My School Morning Routine 2020 ☀️

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Leave [your name] here to credit yourself ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Hey guys! What’s up? Welcome to my School Morning Routine If you’re new to this channel, then welcome! I’m a 16-year-old high school student with 4.0 GPA and a very promising future and I’m also a very sarcastic person So I’d usually wake up at 4:30 am because my school started at 6:30 am So the first thing I’d do after waking up is make my bed because it’s nice to come home at the end of the day to a nicely made bed After that I’d take my super lame uniform and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a shower A lot of you guys accused me of not brushing my teeth because I didn’t film myself doing it in my other routines But just because I didn’t film it doesn’t mean I didn’t do it, okay guys?>:( But I know some people are still not gonna be convinced so now I’m filming myself brushing my teeth as proof This is why I don’t like filming myself brushing my teeth because it feels super awkward Anyway after brushing my teeth, I’d then take a shower The shower scene will be demonstrated by my Racoon. Enjoy! *sexy shower scene* After taking a shower and changing into my mediocre school uniform I’d go back to my room and proceed with my skincare routine I’d apply some face cream and some sunscreen on my face We weren’t allowed to wear makeup to school so I’d just use a translucent powder to get rid of the shine on my face Finally, I’d apply some lip balm to keep my lips moisturised Next, I’d brush my hair and style my fringe You gotta look good for senpai in case you accidentally bump into him in the hallway am I right fellow weebs? So as you guys can see my fringe tends to get this weird parting at the right side of my face and I don’t know how to control it It’s weird because my hair parts in the middle but my fringe keeps stubbornly parting on the right side So after multiple failed attempts of getting my fringe to look perfect, I just had to accept that like everything else in life, my fringe would never be perfect After styling my hair, I would then wear my tie The teachers would always get triggered whenever they saw us without a tie I know you guys are probably sick of seeing me eat my bland oatmeal for breakfast so today I’m showing you guys my second breakfast menu which is this baby porridge “Omg RafiRaffee why are you eating baby food! As a baby, I find this offensive!” I’m sorry to all the babies out there for eating your food but it just tastes so good I can’t help it It’s easy to make as well you just have to mix it with warm water and voila you have a delicious meal that looks like barf But hey, what matters is the taste am I right? This is actually the secret to retaining my youthful appearance If I don’t eat this for a few days, I’ll return to my original form, like Mother Gothel So I have to eat this baby porridge at least once a week After I’d finished eating my breakfast, I’d go wash the dishes in the sink One of the most frequently asked questions I get is: “RafiRaffee, where’s your mom! Why do you do everything by yourself? Explain!!>:( ” And to be honest, I’m kinda confused by that question, because isn’t it normal to make your own breakfast and clean after yourself? I mean, I may eat baby food but I ain’t no baby So anyway, after washing the dishes, it’s time to prepare my lunch box I’d usually just heat up some leftover food from last night’s dinner in the microwave And while waiting for the food to heat up, I’d go prepare the rice Like most Asians out there I cannot live without rice so I always gotta bring some rice with me in my lunch box Once the food is all heated up I’d take it out of the microwave and place it on the table These are fried sardines and they taste really good Next, I’d prepare some vegetables Since I wouldn’t have time to cook some I’d just bring some fresh tomatoes or in this case a cucumber I’d take out the sap first and then wash the cucumber in the sink I’d then cut it into small slices I had a hard time cutting this because my tripod and camera were in the way So then I’d put the sardines and cucumber slices inside my lunch box My lunch box consists of 2 parts which you stack on top of each other and then you secure them with an elastic I got it from Miniso, by the way I’d also bring my Ice Bear spoon and fork which I got from Miniso as well And finally, I’d put them all into this ice bear lunch bag You guys can probably tell by now that my favourite we bare bears character is Grizzly. So after that, I’d bring the lunch bag to the living room sofa where I had placed all my other stuff such as my backpack, socks and handkerchief But before I leave I had to go back to my room to wear some perfume and put on my watch Finally, I’d put on my socks and shoes and head off to skewl So that was my school morning routine, I hope you guys enjoyed it This is gonna be the last school morning routine that I’d make A lot of people don’t seem to realize that I’ve already graduated high school even after I told them multiple times and they kept asking me to make an updated school routine, even though I obviously don’t have one Yeah so anyway that’s all from me today Thank you guys for watching and have a nice day!
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  1. I am new to your videos, I was shocked to hear when u said u r sixteen. You have a cute look and room so I assumed u would be atmost 14. But I guess people are different, and you are so sweet ! I also have to wake around 4-5 am for my school 🙁

  2. You inspired me to make my bed before I leave for work and prepare everything on the night before. This has really improved my life and made it less stressful. Thanks for being such a positive influence! I hope your life is as sweet as your sweet personality!

  3. I love your morning routine video plz keep making like this video. And i think you lose some weight plz share your diet plan thank you

  4. If it weren't for the fact that I've watched you for the past several years I would've probably believed the 14 year old part🤣🤣 this was hilarious and I love your sarcasm Rafi. Have a nice week!!

  5. Wait wait are you Indian or Japanese sorry I’m not trying to be rude!!! I just wanna know! Please tell me if I’m wrong!

  6. 3:46 is so true, my Mom fixes my lunch and always makes bentos and…yeah that's what I normally eat for school…..

  7. I hope to be successful in my academics just like you are. If you had a 4.0 gpa, I wouldn’t be surprised because your always smart.

  8. I am sorry for this but it was true, your old school morning routine only is nice and your curly hair is only cute but not straighten

  9. Hi Rafi! I'm wondering if you're planning to do something like "A Day in your Life" video? Also, love the sarcasm in this vid, keep it up!

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