No Shock! Do No Harm Dog Training™

Hello Dog Lovers from around the world and
dog lovers from every pet-related profession. My name is Linda Michaels, I have a Master’s
degree in Psychology and Animal Behavior and I’ve conducted research in a laboratory in
Behavioral Neurobiology. In my private practice my specializations
in behavioral consulting are wolfdogs and domestic dog aggression cases. Anyone who has studied behavior in
earnest knows that using shock, prong and choke devices for dogs is not only unnecessary,
but will typically either elicit aggression or shut down behavior. This may well result in medical injuries,
and very possibly in psychological damage that is “undoable”. That’s the saddest part. This isn’t the kind of training that you
can try and see if it works, and then decide, “Well, I think I’ll try something else”. The dog training industry sadly is entirely
unregulated, so we must say “Buyer beware.” Nothing says, “I have no skill” like a
dog trainer who uses a shock collar. So, we’re going to take the shock collar
that was just relinquished to me by my client a couple of hours ago…and throw it in the
trash. Along with the remote that has 100 levels on it,
with six levels of “boosters”…and throw it in the trash. This lovely dog was also wearing a prong collar. They look innocuous – the prongs are hidden
– but these prongs, although they are plastic, are very sharp and they hurt. Let’s throw it in the trash. We ask you to please join us in the Do No
Harm Facebook Dog Training Group, and also to use the Hierarchy of Dog Needs Standards
of Care and Best Force-free Practices. Please support the
Pet Professional Guild Shock-free Coalition. And have a happy dog. Thank you.

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