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(playful upbeat music) – I’m a dragon and I’m gonna get you! – Roar! Ah that was such a cool movie! – That movie was amazing! (gasps loudly) I have an idea! (gasps loudly) – This book is so cool! – Oh! Dragon attack!
– Ah! – Roar! – What are you doing? – Alright people look alive! – Huh? – Today we are going to be making, the best YouTube video in our career. A YouTube version of How
To Train Your Dragon. (gasps loudly) – That’s a great idea Hope. – The movie was awesome! But how are we gonna do the flying parts? – Oh, you’ll see. – Huh? There is no way this is gonna look good. (playful slow music) – Yes it will Noah! Now all you gotta do is
fly off the playground. – My power is super speed not flying. (discounting sigh) – Same thing. (dramatic music) – Are those hooligans causing
trouble in my park again? – I told you. All I can do is run fast and shoot fire. Like this. (fire crackles loudly) (gasps softly) – Fire! – Calm down Noah. Do I need to zap you? (electricity crackles) – Lightening! – [Hope] Okay, now
we gotta use those, powers,
– I can’t, – No one seems,
– I will jump, to be listening to me. – Oh my gosh!
(loud arguing) – Dragons!
– I said yeah I, – Why would you,
– Dragons have invaded my park. – I have to, exterminate them. (dramatic music) – I. – I ne–
– Hold that, (dramatic music)
– For the parks, protection. (playful music) (grunts loudly) (dramatic music) He he he he he he. – But Hope, I can’t! – Ha ha ha. Take this dragons! – Oh! Dragon down. – Oh ho! Oh ho! (gasps frightened) – Oh, wait. Ho. – Whoa, oh. Abandon ship! – Ah ha ha ha. – Whoa! Oh, oh geez. (gasping loudly) – I’m not here. (loud footsteps) – That’s right dragons. Flee! Get outta here! (dramatic music) Mm I’m gonna go eat me a popsicle. (lazer zaps loudly) – Ah whoa whoa whoa – Oh!
(gasps loudly) Ranger Ralph is crazy! – I think he thinks, we’re actually real dragons. – Ugh oh. – What, that’s crazy. – Well you were blasting
fire all over the place, dressed like a dragon. – True. – Guys. We have a problem. I left the camera with
all the footage on it, at the park. (groans loudly) (dramatic music) – Don’t come to my park you dragons. That’s right. (quiet muttering) Gotcha. No dragon in my park. I’m gonna scare ’em all off! – I told you guys. You’ll just need to take the masks off, or else he’s gonna try
to scare us away again. I can’t, it’s stuck. (grunts loudly) (sighs loudly) – What’s the plan Hope? – Hmm. I have an idea. (loud whispering) – [Eden] Your plan is what? (dramatic music) – Ugh. – Why did I let Hope talk me into this? ♪ I’m a dragon ♪ ♪ Yes I’m a dragon ♪ ♪ I gotta tail, I got some wings ♪ ♪ Yeah, I’m a dragon ♪ ♪ Hello ♪ (chuckles softly) (heavy dramatic music) – Dragon. – I’m a dragon. – I’m gonna get you dragon. – He’s distracted. Go! – Ugh oh! Huh, huh, what? (grunts softly) What is happening? (grunts loudly) – I put superglue right
where you’re standing. – Ugh oh. – You’ll never escape! (dramatic music) – I’ve got it! Yes! (gasps loudly) Yes, he got it! (loud crunch) (loud crunch) – Oh! Ugh oh! (dramatic music) – I’ve got you now dragon. (gasps softly) – Ugh oh! – Get ready to go to, the pound! – The pound? – Oh! – Yes, I got it. – Hope don’t leave! (disgusted sigh) – Figures. (loud dramatic music) – Ah hah! – Ho, they’ll be so surprised
that I caught myself two… Uh huh, what’s this? Hm. A ticket for How to Train Your Dragon 3? For Ranger Ralph. Heh that’s me! Now why would I, wanna see a movie about dragons? I hate dragons. (playful music) – Oh, oh no, no, don’t watch
How to Train a Dragon 3! It will teach you all the tips and tricks, how to catch a dragon! – Huh? Mmm. Why not? – We don’t want you to know
all the dragon catching tips. – Actually, I might go see it. – You two promise not to move? (giggles loudly) (sighs loudly) – Yes it worked! – Thanks for the ticket idea Hope. That was genius. – Do you think Ranger
Ralph is gonna be okay? – Oh I’m sure he’ll be just fine. – Oh ho! This movie is amazing! How to Train Your Dragon 3! (laughs loudly) – What is happening? – Wee I’m a dragon! Oh, ho ho, ooh. I’m a Night Fury. Oh, oh! (sighs amused) – Ranger Ralph. – How to Train Your Dragon 3! Ha ha ha. Ha. Oh, maybe next time. Heh. (playful music) – Make sure to hit that subscribe button, if you love How to Train Your Dragon 3! – And let us know in the comments
if you’re gonna go see it. – Click right here to watch more videos. – Roar!
(loud screaming) Get outta here hooligans! (loud screaming)
I’m the park dragon. (upbeat music)

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