Mystery Box of Back to School Switch-Up Challenge!!! Part 2

>>Hey guys! It’s Karina
>>It’s Ronald from SIS vs BRO!>>And today, we’re doing MYSTERY BOX:
BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES SWITCH UP>>CHALLENGE!>>So basically, this is a continue
on our last back to school video.>>Basically, we’re just gonna have two boxes. Both of them are gonna
have school supplies. One is gonna have like, for example,
a normal pen, pretty basic pen. The second one’s gonna have like,
the best pen in the entire world. And then one person is gonna
take a little peek inside the box, and then they’re gonna be like,
“Hmmmm… That’s good.” Other person’s gonna be like, “I wanna switch,” or “I wanna keep.” And then, we’re gonna open up our boxes, and BOOM,
those are our school supplies.>>And put it in our awesome backpacks.>>I have a little bit of
an update to my bag. I have this little keychain with googly eyes.>>Alright! Let’s get started!>>Who goes first? Rock, paper, scissors. [singing]>>Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.>>You’re going first.
>>Alright!>>Let’s begin.>>Round 1.>>Alright! I’m gonna go first to peeksies.>>Alright!>>Okay, decent stuff. Decent stuff, decent stuff, decent stuff.>>I wanna keep mine.>>Okay. Oh yes!>>Okay, three, two, one!>>So guys, I got some
white out tape dispensers. I mean like these are pretty cool. You could get like stuff out of
your page that you don’t want there. So yeah, they’re pretty cool,
but they’re the basic kind.>>And guys, I got the
ULTIMATE WHITE OUT. These are the coolest white outs on Earth, way better than Karina’s. Get roasted on my luxury grill. So one of them is a mummy, another is a weird square thing, and the other is a vampire. So guys, round 1 wasn’t really
so good for me, but hey, it’s white out,
I need some white out.>>Oh, and I got the awesome white out. OMG!>>Alright, let’s put this inside out bags. And now it’s time for round number,
>>TWO!>>Round 2.>>Alright!
>>Time for me to peek this time.>>It’s good, isn’t it? It’s good, isn’t it?>>It’s not. YES! Hahaha! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
>>Okay.>>Alright, I’m excited
to see what these are.>>Okay, three, two, one!>>What is it?>>Oh yeah! I got colorful pencils! Look at these,
and they have writings on them. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Me Day. It says Me day.
>>Me day?>>Me day. Day for me.>>And guys, I got the classics,
Karina tricked me. Sad face.>>So guys, look at how cool these are. They’re all colorful. It says, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Me Day, for me!>>And I got the classics. At least they don’t break as often. That’s cool. Okay guys, so let’s put our
brand new pencils into our backpack.>>Oh yeah.>>There they go.>>And now, we’re ready for round number
>>THREE!>>Okay guys, round 3,
are you ready?>>Oh yeah. Alright.
>>Okay!>>So you get to do your little peeksies.>>Okay.>>I think I wanna keep mine.>>Okay, damn it.>>Ha! Yes, yes, yes, alright! Three, two, one! Look at they’re– they’re sharpener. This is like the coolest sharpener ever!>>What?>>It’s so cool looking,
I wanna open this up. And guys, I got the classic, the basic,
the one you all know, the blue sharpener.>>So guys, I got this automatic
blue and white sharpener. This is so much better than the manual. One problem is,
how is this gonna fit in my pencil case?>>Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say. I was like, oh buddy I–
I’m happy that I didn’t get that.>>I guess it’s a win-win situation. Okay guys, let’s put our brand new,
awesome sharpeners into our new backpacks. Now, we’re ready for round number,
>>FOUR!>>Are you ready for round 4?>>Okay, you peek first, my friend.>>The boxes have upgraded.>>Okay.>>See what I got here.>>Can I see?>>Okay.>>Okay let me think. You always trick me. Like it’s good but… It’s bad, I’m keeping.>>Okay.>>YES! Okay, three, two, one!>>Yay!>>What?>>I got a keyboard protector. It’s clear. I mean, it’s pretty cool to get a keyboard
protector but mine’s completely clear.>>Oh, keyboard protector.
>>That’s the rainbow one. You also have a black and white one. The letters look so cool, the font.>>Oh my!>>So guys, basically,
I just got a keyboard protector. It’s completely clear. There’s nothing much to talk
about it ’cause it’s completely clear, so… Yeah.>>And I got the awesome
colorful keyboard protector. I had no clue these existed. So guys, it finally looks like
I am WINNING!>>No, we got six more rounds,
so don’t get your hopes up.>>I will, don’t worry!>>Let’s get our keyboard
protectors inside our schoolbag. Now, we’re ready for round number,
>>FIVE!>>Okay, round 5.>>Oh yes.
>>Alright.>>I’m gonna peek. Okay.>>I wanna switch.>>YES!>>Yes, yes!
>>Change it back?>>No.>>Okay.>>Okay. Three, two, one!>>What?>>Whoa!>>Oh my gosh!
You got interesting pens there. So guys, I got some
normal ballpoint pens. Last time, we got some super cool pens. Some normal pens for a change, I guess.>>Alright. I got a hammer pen. A cactus pen? An even better cactus pen, A fish pen.
>>That’s my favorite.>>And…
>>A syringe pen.>>Ew, wait, what?>>It’s a syringe pen, you could inject
it into your blood.>>It doesn’t work, but WOW! So guys, this is the
close up of the pens. They look so cool. I think my favorites are
the hammer and the fish.>>Okay Ronald, you
can like keep your pens. I’m not really interested inside your pens
because they’re not really my style.>>My style?>>Alright, let’s put our pens
inside our new backpacks.>>Oh wow, I’m gonna have
the coolest pens in school. The guys will be so jel-eous-io!>>Okay. We’re ready for round number
>>SIX!>>Okay guys, round six.>>Okay.
>>Alright. You are gonna peek.>>Alright.>>Hmm… I’m gonna switch. Oh no! I said the wrong,
I’m gonna keep it.>>Okay.>>No. No, you’re lying. I should have kept the switching.>>Alright! So three, two, one! Yey! I got this pretty blue book
with a superhero on it. It’s in Spanish but,
that’s alright it’s in Spanish.>>Guess what? I am going to college,
I’m skipping a hundred years. I’m going to college boys!>>So guys, I got this really
cute blue notebook. It says, “You can do anything,”
but it’s written in Spanish. And I got this little cute little
superhero guy over here, he’s super cute. And it came with a matching pen. Super cute!
>>Guess what. Are you jealous? Mine came with a matching pen,
it just it doesn’t say college. But I’m going to college! I am going to college, my friends.>>Ronald, you’re 9 years old.>>Yes, I’m gonna show up
at college, I’m gonna be like, “Hey boys! I’m at college!” Look at this proof, proof, proof. I actually like mine because I think
think it’s the better one because you get to skip school with this. A whole bunch of years. Alright, let’s put our notebooks
and our pens inside our backpacks. Alright, now I’m ready for round number
>>SEVEN!>>Round 7.>>Okay. I’m gonna peek. Okay. Okay.>>I wanna switch.>>Yes! Oh yes, you got the classics. Oh yeah!>>Three, two, one!>>Whoo– wait, wait. Wait a second! Wait a second, I thought
you had the classics.>>You got the classics. I got a cute little mini pack of staplers. And they came with a box of staples.
>>Stop bragging. And I got this pencil stapler.>>Stop bragging!>>It’s so cute!>>I got the classic.>>At least it’s big.>>Why do I want it to be–
>>So it can hold more staples?>>I think in school, I’m gonna be
the new teacher with this stapler.>>My luck turned around today.>>No, it didn’t. Because I’m gonna make
an ultimate comeback, and you’re gonna be so jealous,
and you’re gonna be like, Oh my god! Ronald is so good at this! OMG!>>Nah.
>>Yeah. Let’s put our staplers inside our bags.>>My bag is filling up.>>Same. Alright, we’re ready for round number
>>EIGHT!>>Round 8.>>Okay, you peek.>>Alright, I’m gonna peek.>>What is it?
Can I know, please? You’re like, ah, it’s good.>>Yes! Alright. Three, two, one! This is so cool! It’s a multi-color pen, it has like
almost every color I can ever imagine of. And look at these highlighters! These are so cute!>>At Least, it’s a multi-colored pen. At least, but this still feels garbage. And this feels garbage too.>>You got one highlighter.
It’s not even in a box, it’s just a highlighter.>>Yeah, it’s just like,
plop a highlighter in, yep! That will serve you good
for your whole school year. I mean like it’s okay. It’s totally better than what Karina got.>>Nope. Nothing can beat this. So guys, it looks like
luck is still on my side. Let’s put these inside out backpacks. And now we’re ready for round number
>>NINE!>>We’re almost done!
>>Oh yeah.>>Round 9.>>Alright. I’m gonna peak.>>Okay.
>>Didn’t you peak last time?>>No.
>>Okay, never mind. Okay. So, I want to… I think I wanna… Switch?>>Yes! I’m just kidding.>>Three, two, one! Oh I got Washi tape! I love washi tape. This is so cute. And I got these glue sticks, they’re so cute. When I saw that, I was like, no,
it’s gonna be basically the same thing, but no, the most classiest it gets. Like, Elmer’s Glue, the most classic. And to top it all of, the most amazing,
never seen before, the most classic tape.>>So guys, I got this colorful glue. I got this purple one with unicorns. This turquoise one with rainbows,
and yellow one with smiley faces, and I got some washi tape! I love Washi tapes!>>And I, definitely, 100%, certainly
love the most classic tape and glue. I’m so happy.>>Guys, I am so lucky today.>>Ronald, and what do
you have to say about it?>>I have to say that I’m luck
is gonna comeback and you’re gonna be
so jealous, you’re gonna be like, OMG Ronald, you’re the best at this game.>>No, I don’t think–
That’s never gonna happen. But let’s put this inside our bags. There we go! And now, we’re ready for round number
>>TEN!>>Round number 10.>>Alright.>>I get to peek. Oh, we said it at the same time, “Alright.”>>Okay.
>>Okay, I’m gonna peek.>>I’m keeping. No! No! It’s- it’s…>>Yay, alright!>>Oh, can I switch?>>No. But I don’t think you’d
really like this that much.>>Okay.>>Okay, three, two, one! You got the tiniest calculator. Look, my calculator is like,
I think it’s like a book. Yeah it is. And it comes with a little notepad. That is so cute, and I love that.>>You know what, this calculator is better, you know why?>>Why?>>You can sneak it in better. You’re like, okay. But that’s one is like, OKAY! Okay so I’m gonna open this up, and I’m gonna demonstrate
how you could sneak it.>>I want to demonstrate mine too. Because mine is super awesome. So guys, I’m gonna be just
walking inside of class, and like, hey, this is my oversized wallet. I’m bringing to class. And I’d take it out, I’d be like, And I’d take out my little nifty pen, and I’d be like… Perfect!>>Oh my god. You can
like put math equations there.>>Yeah it’s like my mini–
>>But look! How small this is. You’re gonna, he’s– you’re like
the teacher’s talking, How do you turn this on?>>No one will know. Okay guys, let’s put our calculator/
notebooks inside our school bags.>>Oh yes.>>Okay guys, it’s time for round number
>>ELEVEN!>>We’re getting so many school supplies. I think we’re almost ready.>>We’re gonna be
the coolest kids in school.>>Well me, not you.>>No me. Me. Not you.>>Round 11.>>Alright.
>>Alright. I’m gonna peek. Okay. Alright.>>The box is lifted up a little bit
so I think I’m gonna switch.>>Something that you’ll like
but something I will hate so… Is it good or bad?>>Alright, three, two, one! Look, I got these little clip-sy thingies. Look, I got all these little paper clips,
and I got this little clipsies, and I got these pointer thingies, and then look, this could be
for locker decor. And I can hang up photos.
>>Stop it!>>Yes, and it has little lights!>>And I got the ultimate
paper clips and stapler thingamajigs. I am classic. I’m super lucky, for that, luck is just
like the love of my life right now. Alright, bro let’s put these
inside our backpacks. I have like no more
room inside my backpack. Like look at this. It’s filled up. I will have to reorganize this later. But it’s time for round number
>>TWELVE!>>Oh, look at me. Okay.>>The last round. Better be good for me, or else!>>No, it won’t.>>The last round.>>My god! You had to fart! Alright. I’m gonna take little peeksy.>>Can I see what is it?
Tell me right now! You’re like, I’m gonna keep it.>>You’re gonna keep that?>>Yes, I’m gonna keep. Guys, let’s open it up.
Three, two, one! Yeah! Look, I got a whole bunch of stickers
to decorate my agenda and everything, and I got all these sticky notes. I got some heart shaped ones,
and I got these emoji ones. I love them.>>Do I need further explaining?>>Ronald, you can stick
these everywhere, Ronald. Ronald look, you get cute little teddy bears.
>>STOP!>>You’re gonna give them to your friend —
>>NO!! I am not putting this in my backpack. I’m sorry but I’m not putting. So guys, I’m only gonna take the
sticky notes ’cause they’re pretty decent, I’m gonna leave these for you to enjoy.>>Thanks. Alright. So guys, I think we’re all ready for school. Our school starts at September 5th. Comment down below,
when are you going to school? Or have you already gone to school?>>And guys, don’t forget to
comment down below that I won because basic is cool, way better
than Karina’s shenanigans.>>I like my school supplies though. So guys, we hope you like this video.>>If you did, smash that like button, and we’ll see you all next time. GOOD BYE!

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