Niji-Iro Elementary Japanese Immersion School

Niji-Iro elementary school is a two-way
immersion program this means that 50% of our students are
native English speakers and fifty percent of our students are native
Japanese speakers in an immersion program students learn the language
through the content we follow a curriculum that’s growing each day the
same as you would in any other public school for instance my first graders
were just working on addition and subtraction of three one digit numbers
perhaps I would be doing three one digit numbers addition on Monday and then on
the following day they would be doing subtraction in Japanese but because they
are getting instruction in both languages even though the instruction
moves on they have the vocabulary they have the skills they have the concepts
they need to do it in their second language the next day students in grades first through fifth grade must test into our program with a minimum level of
Japanese however students entering Kindergarten
may come in knowing no Japanese we encourage families to come into our
school and take a tour weekly tours are held it’s exciting to
come into our school and watch the children learn in both English and
Japanese I really like the atmosphere I love the
diversity of the school we have kids from all over the area
I love our parents who are so supportive of us and do so much for our school and
I just really enjoy seeing the students grow in two languages So why do families choose Niji-Iro for
their children one reason is that families are looking for a different type of
education Niji-Iro offers that some families are looking for their children
to learn a second language but other families are looking for their children
to become a global citizen to have the opportunity to interact with different
cultures and to experience different types of problem solving skills and
critical thinking skills we’re excited to offer these
opportunities for students that eventually will develop into lifelong
skills that will enhance their opportunities in the workforce we use
the Kokugo textbooks as they do in Japan and during our Kokugo
instruction students are able to be challenged with their Japanese language
we are a school of choice we have the opportunity to not only offer our school
to students in Livonia but students in all the surrounding school districts as
well we are one of four in the nation that offer Japanese as an immersion
program and also Japanese as a two-way immersion program here at Niji-Iro we
give students opportunities to experience not only American culture but
also Japanese culture we participate in different events such
as the Japanese sports day “Undokai” The Japanese Fall Festival and then we do the American events as well We have our traditional art fair we do a music
festival at the end of the year we celebrate our school events having
assemblies with our PTA and we have a very active PTA here at Niji-Iro there
are many times in our school we’ll have over 45 parents throughout the school
helping students teachers put on school-wide events throughout the school
day our teachers work hard at partnering together to give our students a stellar educational experience

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