My SNAP Rights: Massachusetts College Students

First day of class and I’m already
feeling overwhelmed. These books are expensive and I have to pay for rent,
bills and food. I only have $20 and I don’t get paid for another two weeks. How
am I even gonna pay for my next meal? You are not alone. Unfortunately, one-third of college students are food insecure. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program or SNAP, also known as food stamps, can help eligible low-income
households buy food. Many college students with the low incomes qualify. So which college students qualify? It depends but here are some examples that may qualify Four-year college students: you receive a MassGrant, you have a child
or are disabled, you work 20 hours a week or you have a work-study job. What if I’m a community college student? Most Massachusetts Community College students qualify if they’re enrolled in a degree or certificate program that improves
their ability to get a job. It’s important to note, students must still
meet other snap criteria. Okay. How do I apply for SNAP? The fastest way to apply
is through For more application options, visit After you apply, DTA will call you for an interview. Call the DTA assistance line if you do not hear from DTA about your interview. Thanks I applied
and I had my phone interview last week but they asked me to submit proofs. What
do I need to give to DTA? DTA will send you a list of required proofs. You can download the DTA connect app to submit your proofs. Since you’re a college
student DTA will also send you forms to get filled out by your college. If your
school officials can’t fill out DTA’s form, check out our website for more
information. Sweet. I submitted my forms. Do you know how much SNAP I will get? Yeah it depends. SNAP amounts are based on your countable
income. How much you pay for rent and childcare is considered. The maximum
benefit for one person living alone is about one hundred ninety two dollars a
month. Well what income does DTA count? DTA counts any money from a job or self-employment. Unearned income such as Social Security or unemployment is also counted. Work-study and other federal
financial aid does not count as income. I live with other people. Do I need to
apply with them? If you live with your parents and are under 22, or live with
your spouse, you must apply with them. If you live with other people but buy and
make most of your food separately, then you can apply on your own. Well what if I’m denied SNAP? What can I do then? You have SNAP rights Check your DTA connect
app for notices DTA may have sent you and be sure to submit any required proofs. Two,
call the DTA assistance line to talk with a SNAP worker and ask why you were
denied. Three, request a fair hearing by filling out the back of the notice DTA
sent you. Four, for more information on how to appeal your case contact your local
legal services. College student hunger IS real know your rights and apply for SNAP!

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