident in what i do and set goals 

  48. As a future teacher I always love to hear what makes a good teacher – according to individuals and not (only) education researchers. When I started my internship in a few schools I got so much love and positive feedback from pupils that it motivated me even further!! 🙂
    Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me, what makes a good teacher for you. I'm always happy to learn!^^

  49. There have only been a handful of teachers who have impressed me but one professor that really stuck out to me was a music professor who's passion really got me. He was so into it & when he played any instrument he would just light up and it was glorious because that's what I aim for in life.
    I aim to find something that will make me shine.

  50. Mrs.Yegge, she takes time from her days to help me, she's stuck with me through thick and then and she means so much to me and one day I hope to pay her back

  51. My favorite teacher is Patrick McAvinue. He taught me fiddle for about 2.5 years, and he was the one that introduced me to fiddle music and bluegrass music in the first place. He has become like an older brother to me, he's my favorite person in the world to be around, to talk to, and to hug. About 6 months ago, he got a job with the band 'Dailey and Vincent' and had to move to Nashville for that job. I miss him so much, but this is his dream and I am very proud and happy for him.

  52. To my high school Music/English teacher Mr. Terry O'Connor. Who was always had a smile on his face, very caring and passionate towards what we worked for. He was very supportive and always gave us great advice when we needed it the most. He told us straight up if something was wrong (in the upmost nicest way) He made every class exciting. Unfortunately he passed away this year due to illnesses. I wish I got to tell him how much he inspired me with music today and how I lived my life after finishing school. I'll miss you always sir. RIP TOC xx

  53. Miss Evans. The most inspiring, passionate, understanding, empowering and patient teacher I have ever had. She is my year 9 (8th grade) music teacher and she means the world to me. We still have the respect of a student-teacher relationship but I see her more as a best friend now. She believed in me when I found it impossible to believe in myself. We both bonded over our anxiety disorders and we are there for eachother when we are feeling rough. There is mutual respect but we also show how much we care about eachother. If she is having a bad day, I'm not afraid to throw my arms around her and tell her it will be okay, and vice versa. The best influence in my life, thankyou

  54. My favorite teacher is Ms Nettles that I had her in 8th grade for reading at Wilson Jr High that she is a kind-hearted person she did got me into doing some reading and had wrote about her for assignment in language arts that was doing a class news paper.

  55. im grade four now……… and i really miss my teacher when i was grade three she’s just super special to me and her name is ms reyes when i dont see her my life is just incomplete she is just so pretty and she smells really good and kind even were bad thank u so much

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