NEW Fantasy Movie 2020 | 魔法学院 The Magic School, Eng Sub 魔力学院之我是麻瓜 | 校园魔幻电影 Full Movie 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxie team 4.5 billion years ago There was an ancient rocky planet in the universe Affected by floating in space All kinds of crystal elements Had a big bang Enormous energy All kinds of formative substanse Were differentlated and disintegrated With different styles In the vast universe Floating At the same time The vast universe Seems to back the original In that period A new plant was born It gatherd all kinds of elements energy The Earth An Ying (The Dark) Stop Or Today is your death day Hahaha Li Wei Don’t force yourself You are not my opponent Li Wei I will give the last chance Do you agree with me? An Ying If you do this The earth elements will imbalance Also there will be a huge disaster in the earth Stop Before you have not Made a serious consequence Stop timely Li Wei You are so naive You must know Human have an endless greed They are the parasites of earth If we can control them We can maintain the balance of elements An Ying There will be a big disorder if you do like this No Can you have my word? Obey me, survive; against me, die Li Wei Go to the hell An Ying Your death time has come How do you have the element bracelet? Aren’t you afraid the bracelet will break? To seal you I have to do this Twenty years later The Magic School 1 Benben When will sister come back? I am so bored Sister Bear Are you bored? Let me take you out to play What? Who is your younger sister Whoops o Well I think you are bored Jsut a kidding Don’t be mad I don’t want to play with you Piss off Fine Only after telling me about when will Fan Chu come back The I leave You are so annoying I’ve told you that I don’t know Ok, fine I believe you Hey Let’s make a deal When Fan Chu comes back Can you help me say something good about me in front of her? To make us become boyfriend and girlfriend No way It is impossible that sister Fan Chu will like you Wait a second Mengna, if you gonna say that, I’ll be unhappy Un…unhappy We are the descendants of the powerful In our element power class We are the purest descendants And look at our boss Whom has perfect body, pretty image, good personality, and the power Except him, who can match with your sister Right, A Xiong? Yes He has a lot of money What are you talking about Hey It’s Fan Chu Excuse me Where is the principle’s office? the tenth floor Thank you So…so beautiful Hey Hey, hey, hey Hey, you None of you is a good person I don’t want to stay with you guys Hum Come in President Li I am here to work now Whoops Ms. Meiye Sorry, I’ve been reading the documents Mr. President You are so kind I’ll be your subordinate You can give me an order if you need me Ok Take it easy, it’s no worry about the job You could be familiar with the school surrounding first Later we will have a meeting To conform your job Ok I’m leaving now Please go on See you Please Hey boy Which class do you belong to I haven’t seen you before I…I am a newby Newby? I’ve never heard of that So what kind of power do you have I…I have no idea Ah Well I’m Teacher Arnold If you are not sure I can help and check What are you doing, teacher?

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