NMT, MARIN & TNO present training course Onboard Noise & Vibration

Having worked in the maritime industry for over twenty five years now, I know the importance of noise and vibrations onboard. And it’s definitely a topic that needs attention As a propulsion expert we really try to focus on the
noise and vibrations that might come from our propeller. But it is also good to see how others have to cope
with it and also deal with unwanted noise and vibrations. I’m working in the propulsion team and am calculating
vibrations and noise for the propulsion system. I’ve learned mostly practical aspects and measuring on the pontoon was
very helpful to get insight. It’s very important to limit the noise and vibrations onboard
of ships for the comfort of our passengers. I would definitely recommend this training to others. To get more insight, to learn more and to gain more practical skills. I am attending this course because I design luxury yachts and in luxury yachts comfort and reducing vibrations is everything. We mainly focused first on the theory part and then afterwards we did some experiments on both noise and vibrations. I mean for luxury yachts, owners want the best of the best so
also comfort needs to be top notch. Definitely, I mean, as our boats get bigger, the challenges get bigger and also the comfort of large spaces is always a challenge for us. What I really liked is the combination of on the one side the theory and on the other hand also doing some small experiments
getting a feel for whats going on in the real life.

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