Olivia Jade, Daughter Of Lori Loughlin, Breaks Her Silence | TODAY

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  1. I wish "these" ppl would go away already..we dont care about your self entitled arrogant privileged non sense…BYE FELICIA

  2. The only reason I feel sorry for her is how ignorant she is! What kind of person is she that would be so entitled and spoiled that she would go back on youtube NOW?! Her parents could go away for years, and she and her sister are just as guilty! She was not raised properly; spoiled rotten! Society does not need her as a role module/ influencer!!!!!!They need to go away!

  3. I now get why "mommy" did what she did. There is nothing up there in this girls head. As judge Judy says…"Beauty Fades…dumb is FOREVER"!!!! How true that is.

  4. Look, I don’t blame Olivia for what her parents did then again it’s like your going to usc brides in or not you should have the common sense to tell your parents not to do what they are doing especially if you don’t care about school

  5. Just leave them alone she or her family didn't do anything to u news it's just between her and her parents and the court and the judges so leave them alone internet it is none of your business or considering

  6. She’s not smart enough to get into college herself so her mom tried to use her money to get her in and failed ☠️

  7. “PAY FOR MY TUTION LORI!!!” Lol whoever yelled that 👌
    The daughters a dope. I’m sure celebrity children just barely know how to spell their own names

  8. She is dumb as bricks. Her dumb parents broke the law AND wasted money on their dumb kid. She even didn't bother to go to her classes or do the work her class required.

  9. The daughter Olivia can be able to pass a positive message on about honesty and hard work. This can be her chance to help her family. Maybe try to apply for another college on her own. The right way it’s supposed to be done.

  10. Poor little rich girl! She was a co-conspirator in her parents college admission scam. They are very likely going to jail and you and your sister should too. Get lost! You are DONE!

  11. Good for her ! She is a strong girl ! To all the jealous haters who act like they live innocent lives need to watch their hateful words the words they spill will come back to them ! This girl is amazing and stronger than any young woman I ever seen ! Not to mention extremely beautiful and sweet ! I always got her back ! If u can’t say something nice than sign off

  12. Im so happy Olivia jade is back on YouTube!!! I wish Olivia and her fam the best!!! Her videos make me so happy! It makes me so Super sad that people are mean to her. I love Olivia jade. Im just so happy shes back on YouTube. She is the queen of YouTube

  13. It's really narcissistic and fake to pretend you're something you're not, smile and laugh in everyone's face like you really got over on them. You have everything and still lie cheat n steal to get more

  14. They need to be in jail. That would be justice. They really aren't very intelligent, needing to lie to be admitted to college. If the girls cannot get in on their own merits, they don't need to be there.

  15. I just can't wait to hear how she "didn't" know she had a rowing scholarship… because she clearly fuckign did

  16. She was fully aware and the only reason she is doing this is to hopefully get her sponsorship back! She does not care anything about college or anyone else

  17. Move past it all? How about accountability and responsibility. Typical of the" Entitled". Where there is repentance ,there is forgiveness. No repentance or remorse, no forgiveness.

  18. Yet her video has over 2 million views…..she’s gonna keep making money and will never have remorse as long as people keep paying her attention.

  19. You are a manipulative, money seeking spoiled brat! You want your life style back!! Stealing money just like your parents!!

  20. I hope you lot realise that she wasn't part of the deal. She didn't do anything wrong at all. Her parents are the ones who did this and broke the law. She's not at fault. Stop throwing her hate and let her live her life. That's all. Leave her alone and stoop threatening her as your no better and your really disgusting if you think that's alright.

  21. Your Privilege will come at a price. A price that your mom will have to pay for in Jail. How about you offer up an apology to all who got the door slammed in their face at collage. the collage that you should not have been able to attend. Glad you are no longer there.

  22. It breaks my heart seeing the comments. SPREAD MORE LOVE! My question is if some of the people don’t like her, then why watch her videos. If you don’t like her don’t watch and leave mean comments, only watch if you are a supporter and have been there and showed love to her.

  23. Either way these girls are still kids… you cannot put the blame on a teenager for a decision the parents made. They have enough pressure considering there OWN parents could go to jail, that is probably VERY stressful on a child. And the fact that there are still trolls tormenting them online is just outrageous. YOU ARE BULLYING COLLEGE KIDS!! Do you people not have anything better to do with your time besides hate?

  24. People are watching her video out of curiosity I hope her viewers go down after the curiosity ends. She doesn’t deserve anything.

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