Pączki Day – Wayne State University

How do you say Pączki? Patch-ski…? Poochie…? Punchki…? Pacski… Pantski… The word paczki it will be pronounced as “punch-kee.” And that’s colloquial pronunciation. But very much acceptable one…Paczki. P-U-N *BUZZ SOUND* P-H… P-A-C-K-Z-I…? *BUZZ SOUND* P-U-Z…*BUZZ SOUND* S-Y..*BUZZ
SOUND* C- K..*BUZZ SOUND* I-E… I know it is really weird P-U-N-S-C-H-K-I..*BUZZ SOUND* I can’t spell it, but I can say it. So, you spell
paczki, P-A- with a little hook – C-Z-K-I. And the interesting thing is, that it’s a
plural form. So, paczki means more than one paczek. And the singular form is paczek. What is a Pączki? It’s a baked donut. I’m going to be completely honest with you, I don’t know. It’s like a Polish pastry with like jelly in it And you eat on Fat Tuesday. Yea I have no idea with it is. I think here people, when they explain what
paczki are, or rather, in English, what Paczki is, they say “oh it’s a donut. It’s a Polish donut.” The truth is that true paczek will have more
egg in it and more butter. Na zdrowie!

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